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Teach your puppy these things first!


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123 Thoughts to “NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: The FIRST Things to Teach Your NEW PUPPY! (EP: 3)”

  1. giyuuly

    I just got a pitsky and she really has no idea how to listen even with treats she only comes to eat and after she doesnt listen

  2. Sanjiv Khatri

    Nice sneakers 👍🏽

  3. Ellie

    Getting a welsh pembroke Corgi called Bertie this Saturday – 5 days!! Your videos are super helpful – thanks!❤️

  4. Chloe the Shorkie Poo

    Your videos are very helpful!thanks for your videos!

  5. Manuella Maria

    Kona is adorable, but I miss Inertia’s videos already.

  6. Sunny Sindu

    My puppy is 9 weeks , how old does he have to be before I can give him chicken breast as a treat to start training him.

  7. It’s just Macie

    I love watching ur vids with Kona and I am getting a dog this Christmas and I am going to ur tips can’t wait to see Morse of ur vids .💕

  8. Rxmors

    Getting a Goldendoodle next Sunday! Super excited and have been watching the Inertia Series from the start! Love the Vids

  9. Alex

    Kona is such a smart little pup <3

  10. Lauemiand S

    What do you do when look at me causes the puppy to jump and mouth at your face/finger?

  11. Cristine Montpetit

    Ohhh the raw feeding shade. Still a fan though 🥰.

  12. Laura Gossett

    These videos re so helpful. We have two new adopted puppies. I ordered pup box and keep watching your video over and over to train so awet

  13. Jenny Boggs

    I’m getting a Corgi tomorrow that will be my first pet that I can call my own. Your videos have soothed my nerves so much and given me confidence that I won’t let my puppy down! Thank you for endorsing positive training ❤️

  14. Hailie McDonald

    I love these videos much! They are so helpful! Thank you Zak!

  15. Michelle rice

    Are the 3 weeks over by now? Sad we are kinda behind

  16. Lucia Vargas

    is there such a thing as training a puppy too soon? Is there an adecuate age to start? (like, 8 weeks or maybe 12 weeks like Kona?)

  17. Saga

    Hi everyone, Im getting a papillon puppy this december and I was just wondering if there are any pros or cons with having a female or male dog.

  18. Beatriz Rosales

    Is it raw chicken?

  19. Cupcake cookie

    The way she watches his hand movements is so cute.

  20. Yonatan Koren

    I love your videos and you are my favorite YouTuber
    And actually I’m going to have a puppy in a few months because I show my parents that I can take care of a puppy because of your videos😁

  21. Michelle Ramraj

    When I try look at me my puppy lunges at my face lol

  22. Sam Wargo

    I’m getting an Australian Labradoodle in about 3 weeks, so this is really helpful. Thanks Zak

  23. Hazeljv

    My dog is 7 but we really did not train him very well and he’s not good at listening, so I might give some of this a shot with him lol

  24. Lisa S.

    Great video. Was Kona off leash only for the training sessions and had the leash on all other times in the house? I’m impressed she did so well off leash.

  25. akpimpjuice

    The dog is actually training Zak. I have a Golden, they’re smarter than ya think.

  26. Torben Møller

    I wonder how this would work out with a Whippet? Would take longer… but would it eventually work out on the same consistent level?

  27. Kit Levin

    I would love to see you tackle dogs with behavioral issues and not just puppies ! Would be wonderful to get tips on how to problem solve 😄

  28. D Jr

    Zak’s shoe game 😂.

  29. Maureen Wan

    He is not as good as the other trainer

  30. Creative Diamond Dogs

    I heard on a podcast once that herding dogs tend to do more running around during play time and Inertia seemed to be doing just that. Love this since it seems like a reboot of the Dog Training Experience.

  31. William Brito

    “Unused baby diapers…” that killed me 😂

  32. Jacob Juvancic

    Thank you zak you help me sooooo much and you make all of your videos very enjoyable and I want to watch these not just doing it for the dog training

  33. Doris Welner

    LOVE you Zak!!! Used all your videos to help me train my family’s first dog a GoldenDoodle, Benny. He is now 4 yrs old and is the best trained dog. People compliment me all the time as I walk him without a leash. He listens so well.

  34. Roberta Preston

    wonderful video as ALWAYS Zack..

    just feeling empty for Inertia. She has found a life buddy… she doesn’t know her new open heart will be slammed shut in 3wks

  35. Matisse 5B Kaluzny

    Your channel is the best!!

