Only These Dogs Are Heavier Than a Tibetan Mastiff


Only These Dogs Are Heavier Than a Tibetan Mastiff


Dogs come in different shapes and sizes as they are bred to perform different functions. It is thought that most dog breeds who are created by natural selection are large and the smaller ones are created by selective breeding. According to breeders, every dog that exceeds 70 pounds of weight can be called large. However, there are a lot of breeds that exceed this number, one of them being the Tibetan Mastiff. Due to its thick fur that makes him look like a giant, this dog is considered by many to be the heaviest dog in the world, however a Tibetan mastiff within its standard can reach a weight of 150 pounds. This might seem like a lot to you but if we put this dog on a scale with some others then he stays up!

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8 Thoughts to “Only These Dogs Are Heavier Than a Tibetan Mastiff”

  1. Melvin Chavers

    Neapolitan Mastiff
    Caucasian Shepherd

  2. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you 🦮💘💞

  3. Dukolli


  4. Totalabuse 911

    How bout the boerboel ??

  5. Tee roux

    I hate Neapolitan mastiffs they can’t even catch an intruder they look dirty and sloppy

  6. Tee roux

    I don’t like heavy dogs because they are fat and lazy and can’t work


    I was saying according to Google male alabai height is 65 to 70 but male kangal height is 70 to 80. And alabai is taller than kangal ???????

  8. olembo ruth

    The largest dog was 366 pounds and 166 kg

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