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The first 24 hours of training a new puppy! Here is your puppy survival guide!

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216 Thoughts to “NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: The First 24 Hours! (NEW SERIES! EPISODE 1)”

  1. Ian Carney

    I just got a new puppy so this is perfect

  2. Vanja Stamenkovic

    I want a Shiba Inu puppy so here I am 🤓 Watching all your videos, writing notes, and hope for the best 😅🍀🐕

  3. Jahoska Gabriela López Guadamuz

    Hi i want advice on what to do with more than just one puppies cuz its sometimes stressful but I love them and want to be good and teach them well.

  4. Shaun Collins

    Ngl i have a better technique for crate training than this, that has way less crying and anxiety involved

  5. Dr. Lina Thakar

    Our Labrador puppy is arriving this week. Such perfect time for this training. Already watching lots of your earlier training videos and the ‘dog training experience’ too. Ordered pupbox with your code and planning to get super chewer as well. Thanks for beautiful training, it is helpful to know so much in details before puppy arrives. Thanks a TON!
    ( note – It will be helpful to get links for harness, leash etc you are using in each of the videos)

  6. Amber D

    I bring my puppy home mid November and I’m so happy about this. I have the first two days with him off work but after that I have a work schedule, nervous but excited to start working on daily routines 🙂

  7. Jenny Q

    I’m getting a new puppy and this is quite timely

  8. Bob Shultz

    What if the dog is mean to other dogs

  9. • Happiey •

    Im guessing Zona is a labradoole? Cuuttee!!

  10. darkwaxer

    Hi Zak, what make is the cage extension you have?

  11. mc

    Reminds me of my first 24 hours with the pup. But, I do wish I did a lot more positive reinforcement.

  12. akira sedtha

    ahhh i needed to see this 2 days ago (from NZ) just got my puppy. this is so helpful!

  13. Mac Smith

    thank you so much for posting this vid, seriously! i’m adopting a puppy on the 31st and i’ve been super worried about it! seeing your ups and downs has been so useful (plus i’ve been binge watching your other stuff for a little while too haha) and i really can’t express how helpful they’ve been! you’re amazing! <3



  15. Blitznstitch2

    Dealing with a shark puppy… could really use advice on how to make him stop

  16. Miriam McGrady

    gassed for this new series, getting mi new puppy in 3 weeks 😱

  17. Martyna Chomicka

    ‘You call that a bark’ creased up 😂

  18. Fluffykeith

    I’m picking up a Westie puppy next week, this video arrived at the perfect time 😀

  19. melissa janik

    Thanks for the new series. Hoping to pick up some new tips on biters/chewers. My 10 month old puppy is a monster. I’ve watched a bunch of the Inertia series, but I must be missing something.

  20. Little Abby

    I love your new series keep up the great work! ❤️🐶

  21. Lineysha Alt

    Adorable!! Will used this on our dog and she’s an angel! Love your videos! ^^

  22. SKULLMAN76

    Super awesome real time getting a standard or mini poodle very this helped a ton..amazing..thank you, question: is Anertia the size of a standard poodle: 23″ high and 50 pounds???around that size? Thank you Zack…you’re No#1 no doubts

  23. marz1222

    I used the link above to order Bark Box (the aggressive chewer choice) and when I went to pay it said that the code ZAKFEM had expired. I still want to sign up.

  24. My Sweet Scottie

    Zak , you have inspired me , and now I want when I grow up to be a dog trainer ! Thank you so much for all you do ! It’s is appreciated more than you know ! ❤️💕

  25. My Sweet Scottie

    I think it is really sweet that Kona’s beginning of dog training is starting right at the house inertia started at ! Loving the new series ! ❤️

  26. kinell188

    Had a Groodle, Bob, for 10 days now. Biting and chewing at EVERY opportunity. Looking forward to learning how you train her so we can train Bob!

  27. ThereforeStand

    After this series it would be informative to see you work with an adopted adult dog.Most people are getting dogs from 2-5 yrs old. How do you work with them in comparison to a puppy.

