**NEW SERIES!**The FIRST 24 HOURS with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED Pit Bull [Reality Dog Training]
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**NEW SERIES!**The FIRST 24 HOURS with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED Pit Bull [Reality Dog Training Episode 1]

The first 24 hours with a totally untrained pitbull!

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362 Thoughts to “**NEW SERIES!**The FIRST 24 HOURS with a TOTALLY UNTRAINED Pit Bull [Reality Dog Training Episode 1]”

  1. Explicitly Animals

    Awe he looks just like my baby. And they act the same too. I look forward to the let go command because my girl has mastered every other basic command. But she won’t let go of the Frisbee ever. I take it out and once she has it she’ll keep it in her mouth for hours. She let’s go of other toys with ease tho.

  2. Adriana DeLia

    Special Dog. Special Trainer. ❤️

  3. Emma Reidy

    I’m in love with George!!! Can’t wait to watch the rest of the series!!

  4. Carole Pivarnik

    You can just see the intelligence pouring out of George’s eyes…I am really looking forward to this series! He’s a gorgeous dog, and I’m excited to see how he progresses through positive reinforcement. I’ve always wondered how many focused training sessions a day you are doing with these project dogs besides just the “living like a good citizen in our life” training around the house while you’re focused on other stuff.

  5. Talia Knowles

    I can’t wait to see how George progresses in this series! Even in just the first 24 hours, I can see how smart of a dog he is. I hope this series will show others that just because pit bull’s get a bad reputation doesn’t mean all are mean and aggressive. They are really a sweet, lovely, playful, smart, and fun breed! And George is no exception! Thank you for creating your videos! You really show how easily a dog can be trained with positive reinforcement! Keep up the good work!

  6. Chris Tocko

    So excited to see how George progresses. What amazing progress so far! He’s so intelligent. I love your passion for this!!

  7. Helen Stephenson

    Oh wow, what a gorgeous, handsome boy George is! He seemed to instantly have a connection with you. You can tell he’s really a special dog. My staffy had a lot of similar problem behaviours as George, and I haven’t managed to completely resolve them all yet so I’m watching with interest. Thanks for your videos! 🐾🥰

  8. Sarai Carter

    Where’s his harness from?

  9. sonnyandcobi

    What an awesome dog. I’ve been “trained” to believe that pitties are dangerous. That fear was reinforced when my dog and I were almost attacked. The dog seemed more interested in my dog than me but I was terrified. Between George and watching another channel called The Dodo, my fear may be unfounded, at least in most cases. Great job Zak – I am so pumped for this series with George.

  10. Kathy B

    He’s super cute.

  11. Ichino Sakara

    This really brought tears to our eyes… The way every dog transformed amazingly with you respect, training and love is so heartwarming. We look forward to this every Sunday!!!!

  12. Juliana Corrêa

    So nice also seeing Indy. Good old girl super polite and sweet.

  13. clover0048

    Already crying in the intro…

  14. Nita Hartin

    I’m already in love with George. What a handsome, smart, wonderful boy he is. I’d love to see his DNA – I’ve got a big girl that George reminds me of very much. I fostered her and 2 of her brothers starting at 4 weeks old when they lost their mama, and ended up not being able to let her go. She’s over 50 % Staffy – the rest is lab, GSD and Sharpei 🙂

  15. Angie P

    I’m not saying George is a genius pup but I’m not NOT saying that either.

  16. Drulinda DeWitt

    Beautiful video. I can’t wait to see more of George’s journey.

  17. Angie P

    Cue the InstaTrainers about the word “no.” 🤨

  18. Shaz Prior

    Oh George, what a sweet (crazy) boy! But so switched on, this series is going to be awesome.

  19. Bhimu Harsha Vardhan Reddy

    I am amazed he is down bow & roll over with out reaching may be he had it in his blood

  20. Isaiah Apple

    Hey Zak i just got a foster Dog that is horrible on the leash, what leash do you use?

  21. Anthony Collier

    George is such an amazing dog! With the challenges to come, it’ll be very relatable to watch and learn, not just from you, but from George as well. Thanks for what you do!

  22. TheNanaGamer

    Swear to dog, you’re training my late Rufus. He was SUCH a challenge, but worth every bit of it. If we could’ve come up with an effective way to better manage his pain aggression……but it is what it is. I will warn you with the red ball……don’t be surprised if George becomes obsessed. lol

  23. Carlos Mosquera

    Amazing! I’m glad you are making this series with a pitbull type dog. I’m going to be paying close attention to this series because I been wanting to adopt a pitbull type dog and hopefully give one a home that I know they deserve! Thanks Zak!

