Only These Dogs Are Better Than a Belgian Malinois


Only These Dogs Are Better Than a Belgian Malinois


In the 19th century, breeders in the Belgian city of Malines began breeding dogs in order to create a strong herding breed with a special work ethic, so they wanted a strong yet pedantic dog. The result was not only the Belgian Malinois but also three other dogs: the Belgian Tervuren, the Groenendael and the Belgian Laekenois. However, Mal quickly became more preferred not only than these 3 but also many other dog breeds. The reason for this was the fact that these dogs were fast, agile, strong and so versatile that there was no sphere where they hadn’t found use. Belgian Malinois can herd various cattle but also patrol one of the most important houses in the world, the white house. However, although they are almost perfect, there are some breeds that are better in some aspects.

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21 Thoughts to “Only These Dogs Are Better Than a Belgian Malinois”

  1. Alex Gundy

    their is no dog in world that compares the belgium malinios apart from dutch shepard but they are the same dog basically

  2. Christian Zaffuto

    Literally nothing better then a malinois, they can do everything

  3. Melvin Chavers

    Doberman Pinscher

  4. Paula Daley

    One could do a comparison like you did on any breed. No breed is perfect for everything but the Mals by in large, meet most of the criteria for special forces. That’s why the use them.

  5. Dukolli


  6. Adrianos

    There is nothing better then a Malinois. The best, most intelligent dogs in the world. The dogs you showed are just decoration and totally useless.



  8. Selli Dane

    I will unsubscribe if i see a video of yours like this again. Ur videos are becoming bad

  9. Ernest Johnson

    man nothing you say makes these dogs better a beagle /// thats a joke

  10. Maxi

    how about a Pug

  11. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you 🦮💘💞

  12. NUNYA

    dumbest video i have been sucked into in some time

  13. Tee roux

    Rottweiler will never be better then malinois cause Rottweilers are so fat and lazy all they do is watch the gate

  14. Tee roux

    Belgian malinois and Dutch shepherds are the same to me the Dutch is Just a little more extreme

  15. Benjamin Willis

    The malmalamute is way better than the husky

  16. Facts with Rankings

    Pitbulls are the best dog breeds

  17. SkylineGtr110

    Cmon Man U added boxer u should of added Pitbull they have stronger bite than both boxer and Belgian malinos cmon man and Pitbulls are used for fighting bull baiting and have a psi bite of 235-250 similar to german sheaperd 😂😂😂u do this every time

  18. TFL_GHOSTy y

    In dogs better than gsd u sad malinois is better now u say gsd💁

  19. Rebel _44

    German shepherds are better tho because without German shepherds, they wouldn’t exist. Smh

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