NEW SERIES ANNOUNCEMENT! Coming This Sunday October 25th, 2020 @ 12PM EASTERN
Pets & Animals 

NEW SERIES ANNOUNCEMENT! Coming This Sunday October 25th, 2020 @ 12PM EASTERN

New dog training series! I need your help to come up with a name for this series! Tell me in the comments below!

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272 Thoughts to “NEW SERIES ANNOUNCEMENT! Coming This Sunday October 25th, 2020 @ 12PM EASTERN”

  1. Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution

    We’re SO excited about Kona’s video series!! BUT we don’t know what to call it!! 😂 Help is out! Give us suggestions for the series title here in the comments section! 🙌

  2. A,C, and D TV

    Hi Zak do you have a book about how to train a dog very cool tricks like play dead or do you recommend any? Thanks.
    Love your series by the way

  3. Rebecca Still

    “Principaws in action” because the basic principles of dog training are the same but the way they are introduced are different for each dog. Also I love a good pun 🤣

  4. Steve Landry

    Name the new series: Kona Klass

  5. Rebecca Jones

    I can’t wait, Zak! Thanks so much!

  6. Muddather Abuzaid

    Assalamu Aalikum Zak. Well I think I really like the concept of the new series and a certainly can’t wait to watch it en shaa Allah. Sorry I don’t have a name for it 😅

  7. Jennifer Davis

    Can you do service dog training videos like elevation change alert, pretty much guide work how to avoid head obstacles, intelligent disobedience, stop at the curb, Have their head point to a door handle, and much more

  8. ParisPlaysRoblox

    The name should be Kona curriculum lol idk

  9. Brianna R.

    Yay i can’t wait for this series.. I got a new puppy the other day and I really need a walk through with training. My puppy is so sweet but he is a handful

  10. Adeline Ziniker

    your series could be called time to train puppys

  11. Cheri Hale

    Welcome to — “Love the Pup Your With” series starring Zac, Inertia & friends! Woof! 🙂 or Welcome to – Digging Deep With Zac, Inertia & helping new pup friends learn the ropes! 🙂 or Welcome to – Enjoy Zac & Inertia teaching Kona the ways of the dog in a dig deep training, fun, joyful experience! Woof! 😉

  12. suicidepotato

    Do it, Zak!

  13. Bucki Junki81

    “Puppy Paw Camp: The Real Deal”. I will volunteer our 12 week old chocolate lab for a session.

  14. Ingeborg Anne Rakvåg

    HECK YES I DO!! I hope someone lends you a poodle pup for a project like this. I need more proper poodle content in my life.

  15. FailGirlGamer

    Is she a golden doodle?

  16. kelamram

    Beginners Training

  17. Carlos Robins

    Inertia was the cutest little puppy! I’m happy there’s no expiration date to this series.

  18. PaperColumns

    I love this concept! I would especially like to see some examples of working with adopted adult dogs. I’ve found a lot of training resources focus on puppies, but what about dogs who you didn’t get to shape in that critical period? What are the differences working with an adult? We adopted a 2.5-year-old recently and are dealing with play biting, but all the resources I look at talk about what to do to train puppies, and it makes me wonder if we’re missing out on strategies that would work better for an older animal who has built up habits.

  19. Avery Colbert

    The series could be called ( puppy’s on the go)

  20. Brinn Pierce

    “The Happenings of Dog Training” 😊😆🐾

  21. Brainchild Designer

    Essential Puppy Training : Weeks 1-3

  22. P T

    How about ‘Managing Chaos – your new puppy experience!’

  23. Mariah Walker

    How about “Pet Projects”? Like “Zak George’s Pet Projects”

  24. Helen Stephenson

    Puppy skills for life

  25. Mark Christopher Plata

    My dog is a sleepyhead and prefer to take treats on the floor rather than in the hands.. do you have any advice? Thank you

  26. Gil Lewis

    I’m getting my new lab pup in three weeks, and your channel has been such a wonderful blessing. Thank you for sharing your knowledge in such generosity!