  36. Lina Thakar

    Your trainings are very helpful. Love that you teach hands on. Thanks

  37. Bridget Surio

    Hi I’m getting a Husky soon and you have been helping me learn new things so thank you

  38. Diane Houston

    Loving these videos, I’ve watched the Inertia series twice, I’ve read both of your books and I’m really enjoying Kona it’s interesting watching you train another breed of dog. I’m picking up my Border Collie puppy in six weeks, I can’t wait to get started on our journey together.

  39. Adi S

    We got our goldendoodle puppy yesterday, and while potty trainings been pretty tough, she is the cutest thing EVER!! ❤️ 😊 Love your videos Zach!! 🥰

  40. Light and Love To All

    I’m on the list for a Sheepadoodle, I can’t wait, she’s going to be so well trained thanks to your videos. I’d be watching even if I wasn’t getting a puppy! Thanks for the great info 🦮🐩🐕‍🦺

  41. Aadit Shah

    The lure trainer tho🥺😍😍

  42. Alexia Viking

    I’m getting a cocker spaniel soon and I bet you it will be so well trained cause I watch your vids. Your the best dog trainer. Zak plz like my comment. : )

  43. Georgia Olive

    If I train my dog,
    Will it be an easy transition for someone like my brother or dad to take over, or ask a command and for the pup to listen and understand.
    Or should they be a constant part of the training as well?

  44. Z I N A • T A R A

    This is so amazing to see! I can’t definitely going to use these tips whilst training my toy poodle, Kash. Kona is adorable 😍😍

  45. Rebecca Watson

    Indy, Kona and Inertia ❤

  46. jadens creations

    Aww shes so 😍 😊

  47. Staticz AL

    How many dogs do you have

  48. Simran Khurana

    I am gonna adopt a poodle too. Never forget to see your videos❤️

  49. nynne aimée rosenkilde

    Amazing video, thank you so much for this 😍🙏🏼🐶

  50. Bunny The Bunny

    Getting Bernadoodle Soon Dont Know When…….. When I do I Willl be Sure to Use theese videos.

  51. Avash Timsina

    I am getting a labradoodle next week..

  52. Kevin Trinh

    Quick question, this question isn’t related to puppies, but I was wondering why some dog treats have weight limits such as “for dogs over 50lb”. Is it ok to give treats like these to smaller dog ?

  53. Jase Serrano

    Hey Zak I’ve been reading your book!

  54. Samantha Hu

    Her leave it training is super cute 💕

  55. myboy051

    I like your taste in air max 90 colors 👍

  56. Fun with Anshika

    Thanks for your wonderful videos Zak !

  57. Saumya Nigam

    inertia seems to be in a constant state of zoomies!!!! 😊😊

  58. kibrika

    As someone who doesn’t have experience with dogs, play-biting looks scary. If children playing hurt each other, I’d comfort the hurt party, talk about needing to play carefully, about it being an accident and not on purpose… But what if dogs hurt each other by accident?

  59. Forrest Leaves

    Did you take her playpen around her bench away? After how many days?

  60. Shawna Roth

    Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    I’m not first.
    Neither are you.

  61. Señorita Díaz Quílez


  62. Amber Busby

    Hey I am so exited because me and my family are going to get an English cocker spaniel next year and I am going to each all your videos

  63. Adasha Amazing

    Early! Love your channel and Konna!

  64. Jack Eastvold

    Cute puppy!

  65. Elisheva Deitcher

    I cant have a dog but these videos are the best. They’re almost like having a dog on my own❤️

  66. Jared Fitzsimmons

    Hey Zak! I adopted my puppy, Apollo, about 3 months ago and have used lots of your videos to help train my golden retriever puppy! One thing I’m having trouble teaching him is to reach the frisbee when I throw it. He does the come around, he brings it back to me, he CAN catch it, but he doesn’t when I throw it at a distance. Any advice?

  67. Ishan

    Which breed is Inertia ?

  68. ifrarikhan

    Hi zak we are getting a 8 week old maltipoo in December do you have any tips. This will be our first dog ever!

  69. PNWexplorations

    We just started leave it this week with my pup. He caught on super quick. 😊

  70. big chungus

    What a nice dog, thanks again you helped my train my dog mr. Zak

  71. Chimchilla

    Im getting a cavalier King Charles puppy in two weeks. I already have a well behaved maltese but i watch these videos to ensure im doing the best i can to train the little girl.

