One Moment Of Silence For These Hero Dogs
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One Moment Of Silence For These Hero Dogs

We love dogs for several reasons. They’re funny, energetic, loyal, adorable, and comforting. But above all, they are brave, a characteristic that people have been using their whole life. There is evidence that for several millennia, they have been side by side soldiers in many wars. We know that our beloved dog would do anything for us, but some dogs through history have done a lot of incredible things. From rescuing important personalities from drowning to flying into space, to saving countless soldiers’ lives. In this episode, we have gathered the most iconic dog cases throughout history.

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8 Thoughts to “One Moment Of Silence For These Hero Dogs”

  1. Oleg Dontsov

    Very nice, very nice. Totally deserved. Hats off.

  2. Greg Newell

    Of course they deserve the title!

  3. Rocky Rome pitbull

    Thank you for your service 🙏.

  4. Weirdo

    Dogs are amazing, dont know where I would be without them

  5. jamie maes

    History had never be the same without the war dogs are the workers and yes they should be honored for they gave their life

  6. Aariz Usman

    can someone please tell me hat to say to my parents so they can get me a goldie. i have been trying for 7 years

  7. Patricia Sandoval

    where is balto, togo and fritz?

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