  28. Evangeline g

    Thank you for the wonderful new series (have loved the Inertia series as well). I think it would be a great idea to add in other series to be inclusive of various types of dogs beyond just puppies like adopted dogs with different back grounds, stubborn dogs, harder to train dogs, older dogs, etc. Thanks for all you do for the dog training world!

  29. Livia Filadelfo

    I can’t wait for the next episode! Great video, congrats!

  30. M K

    Perfect!!! I just got a puppy and those new series will help me to train my puppy for sure!!

  31. Jacey Purpura

    Hello i’m getting a new puppy this week and have been getting ready for her, but i would like to know what kind of puppy gates that you use?

  32. Ruth Melendez

    Any tips for separation anxiety? My puppy is about 11 weeks old and he only whines when I go away even though my parents are with him.

  33. TheMartian

    I recently got a puppy and I have to say your videos has made things a lot easier. So thank you kindly for making these videos. He now sleeps pretty much all through the night in his crate, and goes to the bathroom outside mostly with a couple accidents still. However he is going less and less inside as we go on.

  34. Lara Stoeckel

    Kona is
    soooooooooooooooooooooosooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cut 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😚😍😍😍😍 if you think that too like this Kommentar and the video

  35. Lauren

    your code for super chewer is expired i tried yo go sign up and use the code but it said it was expired i would check that out

  36. Xi Liu

    I’m getting my first dog this coming week. This video is perfect!

  37. Alexia Viking

    This is very helpful thx alot Zak. I bought your book and it’s so good.😁 I’m getting a puppy,( Cocker Spaniel), in six weeks and I can’t wait!!!🥳😆😁

  38. Brienne Coombs

    I love this series, and the long format. I only ask that, if possible, you add more steady shots with the moving ones. I got motion sick from this vid and had to watch it in sessions. 😣

  39. Lana Sem

    I have a 10 week old Labradoodle puppy so this will be super helpful!

  40. kg forever

    Thanks! we will be trying to get a puppy soon, and this will be so helpful!! 🙂 🙂

  41. Tristan keck

    Inertia is all grown up now

  42. Rob Frasier

    Thanks Zak…very helpful🐾

  43. B O S S A

    Great video my puppy is coming soon keep up great videos

  44. Amber Hoffa

    Your videos are so helpful keep up the good work

  45. Bety Granada

    Love Inertia 🥰❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  46. Sunny

    What do you think about having a male and female dog in the same house? Would there be any aggresion issues at all? (obviously fixed)

  47. Gabrielle

    Got a Frenchie yesterday and Jesus am I exhausted I need this haha

  48. MilkBone Freestyle

    You’re so smart👍

  49. SuperSonicGoldens

    Hi zack i like how you’re sponsored by barkbox because i was able to try it but you should mention that your forced into a 3,6,12 month subscription and they give you a hard time about canceling it

  50. Allison Laura

    Could you add a link to the puppy (baby) gates you referenced in the video – the balancing legs look super helpful!

  51. Aneeqa Ishtiaq

    I love your videos and I’m so excited about this new series! Will this extended stay away from her new fam interrupt their bonding?

  52. Marto Verone

    Loving this! Lots to learn from a new dog training experience 🙂

  53. akpimpjuice

    Omg he’s got a teddy bear now

  54. ONEbrazo

    hi Zak thank you for your great content ! I love your videos. I have a quick question. When I healthy to take my dog to a walk and socialize. Which vaccine should should have to be ok and do it ?

  55. T. Two Times

    Kona seems to have a very similar personality to my pup. Will be following this series.

  56. Judith Thomas

    Really looking forward to more episodes. We’re bringing home our puppy on November 9th and LOVE your videos and books. Thank you for taking such a lovely approach to dog training. ❤️

  57. Lightningmoon

    Hi Zak, have you thought about one day getting a rescue doggy from the shelter? It would be cool to see the process of training a random shelter dog to become well behaved. Kona is adorable nevertheless, and I’m looking forward to see her progress.

