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How to train your puppy or dog to listen in public and more!

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96 Thoughts to “NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: This is How I Train EVERY DOG to LISTEN When DISTRACTED! (EP:8)”

  1. Dan Willsher

    Thanks for the great training tips. Picked up one of your books too. Great stuff.

  2. John DiCicco

    Where did you get your long leash I’ve never seen one that long

  3. Mariana Santiago

    With the stairs thing my pup always stayed at the 2nd step but once he literally zoomed up chasing my lil sister and now he loves going up stairs

  4. a_moneymitch

    Where did you get the training lead?

  5. You're a eejit

    Anyone have any advice for training a 10 month old puppy who knows nothing not even sit or stay, I trained dogs before but all of them were from the ages 2 or 3 months.

  6. Sinntheeahh Sinntheeahh

    I wish you could train my puppy.

  7. Alex

    Kona is such an A+ student, so impressed with her

  8. UYNiko

    I think Kona might be the fastest learner I’ve ever seen.

  9. Izzbee 1233

    I’m picking up my puppy in 2 days I can’t wait !! Also ur videos r so helpful thank u 🙏

  10. kirinfire

    Hi Zak! I just wanted to say thank you for everything over the years. I’ve watched your videos since I was young and they really taught me so much. And today, after years of waiting, I finally got my own puppy! Thank you for your work as a dog trainer Zak! 🙂

  11. marlène EPIN

    I’ve heard that it is not good to let puppy going up and down in the stairs because of their immature joints not strong enough at this age ? What is your opinion on this question ?

  12. Stuart c

    I think zac is pretty attached to this dog I think he will find it alittle hard too say good bye.

  13. JD Smith

    This pup is getting so attached to you… are you worried that she will forget here owners?/

  14. Jennifer O

    Omg, Kona loved the stairs!! How smart is she?

  15. Mark Aragon

    I want to have a dog for the first time (I’m really interested in german shepherds, rottweilers and dobermans), however many people keep telling me they’re not good dogs to have for a first time but I’ve read many owners who speak really good of them. I wanted to know if I should stick to a more conventional dog such as a labrador.
    (btw I have had many animals like rabbits, turtles, fish, frogs, etc.)

  16. Amol Kaveeshwar


  17. Courtney Stiner

    how meny weeks do you have with Kona

  18. Алексей Котиков

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  19. MindOut

    I have a very much active dog of 4 and half months, the problem is that he always bites anything he see and have bite my younger brother twice, so can you please help me to understand what to do. Because if he bites once more my mother will not allow him to stay in the house .

  20. Woof Puppy

    why am i still on this channel? I never had a dog, not planning to have one soon either.

  21. Roblox N’ Random Stuff

    o h m y g o d kona got so big! 🥺❤️ also i got a bark box ad before this video lol

  22. Louisa Arethanaya


  23. chase connor

    how do I train my dog to not jump up on the counter and not get anything that he should not

  24. Cody Davis

    What lead are you using? I looks rubberized. Great series btw. Been helpful for my 12 week old golden retriever.

  25. eflex xp GAMING

    Only if pupbox came to Africa

  26. Mary Nedeau

    My new Springer puppy is coming home in 2 weeks. I’ve had Gernan Shepherds for the past 20 years.

  27. Kelly Evans

    What are your tips for exercising a puppy before they are fully vaccinated without having a private back yard??

  28. Minea Markkanen

    Thank you Zak for everything! Your videos have helped sooo much with training my spanishwaterdog puppy! Shes 9months old right now and the biggest issue with her is how reserved she is about people.. Any tips for that? Other than more positive socializion.

  29. Kasey Tobin

    You released this series at a perfect time! I’m getting my puppy on Wednesday and I’ve watched all the series so far and it has really helped especially as a first time pet owner! Thank you so much ☺️

  30. Nathan Mayhew

    Love this video!! Where do you get the training line from? Looks very good 😀

  31. Monica Del Vecchio

    What breed is Kona?

  32. k4ti21n4

    Once you’ve finished the Kona series (which is fantastic!), I’d love to see you do a similar series with a rescue.

  33. Gauri Bhatia

    We’ve got a lot of stray dogs in India who can get very territorial.. my puppy is an indie street dog as well but she’s still a new pet, which triggers the streetees. How do I get her to go to the outside? She’s scared senseless of the strays.

  34. Saro Dog Training

    Many dog owners don’t practice any basic behaviours before introducing their puppies to other environments and expect the puppy to behave normally. Changing locations and environments within a few months from each oher and working on the basics is a must.

  35. Ananya Mandadi

    I’m loving kona!! she is being such a good girl🤩🤩

  36. Maple the Goldendoodle

    I want to say thank you for your videos! We just got our Maple and training is going great

  37. carola Mendoza

    Yes I can do something my dog always barks at people

  38. voiletplays_spark sparkle

    I luv your house I was gonna nna say look at your land

  39. Ale

    are you spying me and my dog? lol
    I needed so much this video!!! I have a HUGE problem!