  27. Brent Sinclair

    Yeah – I like it – “Insert title here”, has a templatie feel to it…. good job 🙂

  28. Steven Gray

    I suggest Kona’s Wild Ride# LOVE the puppy videos

  29. GiGi Tally

    Training Adventures with (dogs name) you can change the dogs name so it works for all the dogs you work with

  30. aallen6863

    It will be easy they said…

  31. Ruth Redmond

    Love this concept! What about the series title like ‘Born to Train’ a sort of kinda pun on Board and Train? Aboard the Train? Haha

  32. Sushi TV

    New dog YouTuber here.😊🐶 I’ll share what I’ve learned my Zak. My dog is still learning how to be a good dog.😁 Please subscribe to our channel!💕

  33. Josh Lucas

    You should train a greyhound

  34. Jessica Ghali

    Brilliant idea! I love this! For a title, what about “Raising (dog name)” ?

  35. Bram J

    It would be fun to do something with a Spanish Water Dog! I own a pup, but there is not a lot to be found online and I would love to see it!

  36. Mia Standal

    Title suggestion: Dog Training bootcamp or Dog Training workshop

  37. M Stew

    I am VERY excited about this new series!! I have loved Dog Training Experience with Inertia!! It has been so helpful!!

  38. Samantha Blix

    What if you actually called it insert title here. It would kind of be like, you are teaching us so much that you don’t have a name for this new series!

  39. Julia Thoe

    Series Title: Project: Puppy

  40. Stuart c

    Call it :life skills revolution

  41. Ashley Kessel

    Do you think you could do a few videos of how you train both dogs at once? Or how you train one dog and what you do with the other one?😂 This is our current problem at our residence.
    Can’t wait for the new series!

  42. Guadalupe C

    ” three weeks basic training”

  43. M B

    What about “my temporary puppy” 💓

  44. Grace Higgins

    Amazing concept!!! So good to see you working with different dogs 🐕

  45. Ariknow howtosew

    How about “The perfect puppy project” For the title!
    Also I love your video’s the “look at me” trick has been a game changer in my training for my dog Misty, my border collie mix. 💖
    Poodles are my favorite dog breed! and that poodle mix is so adorable! 💞
    I love what your doing keep up the great work! 😙🐕

  46. Rūta Savickaitė

    This sounds like a very interesting project! I’d be very interested to also see Zak train older dogs with behaviour issues. This could be very helpful for people who want to adopt older dogs that are not used to walking on a leash, have food aggression or don’t get along with other dogs. I’m in particularly interested in how to socialize an older dog who also has high energy and wants to dominate, how to distinguish when such a dog is playful and when there might be trouble due to domination/aggression. I hope you’ll cover these topics on the upcoming series! Looking forward to it 🙂

  47. Abbiezar slytherin

    Welcome to Commotion, Dogs Intro into Learning

  48. Katelyn Trevaskis

    Please continue!!!!!!!❤️

  49. Tony Grund



    I have a standard poodle that’s 6 months old but still doesn’t know how to climb them :/

  51. Diana

    Name idea “Puppy Projects”

  52. Sonia Latham

    So cute! Love your videos they are so helpful. I think you should name the series The Kona Chronicles: a guide to a great beginning with your new pup!

  53. Not Yo Buisness

    3 week perfect pup🐾

  54. Lisa Bowdish

    I have a 14 month old goldendoodle that I want to train as a crisis response dog, but because of Covid during her formative months, her confidence and resiliency is not where it should be. What suggestions do you have for working on those issues so we can prep for training?

  55. Jack James

    Project pups / puppies

  56. Musical Misfit

    Goldendoodle Golden rule. She looks like a goldendoodle and the golden rule part could be for training her.

  57. Tristan Fleming

    Kona’s 3 week adventure.

  58. kibrika

    “Experiencing the [help of a] dog trainer”? Because that’s the only reason (that it’s someone else’s dog and they’re getting help from a dog trainer) I can think of that it isn’t “The Dog Training Experience” still.

  59. corina

    The dog training experience – Express edition: 3 weeks with Kona

    Other expressions that might be suitable:
    Pivotal moments

    Very excited to see you work with different dogs.

  60. Brielle Joy Smids

    For a title “ Furry Foundations” PS SUPER hyped for the new series , but DO NOT STOP showing Inertia ! I think we are all emotionally attached to her as well 💘

  61. Aurnee Rahman

    Love this idea! So excited to watch Kona!