  24. K

    That’s one awesome dog

  25. Andrew Heaney

    You are a true genius Zak. It’s amazing to see the development of every dog, and to watch the relationship blossom.

  26. Imelda Quinlan

    I love this !!!!!!!!! I cant wait to see more

  27. CreateSpace

    I’d like to support your channel more do you have a Patreon or you should set up a subscription service or we could donate three dollars a month or whatever

  28. Homeez

    We just got our American Bully puppy – Winnifred ! Hoping to learn some good techniques to help with our training !

  29. Tori Grindle

    Everything that makes a pit bull so amazing 😊😊

  30. Debi Fish

    Great episode….George is a super smart dog! Cant wait to see more. Have an awesome week guys.

  31. Miguel Crespo

    I’ve had my pity puppy Appa now for 3-1/2 months and he’s 5 months old 48lbs and STRING! I commented on Moira’s first video. Since then he’s learned fetch, how to catch, he waits and so much more that has just become engraved in his behavior. The info in ur videos have really helped me bond and train Appa better than any dog we’ve had before. He has a long way to go but he learns crazy quick from all the training!

  32. Cheryl Parker

    George!!! What a sweet boy!!! I am so interested to see how he does. All those brains ❤️

  33. Vickie Wilfong

    What a lovey George is !!!!!!! Can you recommend a pad, mat, bed, for the crate for my 7 month old puppy who has destroyed several already ?

  34. Josue The Filmaker

    question… about how many bags of treats do you use to train a dog???

  35. Andrea Pearson

    Zak, could you have your people create a couple more playlists of videos you’ve done? The following would be very much appreciated:

    Anything dealing with kids and dogs
    Anything dealing with specific energy levels (mainly high energy)

    Thank you. 💟 I want to watch everything you’ve done on the above topics, but searching has been giving me tons of videos from other creators too, and that doesn’t work for me.

  36. Natalie Wainwright

    I like that you use consequences as well, but in a kind way and not a “punishing” way!

  37. Michael Lozano

    Already can’t wait for the next episode. It’s really bad like a heroin addition lol.

  38. Daniela Miller

    He is so beautiful. I’m so glad you are doing a pit. Our baby pit is much like George and so loveable as well

  39. Ruby Chavon

    I’m so glad you took on his sweetie, I have to babies and didn’t hesitate to get one of these kinds of dogs, they are just beautiful. Just curious, I live in Australia and is that red collar needed because of his breed? Or is it just the collar you chose?

  40. Melia Cleveland

    Love watching your series, I really am looking forward to watching your training with George because he seems to have a lot of normal issues you would have with an untrained fur buddy. Watching you really does help us to deal with things that we may have allowed our own buddy’s to get away with.

  41. Josue The Filmaker

    funny how some dogs take his microphone off! like George!

  42. Krysta Glass

    Oh, he’s soooo gorgeous!! We fostered our pit bull from birth and then adopted her (aka “foster failed” lol). I was slightly nervous because of the bad reputation this breed gets but ever since knowing her I just adore Pit Bulls! Amazing, strong, goofy and VERY loving dogs, and just oh so cute!!

  43. Laura Buckley

    Brilliant episode. I can’t wait to watch the rest. Love the long episode. I could watch George all day. I’m so excited for next episode

  44. dawn hendrickson

    Pitts are truly such a special breed. I just lost my 8 yr old Pitt, Kobe, after he was diagnosed with Lymphoma. I am still dealing with such a huge heartbreak. Seeing George just warmed my heart for they are such good pets but can have a bad reputation. Keep up the great work you do & I am praying for sweet George to find his best forever home ❤️🐶

  45. marsduckpoo

    Aw well done this is a cracking series, so good to see real dogs and to see how different George is from Moira. I’m just a normal person trying to train two border collies, both from pups, I’ve made loads of mistakes and they are so different from each other but I love it when we have some success and have learned loads from watching your channel. My first dog Luna is so like Inertia and I’m trying to train her with our sheep! She is so keen to work but so excited that she finds it hard to listen to me when she is with sheep. Hey if you ever want to do a series on working dogs and come visit our Croft in Scotland you are most welcome! 😊

  46. Laurie Talg

    Wow amazing I love your training techniques and George is amazing love these episodes

  47. Meg Wynn

    He seems like he’s going to be the goodest boy around 🙂

  48. Liz Lexi

    I’m so excited to watch this series, George is SOOOO like our rescue dog was when she arrived in every way, it’s like watching us on our first walk!! We’ve had her 3 months and we have this exact response to fetch every time. I’m really looking forward to seeing how you work with him on it… although I’m not sure I’m strong enough! 😂

  49. Ana Noriega

    If you ever pick another dog to train from a shelter I would love to see more of that process. Maybe showing other dogs you considered and your first interaction if the shelter agrees

  50. Kirsten Herbert

    Zak and Bree you simply have to keep him – this connection is surely a once in a lifetime????

