NEW SERIES! My FIRST 24 HOURS Training a NEW PUPPY! Reality Dog Training
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NEW SERIES! My FIRST 24 HOURS Training a NEW PUPPY! Reality Dog Training

FIRST 24 HOURS training a NEW PUPPY 🤯

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164 Thoughts to “NEW SERIES! My FIRST 24 HOURS Training a NEW PUPPY! Reality Dog Training”

  1. Nazareth Maeve

    Chiweeni maybe, I’m watching this series because Miss Biscuits is just so CUTE

  2. Sebastian Johansson

    I find it really interesting that keeping a dog in a crate is allowed in the US. Here its straight up against the law.

  3. RebelBart67

    She is so cute and I love her spunk!

  4. IJustDoComments

    I want to say we’ve all forgotten to take the puppy out after a nap and missed multiple cues prior to an accident before, it happens.

  5. The Animal Channel

    So exicited! I was working earlier… Sorry i didn’t see this earlier

  6. Rachel Crossen

    I’m surprised Zac didn’t put the divider in the crate and gave her such a plush bed right away.

  7. Bridget Sandoval

    I’m trying to teach leave it to a 10 week old Pomeranian. He digs at my hand when I cover the treats, which is so painful and causes me to push him back rather than let him stop on his own. Any suggestions to help with this or train it differently?

  8. Jenny Lynne

    Well this is a huge change from Chop!! Go Biscuit, go!

  9. Mauricio Velasquez

    I put the kennel over a chair just at the same level of my bed and pillow, and the results were amazing, I was able to sleep really good.

  10. Mauricio Velasquez

    To train 1 puppy ook, to train 2 puppies you’re crazy, to train 3 puppies you must be a youtuber.

  11. Kim L

    Like so many other people in the comments, so glad you decided to work with a smaller breed. I have a chihuahua-yorkie mix (10 years old, working on him being the first immortal dog) and a big challenge we have is balancing his high intelligence/desire to train for rewards with his VERY limited caloric need (he’s only 7lbs, and smarter than my Aussie).

    I’m curious whether you guys encounter a similar challenge!

  12. Tricia Wade

    Love it! Will enjoy this series!

  13. Anna Faryniarz

    Aww she reminds me of my rescue pup!

  14. Susan Walker

    Who is the artist that created the dog portraits behind you? Can you provide the link?

  15. trainergirl

    I drum it into my puppy students: catch the behaviour you want and reward it every time. I tell them to wear clothes with pockets in the house and treats in bowls around the house so that any time pup does something you like, you are able to reward him. I make sure they know that from day one, we set up the puppy for success and don’t give them a chance to get it wrong. Well done Zak LOL!

  16. Shayla Hastings

    For a next one down the road could you cover an extremely high energy dog that can’t keep its nose off the ground? I have a beagle mix bread for hunting but is more of a family dog. I take her for leisure walks, training walks, fetch, and hours of sprinting at the dog park daily and she never breaks a sweat. I swear to you she has never panted once lol. She gets frustrated very quickly when she can’t chase after what she wants and often has high anxiety (shown by whining pacing and yawning) in the car when she knows we are going to the park and when you leave her vision.

  17. Melissa Isaacson

    I got my puppy this summer, and you don’t even know how many times I was in Bree’s position, on the floor half in half out of the crate afraid to move and possibly wake the puppy that was finally asleep in her crate. 😀 She’s 9 months now, maybe not too far off from Biscuits’ age since there’s the delay in production. We are working on chill out in the house, so she was hanging out with me while I watched this video. She was doing such a great job, but then Biscuits was crying in the crate and she just needed to fix it. Hmm. Dog on laptop maybe not the best thing for it.

  18. HB Real housewife

    Lovely. What a good girl. Going to love this series. Happy new year Zac and Bree. ☺️

  19. Patricia Fletcher

    I think she’s a dachshund mix mabey a daug Chihuahua mix(dachshund,pug , Chihuahua mix)

  20. Laura Legends

    That crate is so convenient wow – looks like a great product.

  21. HerBeauty`sInsideOut

    I think she just wanted the crate in the bedroom with you so she was not alone..

  22. HerBeauty`sInsideOut

    Lab mixed with others….

