Only These Animals Could Defeat A Komodo Dragon


Only These Animals Could Defeat A Komodo Dragon


Komodo dragons are the largest lizards in the world, on average they weigh about 150 pounds and can reach lengths of up to 10 feet, these powerful predators rely mainly on their sense of smell to hunt. Under the gums they have 60 hidden sharp teeth that can reach up to 1 inch. Another thing that is unique is that the dragon’s mouth venom rapidly lowers blood pressure, accelerated blood loss and sends the victim to a shock state, making him too weak to attack back. In this venom, some compounds that reduce blood pressure are just as powerful as those found in the world’s most venomous snake, Australia’s inland Taipan. So Komodo Dragons are considered apex predators in their habitat and there is no animal that can confront them there, in some Indonesian islands. However compared to other animals around the world, these dragons would be unbeatable also and only a few would be able to challenge this beast.

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13 Thoughts to “Only These Animals Could Defeat A Komodo Dragon”

  1. Seig Ernan Relota

    All big animals can beat this lizard.

  2. Millicent Gordon

    Spartan warrior > Komodo dragon

  3. Charles Fenwick

    Absurd comparisons

  4. Mehmet sayar

    Wasp vs Hornet who would win

  5. Peter Fleming

    The Komodo Dragon is the apex predator Komodo island because of its venom. Any predators trying to kill the Komodo are going to die too from just 1 bite, and it doesn’t have to be a powerful neck breaking, skull crushing bite… just enough to pierce skin.
    Taking the hot climate into account, crocodiles and tiger are the only species that could trump the Komodo Dragon in its habitat, but the tiger is more at risk of the venom because it doesn’t have the think scales of the crocodile. Komodo island would be far too hot for a grizzly bear and its thick fur meant for the harshest of winters.

    One last species with a chance, is the tenacious little Honey Badger, because they survive venomous bites. They just get drowsy and sleep it off.

  6. Truly Express

    Love from India

  7. Melvin Chavers


  8. Dukolli


  9. APack


  10. Karim Mohamed

    Francis ngannou and the mountain 😂😉💪❤️👍

  11. Little Bit

    Comparison Of German Shepherd And Pitbull Please

  12. Gerald Angelo Sarenas


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