Only These Dog Breeds Are Better Than a Cane Corso


Only These Dog Breeds Are Better Than a Cane Corso


Cane Corso is a fantastic guard dog, not only because he has protective feelings and vigilance but because he has the courage to react without fear. It is thought that when the Romans went and conquered some Greek islands they returned with some large and powerful dogs that were then bred with the native dogs of that time and so creating the Cane Corso breed as we know today. It is even said that in Roman arenas these dogs fought with lions! His main body characteristics are the weight around 110 pounds, height up to 28 inches and the third strongest bite force in the dog world. Owners of this breed that use it exclusively as a guard dog say that having such a dog is like having a gun with a brain. However, there are some other guard dogs who in some aspects are better!

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17 Thoughts to “Only These Dog Breeds Are Better Than a Cane Corso”

  1. Bc Kennel GH

    “Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.” – Roger Caras

  2. Gabriel Ferri

    Note pronounced “kaine”. But “kahnei”. instead

  3. laker fun

    What happened to the one dog versus the other? Was the music in controversy

  4. Julio Delgado

    How about the Alabai?

  5. Lord_99

    Less than 150 pound is not an original Cane Corso

  6. Candace Hood

    Ughhhh I wish you would pronounce the name correctly! 🤦🏽‍♀️

  7. تحدي و ليس صراع

    Dogs can defeat a Rottweiler

  8. Jack Stephan

    Cane. It’s Pronounced Konnay. You’re Killing me smalls.

  9. Maty Vee

    No dog is better than the cane corso🔥❣️💪

  10. Pratap Singh

    You forgot Dogo Argentino it is a better guard dog than a Cane Corso

  11. Real Talk

    Cane Corso 3 strongest bite force in world?,there so many breeds Not in the Ranking!The Alabai got More
    Presa Canario was breed for what???😂😂😂

  12. Melvin Chavers

    Doberman Pinscher
    Caucasian Shepherd

  13. rishav

    10 dog breed can kill a lion

  14. BERT

    Doberman are vicious. MY aunt bred them in the 80s. Psychos. But cool when they are puppies. Awesome puppies.

  15. John Milton

    Cane corso is easily the best gaurd dog after German shepherd

  16. GODZILLA king


  17. Feno Lofta

    Actually the Tibetan mastiff is worse than Corso.

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