  51. Sorcha Lanigan

    What do you do when he doesn’t return the toy for fetch? My dog will either lie down and chew the toy or come back without it!

  52. Jeff Barten

    Really enjoy your new series, Moyra and now George! Two breeds that can be challenging!

  53. Winston and Max

    ❤️🥰omg my heart is melting!! He is soo sweet and cute I love the brindle color! I think I am in love!

  54. Petz Baerserker

    I am fascinated. He looks so close to my dog and he shows a very similar bevior when i took him out of the shelter back than. Happy to see a story like this. 🙂

  55. Tesla Nick

    You would be wise to swat up on play Zak. I don’t ever teach “fetch” now, I teach “chase and catch”. I don’t ever teach “tug” – I teach “possession games”. You are missing a big chunk of play skills that you would massively benefit from. Ivan Balabanov has an amazing understanding of play, he’s well worth learning from. Craig Ogilvie taught me how to properly play with dogs and it’s changed my whole approach.

  56. Eszter Takács

    He is absolutely amazing, 10/10!! I’d have fallen in love with him in this first 24 hours. He just seems to be so people-oriented and cheerful/easy-going in general. I find it heartbreaking that there are so many dogs in the shelters and everyday people still tend to choose to get their dogs from a breeder. So many lives go to waste while there are long waiting lists for popular breeder dogs.. What made You not rescue but buy Inertia from a breeder, @Zak George?

  57. Amy

    This channel warms my heart. Thank you both for all the work you do and love you bring!

  58. Michelle Bosak

    Can you link the harness and leash you are using?

  59. Aimi Dej

    This series is gonna make me cry isn’t it

  60. Evie Delaney

    I think it would be really interesting to see Zak do training for a dog with a job once the reality dog training series has had many candidates already. The job could be service work, carting, “single” dog sled team, detection, show dog, etc. It doesn’t have to even be the whole training journey, it could just be the beginning he shows. It would be a good side series I think if Zak wanted to and had the space and time for it.

  61. TBNRGalaxyPVP

    my family are getting a new puppy in just under 2 weeks, and these series have helped me already so much with understanding how to train a dog

  62. Icara's Corner

    LOVE these series!! thank you for the great work and i’m excited for what’s to come 🙂 one of few dog trainers who set dogs up for success instead of waiting for them to fail – great to watch!

  63. Tamara Sullivan

    George is such a sweetie…❤ pitties! Question. How do you curb aggression from frustration when a dog doesn’t get what he wants?

  64. Misty Tillema

    I was always a little nervous about bully breeds, until I got a bully puppy 5 months ago. They are smart, and total lovers! I hope George finds the perfect, loving home.

  65. King Mute

    As the saying goes: “Don’t judge a book by its cover”. Pitbull breeds get such a bad and misinterpreted rep… Pitbulls are great dogs, they can be loving, caring, and even a great family dog… Especially if trained properly. My mom loves Pits and been around them and other dogs since her father was a vet.

  66. Alisha L

    I’ve been so excited for this series!!! George is adorable!! I’d love to see you foster a very fearful dog who gets triggered and turns to mouthing.

  67. Larissa M.

    Really enjoy it. George is sooo sweet ❤️. He is so grateful to be out of the shelter and to with you guys.

  68. Patricia Holman

    George is such a smart boy, I’m super excited for this series!!

  69. The Gift of The Horse TV

    Loved the first episode!!!! Thank you 💜

  70. Senjaau

    I been waiting pitbull dogs so much! George seems so sweet boy, cant wait how good behaving boy he will be❤️

  71. lstan195

    Why did you spend the first night sleeping next to him? How long will you spend sleeping in the same room?

  72. Home and Garden DIY

    SOOOO happy you’ve included more cuddles! 😍❤😀 and thanks for a nice, long video. 👍

  73. Henry Moreno

    Zak my dog is like a mirror image of Jorge
    highly intelligent and rambunctious
    when she gets excited on walks she’ll have episodes of biting and pulling on the leash and it is extremely difficult to get her to cut that out
    that has been my main challenge with her she’s 1 year and 6 months. I got her at 6 months from the shelter

  74. Andrew Barna

    I love George so much! I can tell this will be my favorite series yet!

