NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: Getting Started! Biting, Potty Training & More! (EP 2)
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NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: Getting Started! Biting, Potty Training & More! (EP 2)

Puppy Training includes puppy biting, potty training, puppy crying, and more!


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101 Thoughts to “NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: Getting Started! Biting, Potty Training & More! (EP 2)”

  1. A Rodr

    I love your videos. Your a great teacher and I think you would make a good dad!

  2. Julia Eppers

    I just got a female labradoodle puppy named penny and I need tips on how to train her. – Zak

  3. CoElysian

    I need help. I’ve used zaks 30 day free training program, I do my best to follow the suggestions but my 15 week puppy is so scattered brain. She can find anything to distract herself from any training longer than maybe 5 min. I’ve tried different toys, chicken and hot dogs as currency and nothing holds her attention. Idk what to do to get ahold of her training. Shes a german shepard. HELP

  4. Accio The Akita

    Hello everyone ♥️
    Im an American Akita and this is my channel. ♥️
    I’m trying to grow it and share my experiences with you. ♥️
    I would appreciate if you would share and subscribe.♥️
    And if you have any questions or suggestions we will be happy to oblige.😍 ♥️

  5. Molly

    I rescued a puppy about a month ago. He actually does pretty well with separation. He’s about 16 weeks now. I want to train him well, but i don’t really know where to start. He knows how to sit, lay down, shake, and stays for short periods of time right now. I’m trying to leash train him so he doesn’t pull on the line so much

  6. Maurelys calderon

    Hey Zak, I love your content I have train my dogs with your videos and I thank you for making my life much easier but im having a problem. I have a 9 months old beagle and she’s train to go putty outside but recently she’s been peeing on my bed when im outside the house, how can I stop this?

  7. Imogen Bishop

    I’ve been watching soo many of your vids and I find them all very useful for my new puppy is coming tomorrow!!

  8. balk37

    What if they keep biting the leash while train or play ?

  9. Aks Disc

    What’s a good frisbee to throw air shots with?

  10. balk37

    Ia she bitting up your furniture ?

  11. Shawna Roth

    I don’t have a dog yet but I can already tell this is going to be… challenging. Totally worth it though.

  12. Dudu Frechiani

    Hey Zak! I got a 2 month labrador. I am having some trouble with the biting, she preffers flesh than toys. Can you give more tips on Kona on next video?

  13. saini jaspreet

    I have a Labrador and it’s actually hard to teach

  14. MsBrittcivic

    Do you feel like it was harder to train your dog because of its breed?

  15. Anna Kokocińska

    I love this channel I started watching not to long ago because I’m thinking of getting a pomsky so i want to know how to train him love this channel I liked and subscribed thank you by the way👍👍

  16. Tam

    Definitely interested in seeing when you start walking Kona and seeing loose leash walking from the beginning please! Thank you!

  17. Star Wars Senate

    Thank you so much for this my pupster has started being a cute bundle of evil fuzzy biting teeth

  18. Dani Alexandria

    Thank you for the potty training tips! you just made me realize that my puppy is only having accidents (shes 16 weeks) in the two rooms we don’t spend much time in which the dining room and the upstairs living room so it would make sense that she doesn’t see those places as “her home” and if comfortable going potty in there

  19. Kristen Pringle

    Tips for a more aggressive puppy biter? My beagle pup Oakley actively goes for my hands and feet. I offer him toys and treats to change direction, and I have started to put him in his crate and not interacting with him when he gets in a mouthy mood, but we can’t seem to shake this misbehavior. He is 13 weeks now. Any advice?

  20. Charlie Chidgey

    Do you think German shepherd are bad

  21. Ashley Moore

    My dog hates fetch

  22. Katie R

    Can you make a video about understanding dog body language? Also, all your videos are SO SUPER DUPER helpful! So thank you!!!

  23. Kobe The Vizsla

    Definitely beautiful breed

  24. Jaykesh awal

    How do you manage the backyard? They are potting there and also playing and resting. I mean do you quickly remove the potty after they do it. I am asking this because i am always concerned about them smelling or taking in mouth while walking or playing.

