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NexGard Allergies in Dogs

NexGard is a flea and tick protection system that comes in a chewable pill for dogs.

This tasty and soft chew has been approved by the FDA and is considered safe for dogs.

The active ingredient, afoxolaner, has been proven to effectively treat and control ticks and fleas for one month when given regularly.

This item is from the makers of Frontline.

Although many dogs tolerate NexGard quite well, there are specific side effects that are listed on the label.

When you are giving your dog this chewable tablet, it is essential to be familiar with the side effects that can occur.

If your dog does have adverse effects to this medication, consult your veterinarian without delay.

Many flea and tick treatments do come with warnings about side effects; however, it is vital you give your dog some sort of flea and tick preventative to avoid Lyme disease and other conditions caused by flea and tick infestations.

This is especially important if your dog goes outside on a regular basis and if you live in an environment where fleas and ticks are very common.

NexGard allergies in dogs occur when dogs have an allergic reaction to or suffer from side-effects of this popular flea and tick treatment.

The active ingredient, afoxolaner, may not agree with all dogs that ingest this oral preventative.

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