  75. Milu Compa

    Please tell me they are gonna keep him. It’d break my heart if they don’t :’)

  76. Gabrielli Pequeno Sanches

    own his flop ears are sooo cute

  77. cinnamongirl622

    Episode 1 felt like…..Christmas to me!! 😊 I was so very surprised to find out that the series started today,and I thank you,Bree,Indy,and Inertia for your patience,kind hearts,and expertise. I absolutely can’t wait for the next episode. If I had 10 thumbs,I’d give them all to this video 👍

  78. Thewolfwastaken

    Is George a girl cause it says he’s a boy but when he pees he does not lift his leg

  79. Barbara Kerecz

    OMG throughout the video you can see how Zak and Bree are falling in love with George … I hope so much you can keep him!

  80. k!

    Oh no no u was NOT prepared when I said I needed this now I didn’t mean I needed this NOW

  81. John-Claude J PEP

    Thankyou for this series! I got the family watching so we can all partake in our 10 month pitbull! We’ve learned so much from your videos to have this now obedient family member!

  82. Beth Kroa

    This foster mom and dog adopter from rescues gets a little happy spot inside her whenever a dog like George (or a person) gets a shot in a loving environment. He is smart and it is going to take a lot to keep that brain busy!!

  83. Connie Eneix

    Wonderful episode. This is going to be great

  84. Megan

    I would LOVE to see Zac do a series with a rescue dog who shows very little interest in food and toys. It’s a problem many owners run into, and they don’t know how to proceed with training and often feel at a loss (since most easily accessible training tips mention giving treats as reinforcement). It would be a one-of-a-kind training series! I think another great series idea would be working with a more quiet, timid, and nervous rescue dog.

  85. The Bathcheba

    WHAT A KEEPER! (pun intended)

    And he is doing so good! Watching this 1st video of George, I’m thinking “Wow, he doesn’t look overly traumatized by his months in the shelter and his previous life. This is so good… and very lucky!”

    So many dogs will show agression out of fear but be labeled dangerous for life… they need a “REHAB Dog Training” from you, Mister George (the man, not the dog 😁)
    Could you do one next?

  86. Sarah Bond

    I loved, loved, loved this first episode! I can’t wait to see many more with George.

  87. Joan Creighton

    Lovoly dog

  88. Cristine Montpetit

    GOOSE POOP! my 6months old Golden is acing her training but with goose poop she loses all sense of reality and wants to eat it ALL. I’m hoping she will get better at leaving it alone as she gains maturity.

  89. NemoXSky

    When you were doing leave it look at me training every time he looked at you his tail wagged and my heart melted 😭

  90. paleywhaley

    A bit late to comment but that trailer REALLY pulled me in, considering I’ve been watching the videos from when he very first got Inertia and every series since.
    George has so much love to give and I can see that he has already made such a huge impact on Zak and Bree, and many others in the comments, including myself… he deserves all the love he’s getting! He’s very intelligent and eager to please, too.

    I honestly really hope that this is going to wind up a foster failure, but totally understand that he also deserves the full attention somebody else can give him, whilst Zak opens up his home to helping even more dogs from the shelter find loving homes.

    I can’t wait to see more of George, keep up the good work!

  91. Aaron Tandy

    may be a good idea to write EP1S2 so we know what season this episode is in

  92. Patricia Holman

    Finally something I can relate to. I have an olde English bulldogge and he is something else.

  93. Cruzan9

    I’m so excited about this series! I’m getting a Staffy puppy next year. I have been researching and watching tons of videos since February. I really want to be a good dog parent/owner.

  94. Garry Chef

    I so excited for these episodes with Goerge. He looks like a combo of my 2 pittys.

  95. Shanley Mello

    I am so rooting for Zak to keep George.

  96. mark cederberg

    I love these series that you do. You posting your training methods with full transparency, with strong untrained breed – really adds to your credibility.

  97. Blueberry Puffin

    What a sweet boy. I can tell this is going to be a great series.

  98. ulalala

    Omg love this series already 🥰

  99. Danni


  100. Garry Chef

    Where did you get that red ball that George likes so much?