  23. Rebecca Whittington

    Help!! 😭 I recently got a puppy and potty training him has been going well. However, my older dog whose been potty trained for 4 years has now decided he can go in the house 😭. The puppy is still doing great but I’m struggling with my older dog no matter what I try. Any advice? I don’t know if this is him acting out or if he saw the puppy doing it and decided he could too. They get along great so I’m not sure what’s causing this.

  24. Jeanelle Moore

    Thank you very very much for selecting a small breed. Small breeds come with additional/different challenges. This is very exciting again thank you.

  25. ileana mochalina

    wouldnt you be anxious if someone locked you in a tiny cage

  26. Aislinn Folan

    I cannot wait to pick up my puppy on Saturday!!!

  27. Betty Pang

    Hi! New subscriber….considering having a low energy small lapdog… Hm…why are you in Alaska?

  28. ileana mochalina

    crate training looks cuel and lazy. If you dont have time or cant be bothered to teach your dog to respect house rules while moving freely, dont get one.

  29. Carmel O'Driscoll

    Oh my goodness she is soo adorable 🥰

  30. ariola shehaj

    Haw old is Inersha

  31. sue zaple

    Cute little puppy purhapes part Lab. I can see a few long days and nights ahead with a wee pup. Nice creat Zak and you have made it so comfy looking for Biscuits should be an interesting watch for sure .

  32. Georgina King

    Yessss I’m so excited for this series!

  33. Katherine Chapman

    Its easy to teach even a 6 and 7 week old puppy how to eliminate on command.!! Its just a matter of being there and paying well as a feeding schedule and when to take them outside…and using a crate when you can’t watch them !!
    …..A pup pees as soon as it wakes up from a nap.. and they usually won’t mess where they crates are great…Pups pee as soon as they wake up..just like human babies…they take 3 or 4 steps and pee…at first if they’re not near a door to outside..Pick them up and carry them ……Take the pup outside ..set it down where you want it to go .,dont say a word…walk a step or 2…….as soon as the pup squats and actually begins to pee..say your “marker “word as many times as you can .. I say” Quick Quick”” Quick Quick Quick Quick……the minute she stops peeing…CLAP your hands say”” YES”” “WHAT” a “GOOD Girl !!” in a happy happy voice and clap your hands…. Same thing for poop… wait until they actually starts pooping…say the Marker word …as many times in a row as you can!!! I use “Hurry Hurry” Hurry Hurry Hurry Hurry” for poop……then Clap And say”” YES !!!”What a GOOD Girl !! ….if you say the words (while they’re actually doing the acts)..150 times in s 3 day period…they will eliminate on command… As soon
    as you take them outside..say Quick Quick and they’ll pee…its So easy……I can train an entire litter of 7 week pups to eliminate on command…Theyre totally house trained by 8 weeks.. Its the same as clicker training..operant and classical conditioning.. etc etc..Only we were doing it 45 yrs….I was a GSD breeder 45 yrs ago……oh.. Also lift water at 8 potty training a full bladder overnite…..and a pup needs to be taken outside every hr and a half.. then at 9 weeks every 2 hrs etc.. until theyre able to hold it longer
    ..They poop first thing in the morning and about 20 minutes after eating a meal…Most housebreaking issues are because of the owners not the pups.

  34. Kim Helena

    Yesss!! I’m so glad to see a small dog for the series. I’m planning on buying a kaninchen dachshund at the end of the year, so thank you!! You’re incredible and so is Bree!

  35. Creative Diamond Dogs

    Love Biscuits! My collie loved rug edges when she was a puppy.

  36. Michele Borland

    Zak, you have the patience of Job. I wish I did 🥴

  37. AspLode

    Biscuits is the most precious angel I’ve ever seen, I can’t think of a better people for her to go to.

  38. yeah it's me

    I have been looking for a puppy Labrador if you know any websites that is good please let me know

  39. MargaretPilot

    The heatbeat pillow helped my pup so much when he went from sleeping with his littermates to sleeping alone in a crate.

  40. amanda duarte

    I still want a small dog older or a small dog with a bite history

  41. Katelyn Watkins

    omg yes a new series!! i’m getting my golden puppy in 12 days!!!

  42. Ms. Oliver’s Life

    Kinda surprised a little puppy got possessive/resource guarded that treat. I didn’t know they would!!!! Thank you for helping Biscuits!!!