  58. Diren Dikbaş

    I got my pup 10 days ago and she is so much trouble. She’s a golden retriever and i never can leave her alone she just barks so much. When i go to her to correct her she stops barking so i cant really correct her. She also rips apart her pee pads. I even ductaped it to the gound… Do you have any advice?

  59. Aarush singireddy

    Zach does super chewer and bark box deliver to india

  60. Kállyo Rafhael Holanda Ribeiro

    Great video. Can’t wait for the next video!

  61. Ben Coleman

    Very interesting to see the differences between Inertia’s and Kona’s first 24 hours. Keep up the good work!

  62. Sophia playz

    Thanks for making more vids!

  63. Lacie Mitchell

    We get our puppy on November 2nd so this is perfect.

  64. beethovenjunkie

    Kona with Inertia reminds me of my little brother when he was a toddler, who, in any new situation, would vanish under the table for a few minutes until he knew what was going on and wasn’t scared any more. He had the same body language as her!

  65. New Forest Pony

    Kona is soooo cute!! 😍🥰

  66. Vivian Nguyen

    Oh man, watching her playing with the leash reminds me of baby Inertia

  67. Allison Caram

    Any tips? I’m getting a puppy in 4 weeks. How do I introduce my older dog to a puppy?

  68. Simba Doggo

    At 35:20 whose potrait is that?? 👀😅

  69. Nugetz

    “Never trust a puppy”

    Zak George 2020

  70. MrAlopex112

    ya got a pretty clean house there… sure you got dogs? xD
    and love your channel, allways a charm so see you train this little critters <3

  71. Jomol Joe

    This is very useful and I’m so excited to get my own puppy.

  72. Accio The Akita

    Hello everyone ♥️
    Im an American Akita and this is my channel. ♥️
    I’m trying to grow it and share my experiences with you. ♥️
    I would appreciate if you would share and subscribe.♥️
    And if you have any questions or suggestions we will be happy to oblige😍 ♥️

  73. David jack

    Every owner knows their dog behavior and unlike we don’t need yr help our dogs owners are alive not dead

  74. HonestlyIdkシ

    who’s here before 7,000 views 😀

  75. Wooky B

    I feel like a new parent! It’s all about the late nights, sleep deprivation, constant supervision. My puppy is 9 weeks old and I am exhausted! In a weird way it’s nice to see you going through the same issues with this puppy….I guess misery loves company 😂 Wife states “good morning” you say”really?!” “I think I hate you” 😂 classic convo in our house most mornings, lol

  76. Felipe Saavedra

    I’m getting a puppy in two weeks

  77. Zeuscraft

    I just got my puppy 4 days ago and she is really struggling with separation anxiety

  78. Marissa Lee

    Watching this with my malty poo and she’s getting a bit anxious from hearing the crys through my phone

  79. Na z

    Love the title! Kohna is adorable. I an feeling tge puppy fever 😍

  80. Wolfy McGee

    This series is going to be so helpful for me oml. I have been trying to train my 8wk gsd (he also mastiff but 95% gsd) and he doesn’t listen and keeps using the bathroom in the house.

  81. The Randumbness of Cola

    new dog again?

  82. Jasmine

    Could we get a house tour?!😂
    I would love to know your must haves dog furniture or just fun things that are awesome but also “look nice” in a home.
    Or something along that 🙌🏼💚
    Edit I know you’ve talked about dogs crates in the past.

  83. Living Able

    Kona is just beautiful 🤩 so excited for this

  84. Star Wars Senate


  85. The B.A.C.I Twins

    Our new puppy Tiramisu also acts the same exact way as Kona. she’s 13weeks

  86. Natasha

    Just adopted an 11 month old lab/collie mix. This is going to be helpful 😀

  87. isabella mcintyre

    Is Inertia spayed??

