Only These Dog Breeds Can Face a Cane Corso


Only These Dog Breeds Can Face a Cane Corso


It is said that after the Romans went and conquered some Greek islands, they returned with some large and powerful dogs that were then bred with native dogs and so creating the breed known today as the Cane Corso.
These dogs were much more territorial, more powerful and with stronger hunting instincts. Cane Corso is considered the most intimidating breed in the world, with a muscular build that reaches a height of 28 inches at the shoulder these dogs can weight up more than 110 pounds. But this is just the tip of the iceberg since the Cane Corso has a massive head and strong jaws that can crush more than 700 psi, one of the strongest in the dog world. Their appearance matches their personality, they have a magnificent aura. The Cane Corso is one of the strongest dogs in the world, so there are very few breeds that can face him.

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36 Thoughts to “Only These Dog Breeds Can Face a Cane Corso”

  1. Neo

    You forgot many breeds. Like the Iranian Shepherd or Sarabi or the Bully Kutta and many more dogs that can take down a Cane Corso.

  2. William Ratcliffe

    Why do you ALWAYS forget a Rottweiler?

  3. تحدي و ليس صراع


  4. Border collie

    A Kangal is “quite tough”, slight understatement.

  5. Paradox

    A Boerboel is NOT taller than a Corso!

  6. DeJusnice

    That shit don’t mean nothing and not accurate,it always come down to the fight in the dog individually,and people stop thinking these dogs can hold their own against big cats because if they was out in the wild where those big cats be they would be dog food

  7. APack

    Please make a video good in everything guarding,family,watching,territoriality,loving and livestock

  8. JK

    V want to C actual fight not the rumours…

  9. Jesse Klo

    you forgot the german shepherd

  10. TFL_GHOSTy y

    Malinois and ilyrian shepherd bro

  11. John Milton

    Pit bull would kill cane corso easily

  12. Victor !

    Cane Corso are tough but not toughest breed. Pitt Bull be snacks for cane corso! Tosa was correct, but you forgot Akita, Rottweiler and best dog breed German Shepherd. ☝️😎
    Edit: There’s no tiger in Brazil or Fila will be fillet of Tiger. ☝️😂

  13. Omar Opqhe

    thank you 💙

  14. Marshall Miller

    I like all the videos you do, but please learn how to properly say cane corso.

  15. APack

    American Akita and Rottweiler will also can tear cane corso into pieces

  16. Marcus Mairena

    Corso 110lbs? My corso is 125 lbs at 9 months old

  17. Khajiit Warrior

    Roman Rottweiler and King Shepherd can face the Cane Corso also

  18. Davide Greco

    Where Is the Tibetan mastiff 😑

  19. ricki santos

    What’s so special about Cane Corso?

  20. Victor Lambert

    Great video I think they all make great guard dogs …. I think the choice would depend on how much territory you needed guard & what the apex predictor is , people , wolves, lions, bears,my personal choice would be the Boerboel the South African breed Boerboel is use to working alone.. the other breeds best work is in pairs or group

  21. Ken Lowder

    You forgot the Aksaray Malaklisi, aak the Turkish mastiff. From the same area as the Kangle and other Turkish dogs it’s even bigger. Your cane corso doesn’t stand a chance.

  22. Karan Baath

    🔥 🔥 BULLY KUTTA 🔥 🔥

  23. jonas van roie

    A Presa Canario is not a Spanish mastiff. That’s a total different breed.

  24. تحدي و ليس صراع


  25. menura maadev

    Rottweiler needs to bee there because if pit bull is there rotti can come because he can beat a pit bull

  26. Truly Express

    Love from India

  27. Truly Express

    Nice video

  28. sai adapa


  29. King Gio

    This video sucks!!! No Rottweiler? Stop it

  30. cameron murphy

    Why I love pitbulls. To be the only terrier in a list full of mastiffs speaks volumes.

  31. King Gio

    It should be which dogs could fight a kangal

  32. D 504

    A fighting pit bull would destroy a corso

  33. Shane Daniel

    Our miniature schnauzer can snap a pit bulls neck

  34. Jose Leon, jr


  35. Francene Jackson

    wow that’s what I call some powerful dogs

  36. Little Bit

    Please Do A Comparison Of Pitbull And German Shepherd 🙏🙏

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