  101. Katarzyna Koprowska

    George is so beautyfull and good nature dog. I love the episodes are getting this long 👏👏

  102. Megan

    The intro made me cry! Both of my rescue dogs are pit mixes and George’s flopping /kissing of Bree reminds me of their behavior! <3

  103. Margaret Fleming

    “Leave it” and “look at me” in minutes! Brilliant trainer and dog! Looking forward to this series.

  104. Robert Wagoner

    We adopted an American Pitbull Terrier over a year ago and she is a WONDERFUL dog and has many of the same traits as George. We are still dealing with issues of pulling, lunging at some people and dogs, and jumping. Enjoyed the first episode and are looking forward to the rest of the series hoping to find the right techniques to solve the rest of these problems.

  105. Michelle Richard

    I’ve been checking daily to see if episode 1 was out. So excited that it was 46 minutes! Loved every part of it! I’m looking forward to this.
    I’m a vet tech and when clients ask about training I will mention you channel! Love you guys and all your doing!

  106. simplelsie

    The Team George! Wonderful work, men. I’ve already learned so much from you guys and I’ll keep watching.

  107. Chronically_Funny Emma

    That shot of you guys crying had me crying. I’m a former kitten foster (health stopped me from continuing), and I’ve cried over so many of them. I did a lot of medically-needy ones, including one that couldn’t walk, stand, or use a litter box.

    With any foster, you’re pouring all the love and care into them you can, but I think with ones with high medical or training needs, you pour even more of you into them. Giving medicine 6+ times daily, running IV fluids twice a day, emergency vet visits in the middle of the night, bottle feeding, the chance of them losing their eyes if the meds regimen isn’t enough, one of them losing their fight… fostering is so, so rewarding but it’s also so, so hard.

    Excited for this series- my dog is a pittie-mix and I’m working hard on desentization/counter conditioning with her. I can’t wait to see what you achieve with George!

  108. Vicki Butcher

    I’m in love, he reminds me so much of my rescue staffy. She’s so derpy and clever, if George is anything like Bella, then things are gonna be super interesting, she does the most random stuff and goes from bone tired and barely able to jump on the furniture cos she’s so tired to super alert and hi energy in a matter of moments. Can’t wait for the next episode

  109. Fish LaMer

    Thank you so much for doing this. Hopefully this will encourage more people to adopt from shelters!!

  110. ayesha moran

    I’m SO excited for this! George and my bully have the same “problems” I can’t wait to learn more on educating his breed.

  111. Simona Párnická

    How come George doesnt lift his leg when he pees? He seems to be almost fully grown up. Is it because he was fixed at the shelter?

  112. Mako

    oh man just after the trailer i knew i was gonna like this series a lot. boy was i wrong, i ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! 40 minutes went by like nothing i cant wait for the next episode! thanks zak!

  113. rachael haugan

    Reminds me so much of my Sally girl! Crazy walks, super excitable, and CUDDLY the first night. She’s also a pittie mix who spent the majority of her life in a shelter (got her at 9 months).

  114. Andrea .Osés

    Oh no, I already love him

  115. SkaegSkater

    It looks like George is going to being teaching you just as much as you will teach him. 🙂 I love your attitude and commitment to these animals. Keep up the good work.

  116. Beth Ward

    LMAO! This is what most owners I know give up on right away. I used to train dogs before I was disabled. These were my favorite ones to work with. Thank you for showing the world how you can work with and train a difficult dog (no matter the breed there is always this personality) you are in for a workout mentally and physically! All the good vibes to you and him!

  117. Stacy Gartzka

    I bet you end up keeping him! I think he was sent to you by a higher power!!! I so love your training techniques!!!!

  118. Beauty ExtraVert

    Even without the look ahead to your affection for him, you can tell such a difference between how you feel about him on the first day, from how you were with Moira. You were wonderful with Moira, but you can just plainly see how much you like him already. I LOVE this series!

  119. Sylvia Christy

    What a sweet dog! I’m in love with him already!

  120. Emily Raney

    I love this new series. What smart Georges! 😅I know this may not be addressed in this series, but I would be interested in seeing Zak make a video on how to use positive reinforcement to train the “escape artist” tendencies out of dogs. People in my puppy play group have started the use of E-collars, but I know it is a very real threat that they just run through the invisible fence. Can’t wait to see more with George!

  121. J Sayed

    I love your honesty and openness. Nothing worth while comes easy. George is luck to have you on his team.

