Only These Dogs Are Better Guardians Than The Tibetan Mastiff


Only These Dogs Are Better Guardians Than The Tibetan Mastiff

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According to the old native Tibetans, a Tibetan Mastiff can protect 400 sheep, defeat 3 evil wolves and bring peace to an entire village. This giant breed is thought to be a pure variation of the Molosser breed and at the same time at least 5 thousand years old. The main features of his body are the height of up to 30 inches, weight up to 160 pounds and the thick fur that makes him look even bigger. A dog of this breed has been sold for 2 million dollars, becoming the most expensive dog purchase ever, the breeder said that the dog had lion blood!! While this may seem like a common exaggeration of a salesman, the Tibetan Mastiff does possess the values of a lion such as courage, strength and glory, which is why some call them the Ultimate guard dogs. However, there are some dog breeds that are better guardians in some aspects.

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14 Thoughts to “Only These Dogs Are Better Guardians Than The Tibetan Mastiff”

  1. scottbuffdaddy

    Left out dogo argentino

  2. Unity StormGod

    Bro so many Mistakes in one Video.
    U cant Compete the Tibetan Mastiff,against most of the Dogs of this List

  3. Melvin Chavers

    Presa Canario
    Doberman Pinscher

  4. Tanweer ul haq

    Why always you guys leave the Kangal

  5. Costas Georgiou

    Really a GS on this list come on. 😂

  6. Dukolli


  7. KaceeGreer

    My thought would be Alabai/ Central Asian Shepherd Dog
    Or Caucasian/illyrian/Sarplaninac Shep.

  8. Omar Opqhe

    Thank you 🦮💘💞

  9. JL abas

    A doberman or a rottweiler before a Tibetan mastiff ?

    Sounds very much like the narrator doesn’t have much experience with dogs , especially flock guardians.

  10. my dream pets

    any dogs can be anny kind of dog whether it is livestock guardian dog or hunting dog guard dog
    you just need to train them right

  11. Central Asian Shepherd Dogs USA

    Central Asian Shepherds are excellent guardian and livestock dogs! 🔥🔥🔥

  12. Vansh Sharma

    Doberman is nothing against tibetan mastiff


    Top 12 dog breeds that are better guard dogs than Doberman pinscher

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