    Maia is my 4 months old chihuahua.
    She can:
    come back, sit, lay down, roll over, play dead, high five, shake, spin, speak when I ask her to, hide (she puts her front legs on my arm and hides her head between them), walk with me (staying between my legs and putting her paws on my feet) and do the “slalom” between my legs.
    She does all these things outside too, without any problems.
    Yup, I think she’s pretty smart! 10/15 minutes per day of training were enough to teach her all these things..

    My problem is when there are ppl near to us.
    These days in fact, she seems to refuse to listen when there are strangers around. She didn’t used to be this stubborn!

    She LOVES cuddles and people love to pet she won’t listen to me, when someone is playing with her. She literally runs towards everyone, to be petted.

    I think it’s because she’s getting more used to the environment.

    I don’t know what to do!
    If there is another dog and I call her and ask her to stay, she does it and waits for my okay to go play…
    but she loses the concentration with people.

    If I call her and then walk away, she won’t come.
    When we’re alone, she’s always with me and runs if I whistle or say her name.
    I’m afraid she just had enough of me and commands and won’t listen anymore!

  40. azza ConceConc

    Oh yeah. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  41. asiana pai

    whatsp guys
    well video thanks for sharing im full watching ur video we stay conect fn follow guys

  42. Chase Hauser

    What a great reminder that socializing can be just allowing a pup to experience and engage with the world as he/she sees fit! Also- I’ve been having such a hard time finding puppy harnesses that are easy to use and a great fit for my pup. Any walking harness reccos? Thanks!

  43. Andrew Preval

    YES! Kona is back!

  44. Nika Norinsberg

    Taking notes ….🤪

  45. east muppet

    I just got my puppy and I’d be lost without your videos, thank you for making these

  46. Corgi Love

    This is so helpful for my little corgi Toby, he’s only 8 weeks old

  47. Corgi Love

    Yes! Another video! Thanks for taking the time to make this

  48. Caroline Elizabeth

    Working with a stubborn, slow-learning (but I still love her) Golden Retriever pup and these videos are a lifesaver! So are the ones with Inertia. Very happy I found your channel!

  49. Grace Harper

    I had a puppy for a week that I got from a shelter. We had to put the puppy down last week. It had Parvo. We brought him home and he got sick a couple days later. He got it from the shelter.

  50. vip vip

    Hi Zak 🙂
    what is that long rubber leash you are using again ?

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    o an subcribe

  52. Certified Ben

    Zak do you watch sports

  53. Tanushree Rajpura

    I love your videos thank you for it 😇😊😊☺☺ I am very excited to train my dog

  54. 2030: Francisco Muriel Velez

    and coment

  55. Cody & Taurus

    Taking notes for my Shiba Inu😅 who else has stubborn pups?

  56. 2030: Francisco Muriel Velez

    all people give like to this video

  57. Sutej K

    All your videos are awesome

  58. Certified Ben

    Why do you upload every Sunday

  59. Certified Ben

    You always upload every Sunday

  60. A Bulch

    thx so much for posting can u teach a Goldendoodle to stop biting FAST. pls do

  61. Malay Tiwari

    I signed up for Pup box 3 months ago and it’s awesome. And your videos are very helpful.😊😊

  62. Suzanne Pasionek

    Loving the series so far Zak! Thanks.

  63. N0T M0NICA

    This makes me fell like I have a puppy <3

  64. Gina Tourism

    zac this is the first time i have ever saw your vid that early i saw it 2 min after you posted it

  65. RONIN

    Hello there. I going to buy a dog… excited 😁

  66. Zozaling Plays Aj


  67. Bellatrix The Doggo

    Kona is so adorable!!❤

  68. Dinamathi R

    Best trainer …..Awesome🔥🎆

  69. Bunny The Bunny

    I’m early

  70. mal2lit

    He helps a lot

  71. Pratibha Nair

    Your videos are really very helpful to train my 2 month old German shepherd puppy 😊

  72. EduTwork

    Thanks for the tips Zak!

  73. Shenu Rajiv

    Hi Zak, u might remember me from the last episode, u know, the guy with Jenny…the 15 week old indie puppy, teaching her roll over now

  74. Julia Xxx

    Zak of course I 💞💓love your videos🐶🐾🐶🐾 are you going to do some time a course how to promote pet business are dog training business ? I would love the content like this online💓💓🐾🐾

  75. Ollie And Cap

    I was just watching a different video of yours and I bet this will help with my new puppy Ollie

  76. The Patriot

    A new subscriber here😁. Love your videos ❤️. It’s been a year since my dog passed. I don’t have a new one but I enjoy watching your videos 😊

  77. Katie Smelt

    I live your dogs they are so cute

  78. Slappy Beaver

    Loving the series. These tips are GREAT!

  79. Yuvraj Manoj Sharma

    Zak please help me convince my parents to get a dog

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  81. Kenadee Farnsworth


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  83. Yuvraj Manoj Sharma


  84. Kenadee Farnsworth

    You are such a good dog trainer thank you

  85. Marisetty Shyamaj

    I am 1st

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