Only These Dogs Are Better Than a German Shepherd


Only These Dogs Are Better Than a German Shepherd


This man had a dream and that was creating a working dog who besides being a good herder would also be a good family dog. However, Max Von Stephanitz’s expectations were exceeded and the German shepherd breed was more than that. 3rd in the list of the most intelligent dogs, fourth in the list of the most popular, 3rd in the list of the most athletic and first in the list of most used dog in the police. It looks like German shepherd is a real gift to humanity! But besides all of this, these dogs are also very versatile, this is thought to have been mastered since they been bred to be herders and while working they faces various of challenges which have developed their ability to solve problems, seeing this, their range of use also expanded. However, although these dogs are very close to being perfect, there are some breeds that are better in some aspects.

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20 Thoughts to “Only These Dogs Are Better Than a German Shepherd”

  1. Helle Fur

    No other breeds could ever beat the nose of a Bloodhound.
    Many many moons ago, a familly was lost in Grand Canyon.
    Police dogs (GSD, malonois, Rottweiler), they all failed to find the familly.
    14 days after getting lost, and after heavy rain, the put BH’s on the track.
    And yes, the familly was found, but sadley they had perished.

  2. Bart Angel

    its not about which dog is better but rather which dog is better for you. German shepherd is great all around working dog. (or at least it was 100 years ago newer German shepherd are not as good in terms of working as they used to be) each dog is great for something or several things and each is good for someone. and the dog that is not that good in one area is often very good in several others. its what you want the dog for. German shepherd is not as friendly as golden retriever but it still is quite a nice dog and is a better guard dog. and is perhaps even smarter than golden retriever, on the flip side German shepherd is not as good of a guard dog as cane corso but is more family friendly and taking nothing away from cane croso’s brains German shepherd is also more intelligent. German shepherd does not have as good of a sense of smell as bloodhound but his sense of smell is still very keen and is better in some other areas in comparison to bloodhound. but if you have to show dogs that are better in something than German shepherd. then East European shepherd should be on this list. yes those two breeds are closely related but they are still different breeds. East European shepherd is smart because of his German shepherd ancestry. but its much better in difficult weather and is stronger and usually a better guard dog than a German shepherd. and should be mentioned here. also you might also mention doberman its not quite as smart as German shepherd but almost, and he is still very smart. and its faster and as a guard dog more explosive (if we are talking about European doberman) malinois and border collie definitely belong on this list border collie is one of very few dogs that are smarter than german shepherd and is a great herder. but as a guard do he would do his best but German shepherd would be a better choice. Malinois is lighter and faster and probably even more athletic that the GS but he is not quite as smart as GS and GS probably makes slightly better family dog. so its all about what you want or need from the dog. not so much which dog is better.

  3. Rain genius

    ultimate allrounder german shepherd

  4. Jeremy Kigera

    I believe in the gsd really athletic, intelligent and alert i have a Caucasian shepherd but he is still below the gsd interms if performance but still a good working dog

  5. Mihaly Csontos

    > Thanks… ! * Always interesting ! * Sincerely ; > M 😉


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  7. Selli Dane

    U guys do realise any dog can. Be better than a german shepard

  8. AL

    They might be better at a specific job, no dog can complete against the GSD at being suitable for most jobs.

  9. Debasis Das

    ᴀʙᴏᴜᴛ ʙᴜʟʟy ᴋᴜᴛᴛᴀ ᴠꜱ ᴩɪᴛʙᴜʟʟ

  10. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you 🦮❤💞

  11. Subu M

    Actually German shepherds and the dogs which are better are still capable and they are more better and same like German shepherd I think since everything is equal

  12. Maty Vee

    Cane Corso❣️💪🔥

  13. Karma Isreal

    False. The only thing better than a German Shepherd are two German Shepherds.

  14. J haych

    I’ve got a bullmastiff X cane corso. And I had a german shepherd before. And trust me there is no dogs out there better than a german shepherd. They’re protective, smart, sociable , athletic, loyal, easily to train. They can be used for literally any job.

  15. Tee roux

    I don’t think Rottweilers are good police dogs since breeding you rarely see a fit Rottweiler people keep buying fat Rottweilers and call them fit

  16. Melvin Chavers

    Cane Corso
    Caucasian Shepherd

  17. William Ratcliffe

    You actually mentioned a Rottweiler….

  18. تحدي و ليس صراع

    10 dogs that can beat the American Akita


    What about dog breeds that are better than Labrador and golden retriever dogs

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