NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: How To Leash Train Your Puppy!
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NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: How To Leash Train Your Puppy!

Puppy leash training with Kona! What did you think of her first neighborhood walk?

For more daily dog training tips and videos check it out here.


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77 Thoughts to “NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: How To Leash Train Your Puppy!”

  1. cailín Éireann

    these videos make it look so easy. It’s not!!

  2. Corgi Love

    Thanks so much for another great video! Three years of joy is how long I’ve been subscribed

  3. SarahMclovein

    I would love to see you work with a reactive dog to either people or cats/ other dogs

  4. Kiki H

    Love these videos!!! ❤️❤️

  5. Saba Sabina

    Any tips on getting a rescue puppy (6mon) in a busy city? Try to walk around first or go with car to a calmer place?

  6. Courtney Earley

    Hi Zak! I have a 13 week old puppy and want to start exposing her to more things outside of my house and backyard. What kind of socialization do you recommend at each level of vaccinations? I’d love a video on this!

  7. L I S A M A R I E • S H E E N

    Thanks so much for all the tips! I am loving this series as I’m getting 2 poochon sister pups in January 🥰 super excited for this new adventure xx

  8. Olivia Ridnert

    How do you do when facing in brushes, scissors and/or clippers?

  9. east muppet

    im getting my dog tomorrow and i would be lost without these videos, thank you for making these

  10. Kassie 2010

    If you have a small puppy would it be safer to pick them up when you cross the street

  11. Hailey Miller

    I’m getting a husky puppy in a few days. Though I am an experienced dog owner, it’s been a while since I’ve had a puppy! These tips are amazing. Thank you!

  12. Jane Grassmarket

    Zak George rocks 💖

  13. Samantha Hu

    Hey zak it was really hard to train my pup properly because he was allergic to nearly everything. It was a hard time. Any thoughts on this for people with similar experiences?

  14. Grace Bernard

    I love watching these bc I want a golden doodle doggy hehe

  15. Susan L

    What harness is Kona wearing? My doodle does not like her harness. Do you have any advice on harnesses?

  16. Monica Pena

    Learned everything from Zaks videos, but my new puppy will not come when called no matter what I do. She does everything else I have learned from here though.

  17. Samantha Hu

    Love your little pom pom microphone lol

  18. SwedishConquistador

    I always watch these on my lunch break 🙂

  19. SoThatsJustHowWeRoll

    Does anyone know what breed Kona is? Shes so cute!

  20. Ethan Alemu

    Zak you are an amazing dog trainer, you have an amazing dog, keep up the good work!!!

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  22. MiiLyah and Simba

    You should start a series with a rescue maybe a pitbull that would be a change.🤣😘

  23. Gargi Girotra

    Hi Zak! I watch all of your videos to train my mini bernedoodle puppy, I have thought about teaching him the command “speak” but I don’t want him to turn into a loud dog thinking that barking all the time is good. What do you think? He is a very quiet 7-month-old, and is very smart but can be stubborn sometimes.

  24. Steve 30x

    Here’s a question. Sometimes when you get a puppy ant try to walk them on a lead they turn into a puppy anchor for the first few times. How do you get the puppy over this?

  25. Flynn Luka

    Thanks Zak for making these real-life videos of the challenges and successes of having a pup. Your narration is so valuable when it comes to reading body language and what to look out for.

  26. Bruce McFadden

    Is your treat bag a generic one or do you have a brand you enjoy?

  27. TootToot BleetBleet

    Can we just talk about the Minion lawn ornament? lol

  28. Bryanna Storey

    We had our first walk outside yesterday with our puppy so this could not have come at a better time

  29. A Jackson-Ross

    What’s a better breed cockapoo or cavapoo

  30. June Rivera

    I’ve been watching a lot of videos and I’m wondering what kind of treats are you giving the dog. My concern is that I would over treat my dog and they would gain weight from eating too many treats, please help me understand

  31. melpk

    My dog (a rescue, 6yo) is great on a leash EXCEPT we can’t walk on the grass because she likes to eat poop 🤢

  32. Father’s Daughter

    Zak- I had no idea you had a community, app and training in a different place. I will check it out. My pup is 1 year and I need to learn more.