  62. Sandy West

    Kona’s Training, Aloha style. you know kona is a city and a word meaning leeward in Hawaii. Aloha meant love hi and buy

  63. jaimie skyler

    Zak & Kona training experience 🥰
    I enjoy watching your videos! Thank you for them, I’ve learned a lot from you! I have an 11month old miniature Australian Shepherd

  64. Arshraj Singh

    Please take our dog and train him… haha 😉

  65. Jenna Smith

    Oh Gosh, I have a puppy right now – It’s less about the dog and more about the human not giving up. They’re so smart they just need you to consistently show them how. 🤔how about “Preventative Puppy Maintenance” or “Puppy Practice” or something cute like “Puppy PREP” make something out of the P, R, E, P and have a cute puppy school badge. Ooooh “Puppy Priming” “Puppy Practice.” Enough alteration. Zak, my dog is cool, she rings a bell to go outside, but every time she gets one millisecond and escapes to my daughters room she sh!ts. She also runs downstairs to visit my mom and bam! literally pees. in. front. of. us!!!!! why? It’s like she knows she can get away with it so she will. I bring her back to her box and start all over again. I’m stuck in this phase and I don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  66. Izzy Brenes

    Kona is super cute, seems like an awesome dog!

  67. Akerahfly

    Poodle Doodle – Kona’s journey

  68. Lucius Maximus

    My labrador used to be really nervous of people and barked like crazy at them. Now he likes people but has decided that he still needs to bark to get them to cuddle him 🤦

  69. melissa janik

    Love this series! Please come take my 10 month old monster and train him, he’s impossible 😂

  70. Vivian Baxley

    new name: the odyssey

  71. Olivia Ahn

    Maybe you could call it, “A dog, A world, and a dog trainer” I also think that it would be funny to call the series “Insert Title Here” 😂

  72. Fiene van Dijk

    How about ‘Dog Training: An Alternate/New Perspective’

  73. Ilya Savchenko

    “DTD – Dog test-drive”

  74. Victoria -

    Hello from my dinner break at work (catching up on the REvolution as always) Can’t wait for Kona Camp! Very cute! 🐶

  75. Vijay Arora

    Hello Zak! Is Kona a golden doodle? I am getting one in the spring!

  76. Christian Turk

    I can’t believe Inertia is over one and a half years old!!!!!!!!! It feels like it’s been only a couple months!

  77. ChristianAlexanderSmith

    “Consider this, Kona” a clever way to introduce behavior to replace her bad ones.

  78. Mandy

    Great series idea – I would love if you could make one with rescue/adopted adult dogs in the future. 🙂

  79. ChristianAlexanderSmith

    I’m so excited!! Great idea

  80. Candy O

    I have Anxiety with the new names people come up with I’m just saying this to be funny! LoL 😂

  81. Freya Bloomfield

    Id love to see him teach bikejoring commands

  82. HonestlyIdkシ

    omg intertia is so cute

  83. Liz Plawman

    Lovethe idea

  84. brittany ouldcott

    Great concept! Can the featured dogs be preferably rescue dogs for future projects? They are sometimes so hard to work with and come with a whole variety of issues but are so rewarding!

  85. Bxah

    Name the Series Kona’s Revolution

  86. Yunalesca

    I love the idea ! Can’t wait to watch your new series !

  87. iEatChoCornbread

    Coaching Kona Corona

  88. Keegan Hawkinson

    I just got a 2 month old Dalmatian 3 days ago! Although he is the best puppy I have ever seen he does get stubborn. Thank you Zak for all your helpful tips so far!

  89. StrayBats

    This is such a timely series. I was considering applying for foster/foster-to-adopt programs. Knowing how to care for and train a dog who may not be with you in the long term would be really helpful!

  90. Berseba Gameplay

    “Prepping Puppy: Kona”

  91. J P

    You could call the series “New Beginnings” or “Head Start” or “Laying the Foundation”.

  92. threetomars1

    Train Them Up!

  93. Fire Flight

    “3 week Kona”
    “3 week training”
    “Kona’s 3 weeks”

  94. André Tortolano

    Temporary Guest Series!

  95. BluFabie

    I’d love to see you take on a shelter dog (recently adopted or still adoptable) and show the first few weeks with an adult/tennage dog in a new family; what to train, how to resolve issues when to consult a behaviorist, etc. Thanks!

  96. André Tortolano

    yes please, just do it

  97. Thomas Bastiaansen

    project kona looking sick dood

  98. • NØVA •

    I have some issues with my jack russel cross
    Basically he is really scared when he sees his harness, like he runs away and goes nuts when we are trying to put his harness on
    He also goes really crazy when i want to give him a treat, he jumps then scratches me with his nails on my leg when he jumps, also he sometimes accidentally scratches my hand with his teeth when im holding a treat

    If you could give me some tips ill highly appreciate it!
    Keep on the good work! 🐕🐶🐾💖🦴

  99. rl nigafjgkfa

    Really really REALLY looking forward to this new series! I have a 7 week old puppy and watching you dive in into the stuff that you do really helps! Please keep doing these kinds of things!

