Only These Dogs Are Stronger Than a Pitbull


Only These Dogs Are Stronger Than a Pitbull


In the 19th century, one of today’s most popular dog breeds was created, however, its history was divided into two sides. The first is when they started to be used as family dogs and because of the great care for children, they were even called nanny dogs. And the second is when in its beginnings it started to be used for blood sports and especially dog-fighting. Today, the pit bull has characteristics from both sides. He continues to remain devoted to his family, but also continues to be strong, patient and with a fighting spirit that never gives up. A myth that is very popular about him is that he has locking jaws, however, even though this is not true, it’s a real fact that they are quite strong. However, there are dog breeds that turn out to be stronger than a pit bull.

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31 Thoughts to “Only These Dogs Are Stronger Than a Pitbull”

  1. Benja Khawula

    What about albi Ilearean Shepard and Boer boel

  2. Fuzzy Doggys 👑 Familia

    Parents and 1 brother bed

  3. Tekarian Johnson

    Amazing video but why do u put dog’s that got 550 psi but not 730 psi like the last dog could even win against the bannedog or cane cores like are you puting dog u like or wht

  4. Frane GRANČIĆ

    Rottweiler has strongest bite, these 700+ shits are fake, never tested.

  5. Melvin Chavers

    Presa Canario

  6. Dukolli


  7. Simba Harp

    The lion is stronger than the kangal! Bt the kangal has a more bite force w am not sure of even!

  8. Simba Harp

    Strength and bite force are truly and completely different topics the kangal has a more bite force bt the lion is stronger than him!

  9. Simba Harp

    Strength and bite force are two completely different topics!!!

  10. Tanmoy Saha

    Where was boerboel ?

  11. Aoda

    Tosa Inu…
    Bully Kutta…

  12. APack

    You can’t tell who really can defeat a specific breed . There are many breeds those who cannot beat him (Pitbull)in a fight🧐🤨till the end

  13. Joseph Fdo

    Plzz tell About indian dog breeds, particularly South Indian dog breeds.. Plzz plzz plzz

  14. Facts with Rankings

    Pitbulls are the best because of their determination and fearlessness plus strong muscular body.

  15. Davide Greco

    The majority of mastiffs are basically stronger than the Pitbull. And NO a Kangal can’t beat a Lion and Is not the strongest dog in the world.

  16. mylifestyle🌴

    My Yorki Poos bite must be nothing to these dogs💀

  17. Nuno da Silva Cardoso

    A força de mordida de um cão não define a luta entre eles e quem a vence, nem o tamanho e o peso. Já vi vídeos de pitbull tradicional contra rottweiler, contra 2 cane corso, contra dogo argentino e contra kangal e o pitbull venceu eles todos. Lol 😂 😂 o kangal então é 3 vezes maior do que o pitbull e mesmo assim acabou por meter o rabo entre as pernas e fugir do combate. Lol 😂 😂 não foi mencionado um cão que esse sim é bastante forte 💪 em luta para além de ser grande e é o único que tenho conhecimento de bater de frente contra o pitbull e conseguir vencer, que é o bully kutta, é o único que aguenta tanto tempo como o pitbull na luta pois os outros nem metade têm da resistência do Pitbull, o rottweiler quando eu vi coitadinho já tava morto de casado, senão fossem separar a briga o pitbull matava o rottweiler numa boa


    Dog breeds smarter than a border collie top 15


    Dog breeds faster than a Greyhound


    What about dog breeds stronger than Doberman pinscher and Rottweiler

  21. SkylineGtr110

    Every one knows Pitbulls have the strongest bite force of 300 million stronger than a hippo 🦛

  22. Bart Angel

    Just to be clear the dogs I mentioned should be listed as dogs that can defeat the pitbull.

  23. Bart Angel

    Pits are very strong pound per pound but there are breeds that can beat them. unfortunately many breeds that were once truly awesome have been watered down and more importantly bred to have physical problems of all kinds. I think boerboel and fila brasileiro should be on this list. so should large mastiffs of Anatolia.

  24. Mikey

    Presa canario 💪🏿

  25. Christopher Carroll

    Bro where my beorbeol at those suckered can be 0ver 200 pound and have like a 450 to 650 psi bite

  26. Roman Pavlíček

    G. Boxer dog

  27. J haych

    Bandog, bullmastiff, fila braselierie, neopolitan mastiff, borbeal etc.

  28. J haych

    Pitbull fans and owners are going to go insane in these comments. “My pitbull weights 100000KG and has a bite force of 738373636PSI, and can drag a whole lorry including the population of China inside the trailer”…

  29. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you dude 🦮💘💞

  30. Pratap Singh

    Rottweiler and French Mastiff (Dogue De Bordeaux) are not suppose to be in this list

  31. Millicent Gordon

    Oh boy,now the comments are going to be filled with people saying no dog is stronger than a pitbull

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