Only These Dogs Are Better Than a Doberman


Only These Dogs Are Better Than a Doberman


This man had a dangerous task and that was collecting taxes. While he always had money with him, Louis Dobermann was the target of many criminals. However, he was safer when he started creating a dog to protect him, today’s Doberman pinscher. Although this happened relatively late, sometime 150 years ago, this dog today is one of the most popular around the world. Dobermans rank 5th on the list of most intelligent dogs because they can learn 5 times faster than other breeds. But these dogs have strong protective feelings and a good-looking physique that reaches up to 27 inches and weighs up to 100 pounds. Also, they are fast, agile and very strong. So, these dogs turn out to be a premium package as they fulfil all the tasks required of a dog, however, there are some breeds that are a bit better in some aspects.

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18 Thoughts to “Only These Dogs Are Better Than a Doberman”

  1. Alberto Chaparro

    Forgot the presa canario, the dogo argentino and the American bandog

  2. Greg Jones

    Great list, with the exception of the Greyhound and Labrador.

  3. Simba Harp

    Compare a guard dog with a guard dog!

  4. Simba Harp

    The Maltese is better than the Doberman it has a lot of fur! It’s also good for apartment living!

  5. Simba Harp

    Average content how can u compare a Labrador with-a Doberman?

  6. TinTIn

    I have the highest regard for the Doberman Pinscher breed. In terms of protection, their intuitive intellect mixed with situational awareness is unparalleled. I’m hoping that someone will discover a method to cure all those inherited diseases.

  7. APack

    That was Thomas Shelby

  8. Frane GRANČIĆ

    Rott 🖤🤎

  9. Armand Smith

    All these other dogs are great but there’s no comparison to my two-year-old European Doberman… Especially lookwise.

  10. Assassin kun

    does a Doberman have stronger muscles compared other molosser breeds like boerboel Alabai, and kangals?

  11. milind kashyap

    I love European Doberman

  12. Dukolli


  13. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you 🦮💘💞

  14. Davide Greco

    The Dobermann Is One of my favorite dogs since when i was a child.💙


    I ❤️ the Doberman pinscher dogs


    Wait where’s the boxer dog

  17. Juniores

    I don’t care, doberman will remain my favorite dog

  18. SkylineGtr110


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