Only These Dog Breeds Can Face an Alabai


Only These Dog Breeds Can Face an Alabai


This 19 feet high statue built entirely of gold was put up in 2020 in the capital city of Turkmenistan to honor the personality of Alabai. The Central Asian shepherd or otherwise known as Alabai is at least 5 thousand years old, and even turns out to be the oldest breed of the Molosser family. His body characteristics are the weight up to 170 pounds and height up to 31 inch while the personality of this giant is built upon loyalty, strength and is even considered the most endurable dog breed in the world. These dogs are such beasts because nature itself has shaped them through natural-selection. Also, Alabai is one of the strongest breeds in the world, so there are few dogs that can face him.

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45 Thoughts to “Only These Dog Breeds Can Face an Alabai”

  1. (MM)

    Pitbull will defeat a cane corso

  2. Halbmond

    All this Dogs is Beautyful

  3. Animal Girl

    So cute! You will be healed!
    I also have a video of animals, so please come and see if you like.

  4. kanga lumbo

    alabai is stronger then kangal in my opinion

  5. Darrell Somers

    I don’t care what anybody says its not the dog in the fight ,its the fight in the dog

  6. Kwamie Lawrence

    Dogs is not alabout bite force and size it’s about skills and attitude but with all the respect I love the vedeo

  7. Kwamie Lawrence

    Alabi have a very strong bite force mor powerfull than my dog but it can never kill just a simple sheep faster than my dog you want to no y because my dog raise into the forest and has alot of attitude to thats wat a lot of people don’t understand

  8. Kwamie Lawrence

    I leave in the Caribbean our dogs are more vecious there and wild I have seen pitbull kill big dogs twice there size in seconds

  9. Paquette Stephen Brett

    American akita?

  10. Machine Gun Jack McGurn

    It is not Kane Corso.
    It is Ca-nay Corso.
    Get a clue.

  11. Davide Greco

    Why in every of these videos you don’t put the Tibetan mastiff and put the cane Corso 😑

  12. Frane GRANČIĆ

    Lmfao if cane, presa, pit and many others here can, so can malaklisi, rottweiler and sarabi..

  13. João Peres Marques

    look portuguese “câo de gado transmontano” is the strongest dog in the world…

  14. Winter Wolf's Lunar Affinity

    All these videos are exactly the same …

  15. Djee2007

    Kangal, Malakli and Bully Kuta should be on the list

  16. Dukolli


  17. Mihaly Csontos

    > Good ! * Congratulations ! 😉

  18. Reg

    Strong dog, but bite force not and grip not so strong!

  19. Shirso Ghosh

    To face the Alabai you need dogs from that region. Persian mastiff, Himalayan mastiff, Kurdish mastiff, Gadrejani dog, Aryan Mastiff, kochee Dog, Ancient type Bully kutta. Asian dogs are fierce outdoor dogs. Not the indoor dogs of the West

  20. Shirso Ghosh

    You lost me at Cane Corso…. And the dog you showed is a Russian bred dog. It’s not the real Alabai, that’s used by the shepherds….

  21. David Johnson

    Pitbulls will win at least 90 percent of the time against any other breed..other breeds do not compare in endurance !!!!

  22. mr pugs

    you pit any dog in hear

  23. Tony Kleinschmidt

    Theres plenty of videos of performance American bulldogs an game pits curring out alabis these big dogs quit in 10 mns

  24. Kwamie Lawrence

    Which one off you all notice the kangal I. These vedeo the canine tooth is shaking it’s broken

  25. Kwamie Lawrence

    Now it is two years and a half and it kills wild pigs it’s a monster any big breed of dogs can be a monster you just have to make sure it obey your comand

  26. Kwamie Lawrence

    I have a jermanshepherd mix pitbull it can face any of these dogs it’s Al because of the way I train it in the bushes since it was two months old it kills wild pigs

  27. kentrosaurus studios and sky the budgie

    You forgot chihuahuas

  28. Mind Is A Treasure Box S

    You forgot Bully kutta

  29. Jane Doe

    Rottweiler are stronger then putts so why are they not on the list?

  30. تحدي و ليس صراع

    The pitbull does not have a game of chance in front of the abayas, as well as not mentioning the Rottweiler, because it is stronger than the pitbul

  31. Pratap Singh

    You forgot Bully Kutta

  32. Adin Sadath

    Note:only face…
    But can’t defeat 😈🔥

  33. Shylendra SS

    I think you don’t no about bully kutta

  34. Chrystal Sabin

    Such powerful and beautiful dogs.


    Bandogge the best dog

  36. Gerson Benjamim

    There are couple things wrong in this video. Alabai do not have maximum height or weight, only minimum as per breed standards. Apart of that, great video!

  37. Jay Brown

    Are they stronger then Rottweilers?

  38. Khajiit Warrior

    Roman Rottweiler
    South African Mastiff
    Tosa Inu
    Fila Brasileiro
    Bully Kutta
    English Mastiff
    Tibetan Mastiff
    Caucasian Shepherd

  39. APack

    Back to back great videos 🤩

  40. Badboy X

    I disagree that the pitbull can take on an Alabia even if the pitbull was a game breed

  41. Melvin Chavers

    Fila Brasiliero
    Presa Canario
    Caucasian Mountain Dog


    Bully kutta🤔???

  43. Omar Opqhe

    Fantastic 🦮❤💞

  44. Mikey

    my presa canario 💪🏿💪🏿💪🏿

  45. Cheri

    Id love to own an alabai lmao
    Winder how he would go along my husky

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