  72. gbphatcat

    I would like to suggest a series on small and toy breed dogs

  73. Gloria Paddock

    Soooo Cute 🐾💕

  74. Alicia Keeney

    Wow..Zak needs to give us a tour of his shoe closet 🙂 Kona is the cutest pup!!!

  75. Jade Oliver

    Interesting to see how you approach night time when you’re don’t stay down the first night. Loving these videos x

  76. Cole Miller

    hi you have helped me a lot with my puppy and I recently got a puppy thanks

  77. Evangeline Mae

    Kona is so cute! But, can you do a video about how to potty train a cocker spaniel? I am getting a Cocker next year and decied to educate myself… Please?

  78. bram vanoverbeke

    got a beagle pupper and damn if training him isn’t difficult, stubborn little bugger but already love him to bits. One week down and he’s got sit down pat but staying is difficult and paying attention is also not quite there, any tips for beagle pups?

  79. Slaty Savage

    I love dogs

  80. Deepak Menon

    Dear zak,

    My pup is agressive. Especially towards kids. He is indian spitz/pom mix. What should I do? It’s not play biting.

  81. zoe gameros

    I got a dog today I’m so stressed but I won’t give up I’ll fgcu follow your videos and make my dog a well trained dog even tho he us a pitbull frienchi and a boy I went give up

  82. Asmeret Kassa

    I really love this series

  83. mimo timo

    Thanks this will help me a lot

  84. Kingsford

    I’m getting a Goldendoodle in two weeks so its great that this is so similar

  85. Nan Window

    Wonder how many people would rather have Zak train them instead of the dog heh.

  86. Tectone

    Getting my puppy this Friday:D he’s a weenie dog and I bet as stubborn as the best of em! BUT I WILL NOT GIVE UP AND MALE HIM AS GOOD AS INERTIA USING YOUR TIPS ZAK! 😀

  87. Robloxian1000

    Hello! Thank you so much! My puppy will be trained great because of you!

  88. Macy and Candis

    Love your dogs!

  89. Angel Berrios

    Thanks for teaching me all these tricks it will help out a lot with my dog!

  90. Kumaran Naidu

    Hey ask my dashound is behaving so well thanks to your videod

  91. Jojo Ramez

    I m getting a dog really soon your videos really help thanks!!!

  92. Elizza Wiz

    Hi Zak George! I was wondering if you could make a video on how to get your dog to go to a specific person. If it’s possible, please tell me. Thankyou! Love your content.

    Edit: Also, I might get a dog soon.

  93. Вячеслав Говоровский


  94. ClaraPlaysTheGames

    Hi, love your videos Zak!🐶

  95. Sam Vachris

    I love these videos! keep them coming!

  96. W Protasowicki

    KONA IS THE CUTEST DOG EVER!!!!! Btw I watch like all your videos to train my puppy!

  97. Just Perfect

    You are the best dog youtuber I watch u everyday because I am getting a dog too


    Upload videos fast

  99. Jojo Ramez

    I love your vids sooo much

  100. Alisa The Kiddo

    I love these videos so much! I literally felt like I trained my dog over 100 things

  101. Why is it so hard too Choose a name???!!!

    I got a puppy at the end of October there are foxes in my local park and she always scared of the smell so she hates going outside?!! What should I do??? Please help me and love kona inertia Indy and your channel

  102. blondhead_dill

    Wow you basically made my dog the dog that he is now

  103. Charlotte O

    Hi from wales! I’m getting a puppy in 6 days!

  104. Sean Crewell

    Super helpful videos thank you!

  105. seva joshi

    Kona is literally the cutest thing I’ve every seen

  106. Courtney Elise Lack - Jones

    Great video!

  107. Emilija Krivane

    I like you! And your dog! 🌸😆

  108. F Avogo

    Im trying to convice my parents to get me a lab puppy

  109. dogs rule

    Can you review the Diggs Revol dog crate?

  110. PurpleFlameXZ

    Thx for the vid 😋

  111. Aysu Uykun

    Hello, I’m getting a border collie pup in about 4 months!! Your series are really helpfull.

  112. Slappy Beaver

    Im ealry! yes! loving the series!

  113. Yuvraj Manoj Sharma

    Big fan of you Zak. From india


    Aww I’m not first 🙁

  115. Betty Lewis

    Hai thank you for doing this :)))


    Hi I’m form India

  117. Kerisha Dorasamy

    Hi I’m early

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