  100. Alvaro Lazareno

    “Anything is possible” – to show that no matter the problem, anything is possible.

  101. • NØVA •

    Maybe the series can be “life with Kona” or “Countdown Kona”

  102. Moon Wolf

    My dog looks just Kona, she’s a Poodle mixed with another dog breed (we have no idea yet ._.) and I can’t wait for the new series!

  103. Imogen Downie

    you should call it ‘Konquering Kona’ with a ‘k’ instead of a ‘c’ in conquering.
    love your videos Zak!!!

  104. Janine Anne Thomas

    Puppy switch Series

  105. Emily The Disney girl

    Will you do older dogs as well?

  106. terminator 25425

    How would you go about training if the person bought 2 puppies at the same time from the same litter

  107. terminator 25425

    Keeping with the one word theme you gave your inertia series. I’d go with “divergent” since you’ll be training different dogs and covering multiple different topics

  108. Norma Pagan

    How about “Training in Phases” … we love watching your channel and using techniques with my crazy pup

  109. Amy

    Love love love this idea 😍 So excited for the series!

  110. Leslie Williams

    I’m interested in training videos on non puppies. Like if you were to adopt a year plus old dog and how to work with them with whatever bad habits they have.

  111. Cheryl Parker

    I’d love to see you spend time with a reactive dog! We have to Heeler’s, one was reactive to cars, the other is people reactive, we are working on it and have done muzzle training for safety, but I’d love to see a deep dive into those really tricky issues! How about “Every dog training experience?” Or “Deep Dive training experience?”

  112. Star Wars Senate

    This is the perfect time I’m about to get a puppy and I can watch along as I go HALLELUJAH

  113. Jessica Kwon

    Welcome to “Training Diverse Puppies”

  114. Jai Vora

    New Series Title : “ Training Dogs, Great & Small “

    Of course, I’ve “borrowed” from the famed British TV Series “ All Creatures Great & Small “

    Loved the British Series & am sure will equally gain from the new series ax well !

  115. Katie R

    Call it Trainer vs Puppy or something of that sort

  116. Kelli Richter

    “In the Beginning…”

  117. Lisa Zelko

    First i wanna say thank you for making how to learn and teach both myself and my pupoy Sebastian.
    We were on track with potty training however a week in he got a uti and the set back has been exhausting. He can no longer hold it enough to ley me know and its fair to say, i think im keeping the pee pad factory going lol….any helpful tips would be fantastic.

  118. jerryy slanger

    Keeping up with Kona lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  119. Hope Yerkes

    Definitely like this new concept!

  120. Ethan Jefferson

    Yesss. Please take my pup next lol. I live in Slidell. I have a aussiedoodle!

  121. Shirley Peters

    “Puppy Training First Weeks”

  122. Julia McKenze

    Project pooch

  123. Lightning Leopard

    Series Ideas: Kicking it with Kona!, Operation Keeping Kona!, Timed for Training!

  124. Anna Klein

    Really exited for the new series 👍🏼

  125. Lightning Leopard

    We’re getting our puppy Nov 4th! This is great timing for us!

  126. whatever it takes

    Kona is beautiful! We have had our goldendoodle boy, Arthur for 2 weeks now and your videos have been amazing. So of course I’m excited to see what you have in store with this new series. I think it will go right along with where we are at. Thank you Zak and team for the great videos!

  127. Gina Ames

    I’m looking forward to this! How about calling it Kona’s Big Adventure

  128. Marie Micol

    This new series sounds great! Deep dives are very interesting. Would love to see not only puppies but dogs at different stages of their lives (I’m thinking teenagers!!, our puppy is now 8 months old and has developed new behaviours we’re struggling with a bit). As for a name, to echo The Dog Training Experience which has a similar concept, maybe The Dog Training Deep Dive Series?
    Good luck with Kona! x

  129. James R

    I’m fond of “Insert title here”, but I recommend, “Puppy Communications PawCamp”.

    I so enjoy the teams’ work! Truly, it’s changed how I view dog training.

  130. Anthony Ramirez

    what about Kona Time

  131. Nelya Anderton

    Under standing your new Puppy, Training a perfect pup, My ideas i guess 😀

  132. Mary Mikhail

    So excited, puppy camp.