  25. journey's with PEPA!

    hey zak ! thanks for all of these helpfull videos my dog is almost completely trained from your videos , the only thing is that i want my puppy to be very friendly towards strangers , she doesnt bite bc she is a puppy but she growls in her heart i can feel ger growl sometimes , bc of this covid i dont know how to get her used to strangers its frustrating

  26. Eliana Ling

    Hi Zak! Since you have Kona who is a puppy, I was wondering if you could do a training video on how to get your dog/puppy used to walk on surfaces that are not stable, for example across a plank and other things. I would like to train my one year old golden retriever, Phoebe-Rose, to be a therapy dog and am trying to get her used to walking on/across different things and being around things that she might not see in the house. Really appreciate your continued series with Inertia and am looking forward to this one with Kona as well! 🙂

  27. F Avogo

    I’m trying to convince my parents to get me a black lab any tips?

  28. Linde van Driesten

    We have two cats and our almost 1 year old puppy keeps whining when they are near. How can I stop him from whining?

  29. Izzy Lea

    my dog doesn’t like playing with toys since she was found as a stray from the shelter we got her from so I’m not sure what to do with it, she’s a year old and has had a liter before. do you know how to help?

  30. Alexia Viking

    Zak one question, what if you have to put your crate in the kitchen and you want a playpen but you don’t have room?

  31. Shantanu Mukherjee

    I have a 50 day old Labrador who eats the per pad, eats our flesh and eat the furniture plus be poops around the house.
    Help me Zak!!!

  32. Laura B.

    Hi Zak, I have a 13 week old puppy and she gets really wound up and tries to jump up and bite your legs, especially when she’s playing outside or just coming inside. It can be really painful and she rips a lot of our clothes. Do you have any ideas?

  33. Elianys the piggy

    I really love this series already 😍 It makes me sad that it does not have as many likes as it should.

  34. Elianys the piggy

    I really love this series already 😍 It makes me sad that it does not have as many likes as it should.

  35. Jokes

    Please add leash walking in your next vid


    Fabulous! Great explanations. Thank you 😊

  37. GV Vlogs

    What type of dog is indie? Goberian?

  38. Maaanas Varma

    Well this is going to be a perfect time because I am getting a new puppy………I saw the whole enersia series and now I am going to complete this one too
    …oh yeeeeh ..👍😁my sisters actually got a puppy 4 months ago so I recommended u and he is a perfect pupppy…..your vedios are super help full keep doing what u do …love from India…😘😍😍😍😍😘🤩🤗🤗☺

  39. P9RSE Z

    hey Zak, I see that all (and by all I mean the ones that I’ve watched, which is a lot) your videos are about how to train big dogs or dogs that will become either medium or big , are the training processes the same? and if so can you make a post or video about it? Also love your work, keep making these awesome vids! 🙏🤩👍

  40. MSC

    *Who else is so grateful for Zak to upload these videos? 💓🙌✔️*

  41. Tammy Providence

    Any suggestions for children? My adorable furball with teeth is 10 weeks and is a large breed(great pyrenees x meremma). While I am working with the biting, my younger children react in fear rather then calm redirect

  42. Manya Dhallam

    She looks like chiku follow him on insta @chiku_thecockapoo

  43. Megan Kratsch

    My puppy, Arlo, was so easy to teach how to play fetch, and I definitely give props to Zak for helping me learn to teach it!

  44. bunnyfuzzybunny-Roblox


  45. Joshua Yoo

    Zak is teaching Kona how to literally cartwheels and my dog is learning to sit

  46. TornadoDoggy

    Hi! Thanks for your videos, I’m trying some of your advice rn, so I have a little question: when my puppy wakes at night I need to give him some attention or to say to go to his place? Thanks for your answer☺️

  47. Christian Lopez

    Just got a bull terrier great timing

  48. samanthaquiroz99

    How many sneakers do you reckon Zak owns? 👟👟

  49. Gaming Labs

    Yay! We are getting a puppy soon so this is really helpful!

  50. Charlotte Galashan

    I have a 14 week old cockapoo puppy and I was at the end of my tether with biting. I’m covered in bruises where she’s nipped me and then I found your videos. She still bites but a lot less aggressively and less frequently. You’ve saved my sanity!!!

  51. Aarush singireddy

    Zach does pup box deliver to India

  52. radmila romanelli

    happy Halloween

  53. Fly Magic

    I remember when you started Inertia

  54. Trey Day

    About to get a puppy and need to know about potty training and bitting

  55. aavash thapa

    what is the size of the cage small,medium,large?