  43. Marjaneh Marjani

    I don’t have any dog but love to watch Zak training dogs .Zak ,bree and inertia are part of my family now .Biscuit is great 👍.cant wait to see next episode.♥️

  44. Francesca Mamlin

    I fostered two puppies last year who were born on the street <3

  45. Mike W

    I let my puppy outside like once an hour for a couple months and woke up in the middle of the night to take him out until his bladder was able to hold all night. Never used puppy pads and in 2.5 years he never pooped in house and only peed one time.

  46. Bribe

    I’m so glad you responded to our request that you train a small breed or a puppy, because they can be so stubborn at times! For some reason, I’m more excited for this series than any of the others, and I can’t wait to see what awaits us!

  47. Kaley

    What brand/type of chew did you leave in with her in the crate? I want to get what you used!

  48. Nicole Brennan

    I’m been waiting so long for this new series! PUPPY CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!! 🐕🐕❤️❤️

  49. TrayGreathead

    Well that’s me in love lol. Such a cutie. Cannot wait to see her development.

  50. Callum Patmore

    We just got a little 10 week Biewer Yorkie and he’s absolutely perfect! Been watching your videos and training him as best I can, super excited for this series. Thank you so much! x

  51. Jennifer Corbett

    A heartbeat stuffed animal is soooooo helpful for puppies those 1st few nights in a crate !

  52. cutie.norriz

    hi! Just wondering how much you took the timer on when she was anxious? 💗

  53. HerBeauty`sInsideOut

    oh soo cute!

  54. MimiMuhn

    This has come at such a good time, because my 14 week old Dachshund is having a really hard time learning not to potty inside the house, so I’m really looking forwards to this series!

  55. Annika Aasav

    this puppy is too cute 🧡

  56. Ingenue Games

    I found you 5 years ago training my Staffy x Jack Russell puppy. He’s now the most happy, social and well trained dog. He is stupid clever and I would have been lost with without your videos. Biscuit is the cutest, I reckon Jack Russell with maybe shiba inu and chihuahua.

  57. lovely girl

    Please do a DNA test!

  58. Jessica Macedo

    I just got a husky/ Pyreneese mix and I have a 3 year old and my husband just left for training. Your videos have been on 24/7 to prepare me

  59. Amylynn Bardgett

    My puppy was going to go to puppy class but it got can soled

  60. Sally Malloy

    “It’s actually quicker to take your time”. Things my husband needs to hear 😉

  61. Kalin Gergov

    yes a new series !!!!!!!!!

  62. Carolyn Vines

    Nice to meet Biscuit! I’m looking forward to seeing her progress.

    “I understand the rep has reviewed the footage from the security camera?”? I’m guessing you’re in a rental. Surely, they are not monitoring your activity in the house?

    Breed? Puppies are so much harder for me to guess. I wouldn’t even attempt until I see a little more footage of her.

  63. Antonella Nucci

    Yessss! This new series comes right when I needed it. Just got my minpin puppy so this is gonna be v helpful. He’s so small but has a huge personality already.

  64. New Californian Mapper

    New series :D! Thank you Zak for these treasure troves of information! They help us all! Keep up the awesome work!!! 😊

  65. The Migraine Warrior

    I’m so excited to see a smaller dog! I do have one question: Is she small because she’s a puppy or small because she’s a small dog? Or both? My dog was pretty small when we got him but he’s 57 lbs now! You mentioned that you think she might have some Chihuahua so I’m guessing she’ll grow up to be a small dog? I’m excited to watch you train her not to bite on her leash because that’s an issue we still deal with sometimes. Of course, I’m also excited about everything else! How cute was Bree with her head in the crate? 😍 Such a kind heart. I’m so grateful to both of you and I can’t wait for the next episode! 💜

  66. Stephanie Edwards

    I agree with the idea of getting Brie more involved. I could totally see her and biscuits working as a team right alongside you and inertia. I know the series is already completely filmed most likely, but she could even gain confidence from having outings with inertia.

    I’m sorry, but I have to say it,She is too cute.

  67. Cruzan9

    Yay! A puppy. I think I’m already in love. 😍


    Amazing start !! Love it. Amazing patience from 1st class trainer. 😁

  69. Sabina Hertzum

    This Series comes at the PERFECT TIME – i have a 6 week Old pup that is gearing up to move to his forever Home in a few weeks…
    And even though I’ve given them a bunch of tips and tricks, I sent them the link as soon as I saw it was a puppy this time!!

