Older Dog Sometimes Aggressive - Robert Cabral Dog Training Video
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Older Dog Sometimes Aggressive – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

My older dog is aggressive to other dogs including mine. She’s 11 years old and it only happens sometimes.

Giving you the best life with your dog is my mission.

Whether you are training for competitive obedience or just want to be the best dog parent possible.

Dog training will give you the best relationship and communication with your dog!

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11 Thoughts to “Older Dog Sometimes Aggressive – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video”

  1. Zach Nimmo

    Hey Robert, I have a question regarding loose leash walking my male dalmation and cane corso at the same time. They are both trained to loose leash walk, but when I walk them together they go back to pulling on the leash and trying to lead etc. I use choke collars as well as 180 degree turns to try and get them focsed back on me and have had no luck. Do you think it is possible for me to train them to loose leash walk at the same time? Thank you for the great content.

  2. Timothy Musson

    The dog could have an issue causing it pain, and it could get aggressive when the pain spikes. Have her checked well by a vet!

  3. Fabiano Pina

    My late dachshund was aggressive at an older age as well.

  4. octavia ghiura

    I’ve got a question too maybe you could answer. 10 month old lab/Shep mix girl. She’s well behaved with me but loses her mind when I’m not around and does bad things. It’s like she’s super stressed when I’m not there. She chews, she stress eats. And she’s really pushy, pushes me with her toys, wants to be on my lap, and this is quite a huge dog to sit on someone, she’s big, follows me everywhere like a shadow, tries to steal my pants and undies to chew and suck on. Etc. Is this normal for this age?

  5. Jeannie C

    I would love to know how to handle my neutered Doberman’s aggression to intact males.

  6. Jannell Meagher

    Great advice! As always!

  7. Laurie Cloonan

    “… I just give really, really good advice.” Yes you do! Thanks.

  8. RJinNH

    Taken as a whole, Robert’s presence on YT provides the most valuable dog training and dog behavior information, in my opinion, and I concider his words Invaluable.

    Larry Krohn and Stonnie Dennis also stand with Robert.

    These three have different presentations/styles/methods and focusses but each are of high value. Actually, the best on YT.

    Another very useful series of vids is from ‘Dog Training by K9-1’ by a Gal Trainer focusing on Pups for basic Obiediance Training, Heel/Sit/Down/Place, etc.

    That all having been said, even though I’m not a professional ‘Dog Trainer Critic’, I did stay in a Holiday Inn 49 years ago with a Puppy and good old Moose, so I am qualified to my opinion…….

  9. Matthew King

    I have a service dog who I’ve trained with the help of a professional trainer and she has done absolutely amazing with everything Raven alerts to my low blood sugar before it gets to a dangerous level and also helps me with some of the things I struggle with as result of having high functioning autism. My only problem with my girl raven who is a purebred black Labrador is no matter what the trainer says or does to address the problem of pulling raven keeps pulling all the time and sometimes makes it very difficult to have her with me. Raven doesn’t always pull but she does about 85% to 90% of the time and I desperately need your help and or opinion on what I can do. I love my service dog Raven more than anything and having autism makes the thought of having to re home her extremely difficult and hard because change of any kind is extremely difficult for me having autism and I don’t want to re home her and have to start all over again from the start for two reasons I love Raven more than anything and I can’t imagine not having her in my life but I don’t experience any symptoms of a low blood sugar at all not even when I’m low to the point where I would pass out and go into a diabetic coma I would literally fall over and going conscious before I knew anything was wrong. Also having a very bad back and already having had five major back surgeries the pulling is getting worse and very painful because of my back problems.
    Anyways I’m extremely grateful if you are able to give me your opinion on what you think might be the best way to go about helping me and Raven.
    Thank you very much for your time and even if you are not able to respond to me I appreciate all your video’s and everything you do no matter what.
    Thanks again.🙂👍✌

  10. Jeannie patterson

    I am going through the same thing with my 15 year old Chihuahua. Her eye sight is going awry and she is startled by lots of things. You are spot on Robert about the time of day and the shadows.

  11. ANIMAL!!!

    Take 2 seconds to hit the LIKE button, Team! It’s not difficult but helps Robert out all! After all the great AND FREE advice he gives us, its such an easy way to say thank-you. Merry Christmas.

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