  56. Booney Girl

    Thanks Zak wonderful training information I have rescued a 3 month old puppy 🐶 & I need all the training tips you got also got the puppybox subscription thank you

  57. Daniel Vasquez

    My puppy is a labradoodle and hes like kona i would teach him fetch and he always runs back to me but i have to work on the let go

  58. Faran Ali

    I got my puppy right around the time u posted the first video in the series…I’ve been waiting for this one

  59. joymrm

    I had no idea indie’s name is Indiana jones!!!! Also tysm for the new episode im getting a dog soon and will be referring to this series a lot.

  60. Marshal Gabala

    How do you train a dog to be left alone in a house without needing to be in their kennel?

  61. Aoife Is Awesome

    Is anyone getting a puppy. But its not till next year .I am getting a boder collie to train to do agilty.all ready taught my beagle to roll.wallk on 2 legs and more

  62. tori Alan Alan

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  63. Bolt Runner

    Just got a border collie pup perfect time 🐶

  64. vincent li

    we didn’t have to potty train our border collie it only did it outside and if we closed the door and she needed to pee or poo she would bark at the door and we would open it

  65. iceninesix

    Do you have any tips for bringing a puppy into a home with a cat? My cat is very energetic will that effect training with my dog if he sees a crazy cat in the backround?

  66. tiham tasfia gaming

    I have a question
    After 3 weeks of training
    What if kona go back to her owner
    Will she still obey him and consider him as her owner
    Or she will want to stay with u??🤔🤔🤔🤔

  67. AnaDMTL

    I LOVE how she jumps like a bunny or a deer. ❤ so cute

  68. Choppy 21

    Do most of things you say here apply to a 5 month puppy aswell?

  69. Emily The Disney girl

    Kona seems to be learning quickly. How early can you teach a dog fetch?

  70. Chris p. Bacon

    Hey can you do a video on all of the things you need for your new puppy

  71. Isshaan Goel

    Hey Zak my mother is all about getting a dog she has had a couple before, but my father he had a German shepherd about 20 years ago. And my dad won’t let me get a dog and I really love dogs I even taught my cousins 2 year old labrador roll over with help from your videos. I want to convince my father on getting a dog any tips?

  72. HonestlyIdkシ

    who’s here before a thousand views 😀

  73. _CAT QUEEN_

    I’m getting a dog soon so thanks for all the videos and I told you I was going to watch

  74. Bonnie Hundley

    Puppy survival guide. Yep, truth!

  75. Anshika Lifestyle

    Love from INDIA🇮🇳

  76. Isabella Borr

    Hi Zak!!! Love your channel and your so helpful so I was wondering if you can you pls make a vid on separation anxiety I got my puppy a few days ago and she cries when we leave her alone! Also how old is Kona??

  77. MariaEleni Bakalos

    hi omg early!!!!!!!!!

  78. Hell’s Guitar

    Lol hi

  79. franka franka

    I love watching your videos even though I don’t have a dog 🐶

  80. Minecraft Challange Hard Watch

    Omg this helps me out now its back to normal

  81. AnqaOdyssey

    Watching Inertia’s training saved my sanity with my lapphund. She’s so active and your philosophy of tiring dogs to behave properly has been a life saver! She’s probably the best behaved dog amongst our puppy circle. I’m still struggling with passing other dogs but small victories at the time.

  82. Jack 269

    Thanks this helps!

  83. NunchuckKitty

    Sometimes my puppy goes crazy and starts attacking me do you have any advice on that

  84. Slappy Beaver

    Awesome! loving the series

  85. Jiggly Wiggly

    Hi zak I really want a dog but my parents won’t let me any tips?

  86. Allyson Kuznia

    Picking up my pup today! These videos are so helpful!

  87. Sara Urison

    Love your vids thank you so excited

  88. Quad4Gaming 4

    Hi zac I have a new puppy named penny she is so cute she is a shih tzu

  89. Cbse Alien

    My golden retriever always bite me i tried everything help!!!

  90. Saksham

    True dog lovers ….like it

  91. Zoku on 30fps

    Love your videos! I want a puppy so bad but my parents keep saying no. I’ve been asking since I was little😭. I watch your videos to get my puppy fix haha

  92. Heriotza Eragilea

    Oh wow im early

  93. Chiannachan

    New episode!! Wohoooo *.*

  94. pandaplayz

    Hello thanks for this video

  95. Amy Courtney

    Yay!! We’ve been waiting for this video all week (from Ireland 🇮🇪 ) 😁😁😁🐶🐶🐶

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