    The only real difference is that my puppy is a singleton, so I have had to teach him all the things his siblings should, and that makes it easier to teach him other things like collar and harness 😉 so the new parents get to skip that part 😉

  70. Lorelai Charpentier

    Haha, Zak you gave us a hint about biscuits in the video where you talked about the passing of Indy. She popped up on the couch while you and Bree were talking.

  71. wolfforce58205

    Your timing is perfect; I’m getting a puppy (rottweiler) on Monday ❤️

  72. _robloxvibess

    Biscuits is so cute! I’m looking forward to seeing how you’re gonna train her from day one. I’m gonna watch all of these upcoming episodes.

  73. Aurelie le devedec

    Zak and Bree I just love the fact that everytime you get a puppy the first 24h starts will a rain storm 😂🤣😂
    (first days with Inertia there was a storm if I remember correctly 😉)

  74. Jennifer Hill

    OMG Biscuits is sooooooo cute.

  75. Katie Johnson

    When Zak gets caught with Biscuits on the bed. That was so hilarious. Who has not been there before lol? 😂

  76. Haley

    I have never been this excited for a video!!

  77. Lauren Oliver

    So do y’all live in Alaska now?

  78. Kelley Casey

    She is such a cutie, great episode 👍

  79. Eye Reflect

    🤣😆😁so cute! Outstanding job! Btw I was able to potty train my puppy in a day 1/2 because of you🤗thank you🍻💛🔐

  80. Amanda

    Loved this! Reminds me of when my dog was a puppy, and I’m already seeing things we could have done differently to be more successful with the crate.

  81. Marcia Vilk

    I am so glad you are doing a puppy series. We just adopted a puppy. You mentioned “safe” puppy chews. What chews did you put in her crate? Thanks.

  82. Mo Al

    Am still not over George and Chub 😭

  83. Minimalist Vegan Lifestyle

    Like before watching! So exciting.

  84. Jennea B

    I’m sooooo excited for this series !!!

  85. Matthildur

    Me living in Iceland watching that midnight potty break in the storm and thinking “first time?” haha.

    Anyhow, I’m super excited to see what she looks like now that she’s grown up since this was filmed.

  86. MC Blakemore

    Genetic testing to find out about Biscuits breed would be fun. I’m more of a fan of the big dogs, but Biscuits is a cutey!

  87. Kristi Graham

    I had a horse named biscuits he was cremello so he was about the same color as biscuits the dog

  88. Ekam Mann

    Hi Zak. I was wondering how I can stop my almost 10-month-old German shepherd from getting aggressive around little kids.

  89. Juliana Vasquez

    Sometimes I envy the small dog privilege in these videos

  90. Alena Vesela

    Biscuits sleeping in the bed happened more quickly than I thought :DDD

  91. L. Lewis

    A purple collar — purple, the color of royalty! 👍

  92. Debbie D

    It takes a while to readjust to having eagle eye on a puppy during the first few months — especially after not having a puppy in a long time. Good luck. Brave = stubborn in some cases LOL good luck! It will be fun to watch — when we brought our puppy home we brought a big teddy bear with us and let all the litter mates and mama roll all over and get their scent on it and then I put that in the crate with our puppy and that seemed to help a lot.

  93. Beau's rottiecam

    She is so incredibly cute!

  94. Addie-bella

    I’m so excited to see your recommendations for toys for small dogs! The bark boxes are too big for my 3 pound yorkie lol.

    I also really hope you address how small dogs tend to not have body autonomy from people scooping them up and holding them, regardless if they want it or not- and tend to be more aggressive because of it.

    But I know this is all pre-recorded so we’ll see lol

  95. Judy Mermon

    I love this video

  96. Sheila Francl

    I hope i misunderstand, but are you only taking her in temporarily and then dumping her? That would be bad.

  97. Pavla Kohoutková

    I don’t actually have a dog, but i enjoy learning about the possitive methodes you use. I also use some of them in training my parrots, even if it is a completly different specie, many things can be used, like desencetizing with time and distance.