  133. Tina Marie

    So excited for this new series

  134. Audrey Li

    It would be great to also have videos on guard dogs like Rottweiler!

  135. trish k

    Call it ‘Find Another Trainer’

  136. Sonakshi's Mixed Bag

    I just love watching your videos even without a dog!! I am 10yr old and have a plan to get a cute pomeranian in the future and I just love seeing puppies grow up…
    I would suggest keeping the series name:

    “‘Kona’s Pawsteps

    As she grows up from a young age by facing different challenges in her life…I just love Kona!

  137. Spectrise

    Call it precise puppy, in as the puppy will be precisely perfect in each area that your training it in.

  138. Danaya S

    Maybe the series could be called “train that dog” 🐕 simple straight to point since will be training multiple dogs?

  139. The CARS Garage

    How about Project KONA! BTW, great video Zach!

  140. Happy Rhino

    I’m getting a bernedoodle in February! I’m so excited to train it and your videos are very helpful! Thank you😁

  141. Ruvarashe Sabeta

    I can’t wait😁

  142. Deadbeat Gamers

    Paw Camp

  143. Deadbeat Gamers

    You Train
    Let’s Train
    We All Train Together

  144. Ben Parsons

    Yo the thumb nail make the bog cinda scary

  145. Tracy Walton

    How about ‘New Member Bootcamp’

  146. brianna mendoza

    I’m excited for this new series! I have a 4 months old shih Tzu poodle mix so this series would be helpful as have your other videos

  147. Henggao Cai

    Welcome to Keeping up with Kona!

  148. Joe Zhou

    I love your content very nice to watch after a long day of work.

  149. Deepak choudhary

    Kona:- The new Avenger i would suggest 😋🤙

  150. Wagging tails Dog training

    YAY!!! I’m so excited for this new series!!!! I have no clue what you should call it but can you maybe please do a series where you work with resuce/shelter dogs and try to get them adopted or something? I’m obssed with rescues and I think that would be great! Thanks!!

  151. Jenn P

    Board and train series. Can’t wait for this. my golden retreiver isn1q months old and very difficult right now.

  152. Jennifer Hill

    Title – Setting Puppies up For Life.

  153. Abhishek Tiwari

    Plz promote adoption of street dog

  154. Melony W.

    Great idea!!!! I have an eleven week old labradoodle and have more moments of overwhelmed than fun. I’ll take all the help I can get.

  155. Rhonda Luna

    Would love to see training with a pug!!

  156. Mr. Bannana

    Maybe you should call it how to train your puppy

  157. TheCarChronicle


  158. Kate's Lair

    Doggy Crash Course:
    Doggy Crash Course: Kona

  159. Graham S

    He looks like my dog. So cute

  160. Sophia Ha


  161. Savvy’s Unfiltered Life

    The new series should be called “the time limit” or something like that since you only have three weeks

  162. arsenikkkk

    Name suggestion: B.Y.O.P. – Bring Your Own Puppy

  163. Mizra Z

    Love this idea. It will be quite fun to watch. Would love to see some dogs with even longer runs than a few weeks. Maybe a few months would be fantastic! I think a dog a month or a dog every two months would be fantastic. It will be like Doggie Development sessions.

  164. federik80 80

    Kona’s training experience

  165. olivia crouch

    Do a series about dogs with excess energy! I have a husky mix and he seems to learn in a different way. Love the videos!!

  166. Ninni Borge

    how about, “how your puppy works” or “understanding your puppy and how to train them” or “project puppy” ooo “the project puppy”

  167. Margaret Kuhn-Conroy

    Love your training videos! Been watching and utilizing since my dog was a pup! She will be three in November. Would love more tips on training older dogs as I still am working on some issues! She would do everything for the trainer but does not always do it as well for me….

  168. paleywhaley

    Really can’t wait to see more from you, I’ve loved watching Inertia grow and learn, and now we get this new series! Much appreciated and always a pleasant, fun experience!

  169. Heather Bower

    Kona’s puppy kickstart !

  170. Jasmine Jiang

    Im going to miss Inertia but exited for the new series!

  171. Blossom Swirl

    The Puppy Training Ride. I don’t know of a good title that’s just on the spot!

  172. Johny Joy

    This is perfect. Very good. Much needed. Please do detailed videos

  173. Laurel Reese Rose Forbes

    Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  174. Margaret Kuhn-Conroy

    Training Your Dog and Keeping In Mind Each Breed Traits and Your Dogs Individuality!