  88. Jade Lumbao

    I always try and follow the tips here. But my dog can’t learn new things. I thought him first how to sit, he did great but he can’t get over it. Everytime he knows I am holding a treat he would just sit. When I tried luring him with treats to move towards me or anything, he will stay sitted. ☹

  89. Daniel Vasquez

    My puppy love evryone and every dog he always goes up to dogs and wants to play he never runs away like kona

  90. Boblobblah4

    I’m enrolled in your Pupford academy training. We are on session 5. It’s been really helpful. I do have a question, why do you prefer a harness to a collar for a pup? I’ve just been using a collar. So far, we don’t have leash pulling issues yet. Thx!

  91. Danielle Rose

    The release of this series is impeccable timing for me, im bring home a golden retriever pup next week!! Thank you

  92. Darren

    Loved it Zak. We have a 13 week old GoldenDoodle and we’ve had all the issues you mention – separation anxiety is the one we’d most like to crack as she now sleeps in our bedroom so at least we all sleep well it she barks the house down when left alone. Looking forward to episode two!

  93. Graham S

    She looks and acts like my mini golden doodle

  94. Lauren Grunzweig

    “Puppies really like shoes… Don’t we all” 😂😂 I love it.

  95. Roseanne Carr Atkinson

    Every time my daughters puppy urinates on the lawn it kills my lawn. Why is that? This is the first for me out of the dogs I have owned in the past.

  96. Theorist

    I’m getting a puppy tomorrow so I’m so glad this was posted

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    You go to bed at 7:15? Brooo

  99. MusicLegendIX

    I just picked up my puppy yesterday and its been so hard. Puppy blues hitting me hard atm but thank you Zak for this video it will defs help me!
    If anyone has any puppy tips please do share 🙂
    My pupper is 8 weeks old – she screams and cries a lot for 5 mins when put in crate then calms down.
    Potty training is a mess right now (lots of accidents even in her play pen)
    Introduced her clicker and leash/collar but she keeps scratching her collar constantly….anyone know how to solve this?

  100. Why hello there

    Hey zac I need help with my doggo her name is Bella she is a 4 month old beagle. How do I get her to be so sad when she gets sad when we leave. How do I fix that?

  101. flyingrabbit

    Did he say Irish doodle?

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    At what age do you stop using the clicker?

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    Just brought my puppy home last night! He has a lot of separation anxiety and doesn’t like to sleep alone in his crate.

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    Got my puppy a month ago and been using your vids. Can’t wait to use these new ones now !

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  106. C D

    I thought you are against programs that take a dog from an aowner for an extended period and trains them.

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    Love this!! I really like the longer videos , I went through the first series with inertia in just two days🤣

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    Love this new series! Although, I think i will be getting most of my information from the Dog Training Experience. (Because, 8 weeks on the full experience.) I hope that this series goes through common puppy behaviors every 3 weeks. I’m realized “Your 3 Week Guide to…” could be a different title for this series. It seems clear that you shouldn’t let a new puppy on your bed and sleep with you, otherwise they will likely develop separation anxiety because they are with you all the time. I’m curious as too how this series will go. (I get the fact that this puppy is for a different family and is 12 weeks instead of 8.) But, I’m seeing a few differences between this “New Puppy Survival Guide” and the first episodes of “The Dog Training Experience”. Like being a not yet potty trained puppy. I’m surprised that there weren’t pads down prior to the arrival and I’m not sure if there is a crate barrier or not. Those are just things I thought any puppy would need to have not matter what type of puppy they are. I hope you can show us in the Dog Training Experience series the things that you said in this episode you still need to train Inertia.
    (Is the crate your using for Kona’s bedroom the same as the one you used for Inertia’s?) I love the idea of having a poodle after doing my research. One thing, it’d be nice for you to cover is how to cut your dog’s hair. OR (I don’t think you covered this with Inertia) How to prepare your dog for a grooming appointment.

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  205. Isabella Borr

    The series should be called how I survived with a new puppy

  206. Mario

    To the early squad that’s reading this: Sending virtual hugs to anyone who truly needs it! Stay safe everyone and stay positive. My dream is to hit 5k, just trying to make my mom prou

  207. Isabella Borr

    Hi 10 likes

  208. Unicorn Fluffy

    When ur early :)))

  209. M N

    I love this so much and it’s been helping me so much already.

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