  98. Ryan Moody and Lola the pug

    What a beauty biscuits is I cant wait when you and if you do a breed reveal of her I think she is a chihuahua x and maybe a pug way back somewhere in her brilliant 1st episode zak cant wait for more

  99. As You Wish Dog Training

    I often prefer bigger dog breeds, but I gotta admit, she’s pretty cute. I think she may be a Chihuahua and Anatolian Shepard Mix? I’m not sure. She doesn’t have a proper mask for the Shepard breed but if she’s a mix that would explain it. Cannot wait for the next episode! ALSO, that crate is amazing. I might need to get one.

  100. Cuni Lopez

    I want to cry! I’m in the process of adopting my very first puppy ever, but I am firm on insisting that everyone in my household agree on the puppy. The very first puppy we were shown looked just like this one and I instantly fell in love! But it happened too soon for my mom so she vetoed him. Waaaahhh! So now that she’s ready, I’m hoping our coordinator finds us another one just like this! I still think about that first pup….and now I see your video! Waaaaahhh! I need a puppy soooooon! I’m so excited for this series, though!

  101. Heather Venkat

    Cute name!

  102. Connie Eneix

    Oh Biscuits is so adorable 🥰. This will be a fun series. And come on Zak, just let her sleep in the bed. My dog does but then not until she was 8 months old. Lol 😂.

  103. Listen.Vibe.React

    SOO EXCITED FOR THIS! Been waiting for it

  104. Peter French

    i think she is part golden retriever 😀 she is so cute

  105. Scott Reacher

    Why would you show a dog going to the bathroom like that? Gross. Loss respect for you and unsubbed.

  106. Jurgita Bernatavičiūtė

    “I wanna catch her succeeding” – the wisest words spoken in dog training world! I love your work👏👏👏❤❤❤
    Thank you for keeping on making these videos, and teaching and inspiring us!❤😊

  107. Random Random

    Oh my gosh! This could not have dropped at a better time! Literally just adopted my chihuahua pup not long ago 💙💙💙
    I’m so excited to see and learn from this series ~

  108. ♥︎BaileyTheDutch♥︎

    Your doing a phenomenal job training her so far! I wish you the best of luck wish thank you her.

  109. L P

    Lp Biscuit is just too cute

  110. Conor Linehan

    At least you can’t mess a puppy up with your nonsensical training.

  111. Maya&Sophie Spencer

    What breed is she? Or is she a mut?

  112. Karis Bumgardner

    did they move to alaska?

  113. HollyAR75

    I have a 3 month blue heeler puppy, so very interested in this series. Going well so far, we’ve had him since he was 6 weeks. Already house trained thankfully.

  114. Mary_Tech

    Everytime I watch your videos I can’t wait to start a training all over again. I have an older dog and I still do training but I have to admit I miss the beginning. Love your videos!!!!

  115. Henggao Cai

    You can do a web series called Air Buddies!

  116. Emily Unrau

    I’m really excited for the new Biscuits series!
    I’m curious to know if you touch on the topic of handling for veterinary care. Working in vet med, we see so many new and existing dog owners that don’t think about this. Showing your dog that being gently restrained for procedures like an exam, nail trims, x-rays and blood pulls doesn’t have to be scary is so helpful for both your pet and your veterinary team.

  117. Wesleychen Chen

    @Zak keep up the good work. Your videos really helped me prepare myself and the training for my new guide dog puppy. Shes 3 months old now and doing really great!
    PS its very rare for me to comment publicly. So a very big thumbs up from my side!!!!

  118. S1ippy L3mons

    So cute ! You got this !

  119. Ms Michele

    Awwwe she’s so cute u should keep her!!!

  120. Kay Loo

    My first 24 hours with my dog was p great!! She piddled during the night because I missed a potty outing and she pooped IMMEDIATELY after breakfast, but her potty training went SUPER well because I listened to your tips and went out VERY frequently, especially during the night.

  121. Kay Loo

    I’ll be here for socializing with new people!! My dog is p good with it with new people at her house, but she still steps away from people on walks and shies away from new hands outside of the home. Food helps of course.

  122. Becky Newport

    Perfect timing, we will be picking up our new 8 week old puppy on Monday. It has been 13 years since we had a puppy and I really like your training methods. I have also signed up for your 30 Day class with Pupford. The day by day training will be so helpful. BTW the weather forecast has minus digits for the first few nights home. I hope she makes it through the nights on quick order 🥶🥶🥶 we will be prepared regardless. Our first PupBox arrived yesterday along with her crate. Looking forward to training with you.