  122. pasta la vista

    I’ve only watched through the intro so far and I’m already crying oh man

  123. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Ep1= great! Will be watching them all. 😀

  124. Forrest Leaves

    Yes, good idea, promoting such dangerous dogs that are usually bought by insecure idiots and then become a menace to society… or end up in the pound…

  125. PuppyStomp

    Thank you so much for choosing a Pitbull! They get such a bad rap but are an amazing a wonderful breed. Saving my pitty Athena was the best thing that I ever did.

  126. Evangeline g

    And thank you for working with a pit bull. They truly can be some of the best dogs.

  127. Henggao Cai

    These series are just getting better and better every time.

  128. Tracy Vicente

    Love this Zak!

  129. Jan Hankins

    Wow! I’m so impressed with George! He’s sweet, smart, and so good for just out of the shelter! I’d love it if every dog we pulled from a shelter were like George! He’s really a good boy. And I hate it that so many good dogs like George don’t get homes because of what they look like.

  130. Louise Marie Beckham

    I didn’t warm to George in the beginning, but by the end of the film, when i saw him with Brie and then with his puppy-like smile right at the end, I was sold.

  131. Evangeline g

    Thank you so much for your commitment and love to dogs, to all the amazing content you give us, and your new focus on the untrained real world shelter dogs. And thank you for being honest and authentic in your work. All the dogs (and dog people) thank you for your mission.

  132. Alex Brady

    Whoever adopts George is going to be VERY lucky 🥰


    This will be one of the best dog training series, i am sure about that😍.. And patiently Waiting for the next episodes……

  134. derya j

    such an amazing dog :’)

  135. Tyler & Chelsea

    My little mini golden doodle is just like inertia she loves dogs but doesn’t like new dogs to jump in then her. She need at least 4 hours with any new dogs before she is ready to do any intense play. Anything before that is all nipping and warning barks.

  136. Sophie Pires

    He is such a great boy, so docile and smart. He is not “rude” at all, the leash pulling is not even that bad. He is going to do so well! 🥰🐕❤

  137. Hannah Schroeder

    such a great intro to george!! so excited to see all his progress because he seems amazing already ♥️

  138. Lee Fruits

    Wow! What a great intro to “civilian” life for George! Fascinating to see how quickly he is able to adapt. From the preview clip, I know some tough training is coming, and some crazy amazing successes. Looking forward to every episode. 🙂

  139. Hannah Schroeder

    “look he’s peeing” *zooms in on pee stream*

  140. Koen Ahs

    I’m getting my new puppy in a month and these videos really help me for the new adventure!!

  141. Courtney Stiner


  142. ElMundilloDeAnna

    I cried with that trailer 😭 Im already in love with George

  143. Bayarea Grl4ever

    Thank you for choosing George,

  144. T G

    Never thought I would be excited to see that a dog trainer just came out with a new long video on a new dog, lol I cant wait to see how things turn out!

  145. Lucinda Darby

    Great to also see the first stages all in one go. Sometimes it feels as though success is achieved quickly with a lot going on off camera which we dont see. Didn’t get the sense of this today so loving it so far!! 🙂😊❤❤

  146. Jen C

    46 minutes jackpot !!!!!! Love the longer videos . So excited to have a weekly video to watch ! Me and my husband watched your videos every week. And are so excited for these especially with a pittie . We have one who is our baby !

  147. Lucinda Darby

    Love it!! Scavenging is a HUGE problem for my dog after living on the streets. He knows leave it etc but mostly he just cannot resist when its outside and he can smell bread FEET away which makes it difficult for me to spot first. Doesn’t matter whether I have a high value treat!! The bread wins and he knows he shouldn’t do it! Looking forward to seeing how Zak overcome this 😍

  148. Nicole YB

    Can you tell us how old George is. I am having difficulty in figuring this out. Wow, what a wonderful dog. Very intelligent.

  149. Jude Vicious 333 Hannah Lopez

    Where do I sign up? I want to adopt him If he doesn’t already have a home.

  150. Sandra Egea

    does anyone know which harness/leash is zack using???

  151. Nebulous Nerd

    I LOVE George already! My fiance and I have a young (5mo) pit/lab mix that has some of George’s issues so we’re STOKED to see how you address these =D

  152. Stephanie Poro

    Thank you for taking on the pit bull challenge! We adopted a young pittie off the street several months ago and I’ve been waiting for you to train a dog like ours. George is exactly like our little pittie. While she has come so far, I’m excited to follow George’s training for more tips. Love these dogs!

  153. Smilla T

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    Hah my dog is a pit bull she doesn’t know any better 🙄🤣

  357. Sarah Akers

    So excited to see George’s progress!

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