  33. A Tipsy Gypsy Life !

    My blue heeler is an amazingly well trained 11 month old thanks to Zak and my trainer, Jan, here locally. Between the 2 of you (similar training methods. Jan follows Susan Garrett ‘s training) Jasper (my ACD) is doing great and we just started agility training.

  34. Dinamathi R

    Unexpected video….💗💗😊

  35. Gita Kann

    Its been 5 days since Duke my boxer is home and I followed Zak s tips to train him and he already knows sit , down and up! Its amazing guidance and thanks for everything you do for the dog community and us dog parents

  36. mohab andijany

    your videos are so educational thank you 🙏🏻 can I ask you please what’s the breed of the puppy in this video ” kona ” ?

  37. Save Equality

    So far I just Carry training treats mixed with her kibble 😅 my corgi is crazy and I still need to do more leash training 😭

  38. Introvertal

    Do you have a recommendation for how to stop chewing on power cables? We are 2 cords down & luckily both were unplugged. Really not sure how to use positive reinforcement in this situation. (Also thanks for all the AMAZING vids, they have helped us with our 10 month old pomsky sooo much!)

  39. El Marajin

    How do I prevent my dog to stop barking so much when I am about to give him food?

  40. KnowItAll

    Really enjoyed this lesson. Zak doesn’t train dogs, he teaches them.

  41. Save Equality

    The duck: 🦆
    Kona: 👁 👄 👁

  42. with Brian

    You’re doing a great job Zak and Kona. Good boys

  43. Bahar Afshar

    i love your vids, it helps me soo much with my new puppy, leo the Pomeranian thanks so much

  44. Asiw Vaccaro

    Ducks are fine. It’s geese you gotta watch out for >_>. Those lil’ F…will steal those puppy treats right outta your pouch when you’re not looking 👀

  45. Kiran Rubinson ( Student )

    subscribe to kerinmerin

  46. Jaylin Playz

    Who just watch his videos for fun and take notes about what he does so you can do what he does

  47. Star Sisters

    Thanks a lot the videos are very nice and informative We are training our puppy using these videos And KONA is super cuteeee

  48. Joy Cranker

    Kona is so cute

  49. Torben Møller

    Nice Kona! Pay attention please! YES 😷😍

  50. Éverton Santos

    Now i feel like i need a leash training myself.
    I am from Brazil, and its very hard to see a neighborhood with soo many beautiful houses as i saw in this video.
    I barely could hold my atenttion in the dog training because i was looking at the houses.
    If i lost focus soo easily, imagine Kona.
    I think i also need some training to learn how to focus.
    PS: i will not be training with a leash.

  51. Caroline Elizabeth

    My little pup walks well on the leash, but she will not budge If I’m asking her to walk away from home…this is our biggest struggle right now!

  52. Henry Sutherland

    love this, you have a great channel i hope you see this, getting a golden soon very happy and these have helped me a lot, thx so much.

  53. Bacon578

    I’m getting a new puppy in January! Your videos are the best. Thank you!

  54. Ashley Mone

    My fiance just got me a puppy and these videos are really helpful.Thank you for sharing.

  55. michelle tonny

    So early

  56. Geckogirl

    The “I dont trust ducks”

  57. Jazzlyn Mccormick

    hey i just got my two puppies this is really helpful!

  58. Yer maws A hoe

    I’ve got a new puppy and she is a miniature jack Russel and she is a handful your videos have helped loads because she is very stubborn

  59. Elizabeth Galan

    What do you do when a puppy pulls consistently during a walk??

  60. ItzAbbi_YT

    I love your videos 🙂

  61. Janinejll 14

    She’s so cute

  62. CertifiedKody

    My sisters getting a puppy so I’m trying to learn how to train it 😂😂😂

  63. YoJaxxy

    Thx for the vids 🐐

  64. Jazz vanO

    She is adorable ❤

  65. Daily Hannah

    Wow I’m early!

  66. Andrew Preval

    Who just loves this dog training videos?!

  67. Spookizoid

    love your channel man its helped me alot

  68. Ray's World

    I’m early plz reply

  69. Slappy Beaver

    Loving the tips.

  70. Isabel Eisinger

    im getting a puppy in February and ive been binging zaks videos to prepare lol

  71. Roblox N’ Random Stuff

    omg early! hi zak!

  72. Timon Hakuna matata

    My 2 month old dog Trying To Train

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