  123. Jan Hankins

    Biscuits is so cute!! She looks like a little miniature lab mix. She is really smart, too–catching on really quickly. She took right to the collar, harness and leash. Not all puppies adapt that quickly.

  124. Σωτηρία Χαλβατζή

    Hey Zack i have a question , doesn’t getting biscuit out of her crate reinforced crying for getting ehat she wants?

  125. Here This

    Bisquits has a very friendly way to ask for a potty break . Very polite dog .

  126. sky kat

    i don’t even have a dog yet but i’ve binged most of your channel🤣 i plan on getting one when i live on my own and have room for one and i’ll rewatch your series then again

  127. Wayne Vaughan

    Great first episode Zak. Looking forward to the journey with Biscuit. Love the moose in the introduction.

  128. Sherry Alloway

    What a cutie she is. Can’t wait to watch more.

  129. Jen Kirby

    Another problem with a collar on any puppies I have had was pulling their heads out backwards 😁. A harness is much better.

  130. Kasia Lebek

    I’m feeling here a foster failure 😉

  131. Amylynn Bardgett

    I got a new puppy not that long ago

  132. TheFSA15

    So George, i may have missed it in the Chop video, but whats the reasoning behind being in Alaska?

  133. Amylynn Bardgett

    Do you make videos ever day

  134. JoeSchmoe

    Zak I am getting my new puppy on Sunday in 4 days and I want to say thank you so much for your videos. I feel way more prepared to give the dog the best experience, and also to give myself the best experience! I’m truly grateful man🙏🏼

  135. Shdonna Bolden

    I was trying to train my dog a lot of things

  136. Jen Kirby

    I wonder if you would ever think of using puppy pads (mainly because of the weather).

  137. Jessica Tuck

    So how do I reintroduce the pottying outside after a week long stay at the vets under quarantine?

  138. TheMrDodue

    We just adopted a cute baby samoyed. She’s not ready yet tho cause she’s only 1 week old. But I really wanted to thanks you Zak because your videos made me alot more confident about having a dog and being more understaable on how a dog behave. I probably wouldnt feel ready yet to adopt one if it wasnt of you.

  139. supersnailboy

    This is so exciting! These dogs have really evolved since Kona. Also, have you recorded all of the episodes of this series yet? You are prepared!

  140. Pranshi Raj

    I’m so glad you actually responded to our comments requesting you to train a small breed or a puppy. ‘Cause really, they can be so stubborn sometimes! For some reason I’m more excited for this particular series than any previous ones. Can’t wait to see what this holds for us!

  141. Yehia Elbana

    I love all your content and I’m very excited for getting a puppy for myself

  142. Eden Mullett

    She’s so cute

  143. Gavin

    Which breed is biscuit

  144. Anly Koik

    Perfect timing. I got my puppy 3 weeks ago. So this will be so helpful

  145. Mary Sheahan

    Ohh biscuit… You are so stinkin cute 🥰🥰

  146. Sierra Newnum

    Bree looks like she’s in Heaven 😂❤❤ super excited to watch Biscuits journey through these next few weeks!! 😊🎉

  147. Elle Dee

    When you said “this is Biscuit” and she popped out from Inertia I LOL

  148. Maja Ambroziak

    Yes so excited 😊

  149. Thash Machine

    Me and my wife are picking up our puppy on Saturday. You’re series really helped me realize what I’ve been doing right and wrong for all my past dogs. Can’t wait to put it all to the test and give my puppy the most positive experience in life.

  150. curious wiki

    Ahahahha new series, how exciting!

  151. Chevy’s Homestead

    So liiiittle!!! 🥰🥰🥰

  152. Elida Arias

    OMG! This is so exiting 👏🏼 new series YEAH!

  153. Serena Gonzales 233

    Love what you do I am looking for a dog to rescue hope I could find one

  154. vietchee

    Wow, so excited about the new series!!!!! Thank you guys!!🙏🏼❤️

  155. Julia McKenze

    Happy Birthday to me! A new series ❤️

  156. Emmy Baehnisch

    Cutes video ever!!!!🥰

  157. Navjot Singh


  158. YairTheBuilder

    I love your videos 💪

  159. Emmy Baehnisch


  160. Katie and Archie

    Yes finally out

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