  175. Martha Montgomery

    Kona Kome!

  176. Nugetz

    Name it uhhhhh

    Inertia being jealous for 2 weeks


  177. Peripheral Chill ✓

    We got a dog recently so this is going to help a lot!!!

  178. Mikéla Govig

    “Keeping up with Kona” 😂

  179. Isabella Borr

    Zak I’m getting a puppy on the 29th of October . So excited !! You’ve helped so much

  180. Stable By the Sea

    Hi Zak! Your wonderful videos (and two books) have really helped us train our dog Grizzly, thank you!

  181. 009jenna

    Hi Zak I think you should call the new series EmBARKING on a new journey,or something like that.And it’s Paw-fect (sorry😂)timing because I’m getting a golden retriever x husky on the 28th!

  182. Jessica Yeung

    Training with different breeds of Pups

  183. dam sand

    If all of the dogs are only trained for 3 weeks I’d call it the 3 weeks struggle lol

  184. Wormwood78

    Zak George’s Dog Training Revolution: Puppy Pack, and you could do a different title for rescue dogs with like… baggage? If that’s what you’d call it. I don’t know if that might be an insensitive way to say it. I just can’t think of another way to put it right now. Different dogs have different kinds of challenges. Right? I don’t know. I’m not an add executive. Just trying to help. What breed is Kona? I’m going to be getting a puppy soon. I watched all your dog training revolution videos.

  185. j b

    Pawsitive Training, but for something more algorithm friendly, Positive Pup Training. Looking forward to seeing Inertia’s interactions too. We’re planning to adopt a dog and later introduce a puppy.

  186. Aicha Galinato

    The life changing training❤

  187. Kayla Hanish

    Hey Zak!! I’m curious if Kona’s owners will be involved in this process, or if it’s all you? Will this impact puppy’s bond with their owner during those first few critical weeks?
    Genuinely just curious, I am getting my first puppy at the end of this year and love your videos and will be using your methods and those of others to raise her! No offense meant 🙂

  188. x kraken

    Name idea: Puppy boot camp, puppy summer camp

  189. Evie O'Flaherty

    We are raising a guide dog puppy for 12months all because of you! Thanks you for giving us the confidence to do this!

  190. Albin Leni

    which dog breed is that😁😁😁😁😁
    somebody pls reply

  191. Ali Hussain

    I love your videos. Really excited. My labrador is fully trained because of your help. Keep up the good work

  192. Justin Hernandez

    21 days of training the amazing Kona should be the name

  193. MavicX

    Me and my family own a Viszla puppy, who is around 9 weeks old. Your videos are really helping us with a lot of things and I just wanted to thank you for everything. Keep up the great work!

  194. doggo 200

    what about the puppyhood exprince

  195. Misty Marshburn-Smith

    what breed is Kona

  196. Brooke Serpenthower

    this is a great concept i have two completely different dogs one stubborn and the other sweet as can be and a great listener the stubborn one is difficult sometimes and is very very loud so can you make a vid on how to deal with that obessesive barking even when i do almost everything (he doesnt like toys or treats he only likes walks)

  197. Kamdyn Colon

    A name can be train YOUR amazing pup

  198. moxie433

    I hope that at some point in the new series you will work with a rescue dog or adult dog! We adopted our dog at 3 yrs old and a lot of the puppy behaviors don’t match up with our struggles.

  199. Gamer

    A day in Dog experience

  200. Karen Mullins

    Yes I think this is a great idea especially if you take dogs at different ages with different issues to represent a wide variety of consumers.

  201. Steam

    This is perfect we get our standard poodle puppy in a few weeks!

  202. Aiten

    Would you consider working with a couple of adopted dogs (at different ages) and their owners to see what unique challenges might arise? For example rescuing an older dog or a younger dog who was rescued off the streets. I am considering rescuing/adopting and I am sure there might be a whole host of different things to consider. Thanks!

  203. Marcos Berrones-Basler

    I think the new series should be called Paws Adventure

  204. Fox and Owl

    Kona’s adventures?

  205. Arden Socas

    Me and my dog Hazel (the dog in my profile) formed a strong bond thanks to you! Thank you ☺️ you have made her so happy 😁 bark box is AMAZING 😉

  206. Senna Pankopf

    Love this idea! Can’t wait for Sunday!

  207. Natalie Wainwright

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