NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: Leash Walking Begins! (EP 4)
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NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: Leash Walking Begins! (EP 4)

Leash training a new puppy plus tips on separation anxiety and fetch!

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99 Thoughts to “NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: Leash Walking Begins! (EP 4)”

  1. Tatiana Benitez

    Could you do a series on how to train smaller puppy breeds next ? I have a chihuahua mix and it’s really difficult to train them the way that the training is here in this video . Thank you so much if you see this comment ❤️

  2. Candace Conway

    I gradually crate trained my puppy. He’s a 5 month old rough collie and is fully crate trained. I started with bed training first, everytime he fell asleep I put him in a bed and it got to the point where he would go to the bed at nap time. Then I put the bed in a crate and never closed it, I just had it in a puppy proof room to get him used to the feeling of the crate and now its his happy place, I only close it when I’m not home and he’s easy to get in and perfectly fine with it, especially with a kong or bully stick

  3. Snowy

    I am getting a dog in the spring and all your bids are supper helpful. Keep up the good work.

  4. Jess S

    Hi Zak, love you videos – our little 9 wk old Elkhound has cruised through his obedience and potty training the past week. He’s really struggling with being left alone during the day though – we can’t leave for longer than 10 minutes without an absolute meltdown. Sharp barks, howling, jumping on the pen walls, the works. He does this once a night too, but settles after 10-15 minutes, whereas during the day he tantrums endlessly (the longest we’ve left him is 45 minutes of straight barking/howling). Can you please make a video on how to build up to leaving puppies alone during the day?

  5. Catherine Nicole

    Kona is absolutely the cutest puppy ever!

  6. vineetha Binoj

    I need more advice I wish you could teach my dog but I live in canada mine is a shorkie it is 10 weeks old

  7. Gorilla Grip

    ZAK can you plz do a video teaching inertia how to swim. I have a dog that’s afraid of the pool. Baths are ok. But the pool/beach freaks her out. Thank you!!

  8. Katy Anthony

    Could these videos have captions added? It would be so appreciated.

  9. Mohan Zhao

    Guys what if the puppy is super hyper and 5 mins per month method isn’t enough for him. My puppy is almost 6 months old, if I exercise him for less than two hours a day he would run around in the living room, jump up and down and be super grump even on leash. He has lots of mental stimulating toys those don’t do much for him.

  10. Zak_ Salter

    Air max 90’s fav show off all time, i owned 4 pairs when i lived in the city, now i live in the Rockies and its nothing but trail runners.

  11. Hailey Welman

    Could you introduce her to Angela (cat). I would LOVE that.

  12. June

    I just got you book!

  13. Shirdi Chittoori

    which of your books are the best?

  14. Aditi T

    any tips for a puppy always biting the leash?

  15. SSJ SSJ

    Any advice for 5.5 month mini Cockapoo who likes to walk on his hind legs while grazing the kitchen counters???? We treat when all four legs on the ground, but it’s been 3 weeks and he’s not stopping this behavior. Thx

  16. ksr s

    Hi jack u r doings good job but can I ask u some qution I have 6 dogs all are puppy untrained I want to train them all at sametime but it is not possible and we have to read them 4 time a Day I actuly went to have them follow my come nd pls help to train them pls reply

  17. Vivian Nguyen

    Can you also give us a tutorial on how to keep shoes so white and perfect? 😂

  18. Jocelyn Rivera

    YAY new videos 😂😂lol

  19. Becca M

    I am forever grateful for my trainer and these videos. In the end my pup would hate walking on the lead in the garden and house so we just went for it outside and all the smells distracted her from the lead. With a whole load of praise and mild correction when she was about to get interested in the lead she was great! Now she only bites the lead when shes tired. She is now 7 months old.

  20. Sofia Bryan Compton

    Mr Zak iced out with the new air forces 😎

  21. Gacha Potato

    These videos are posing the days I’m getting my new dog

  22. Akra Frostcrown

    I have a Siberian Husky who is 4 months old. Is 20 minutes really good enough for an exercise or should I let her run around some more?
    And yes, I do experience the puppy flop as well. Especially outside on the mossy yard. She adores that! <3

  23. W Protasowicki

    I have a rescue dog and it took her like 6 months to learn how to walk on a leash. But it literally took 5 minutes to get crate trained. And your dog looks so cute 😍!

  24. colleen church

    My puppy is out of control in the biting, she’s 11 weeks old and I have done all the distraction but she is biting harder and more often. Should I get a behaviourist? Will it pass? It’s hard to get her to stop.

  25. panzertoo

    6.53 mark gives him massive shake off

  26. D o o d l e

    She looks JUST like my puppy Bailey when we first got her! She’s a cutie 😊

  27. Quahroo

    You’re videos are so helpful… I’m getting a Labradoodle soon 🙂

  28. Robert Waldemar

    Hi, how old is this dog at the moment

  29. Zoe Stehle

    How to measure a dog for a harness.

  30. Andrew Preval

    I think I’ll bye petflow! Also I’m getting a Goldendoodle. Too!

  31. Damian Clarke

    You stopped showing what to do when the dog planted on the floor and stopped moving! Mine does this on EVERY walk, even when we get to the end of the front path, especially when it’s just me and him (he’s better when it’s me, my wife and him) – please expand on this so I get an idea what to do (I have your books, can’t find anything about this!)

  32. Vaishu Vijay

    I love this series! I am going to get a mini goldendoodle and ur vids really help me out! thank you

  33. Corgi Love

    I am so happy he posted another video, he is the only YouTuber I have ever watched for 3ish years, I have been checking back to see if he posted every hour. And my video knowledge of watching him and the entire inertia series will finally pay off, because I convinced my mom to get a dog with his help. I’m getting an eight week old Pembroke welsh corgi. Any advice on food or raising him?

  34. R3N On Keys

    what do you do when your dog just tries to jump on the table when u are eating my puppy is a golden retriever and she is very naughty lol

  35. Hi JewelsR17

    Hi Zac! Or anyone that reads this, I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for me. I have a dog and he has learned leave it and he’s good with it when it’s for treats or toys, but we have a cat and once he wants to play with the cat he forgets leave it. Same with cat food and our older dog. He is 10 months

  36. Heike Waeyaert

    My dog is really a wonder dog. We have her for 2 weeks now and she’s almost fully potty trained, leash training is going very good too but he always pulls when he knows that we’re near home and he’s always curious about other people and animals. Apart from that he’s doing amazing. Any more tips for leash walking and being calm around other people?

  37. Catherine Rickard

    Interested in the harness Kona is wearing. Where can I purchase it?

  38. Haden Waldron

    How do I teach my dog to catch a frisbee, I throw it to her and she can’t catch it

  39. zaino b.fasiih

    I JUS got a puppy…but he bites himself so much…hi floof is jus…LESS I GUESS.. so please help me

  40. The Golden Retriever Alpha

    Kona is getting so big! You’re doing a great job training her!
    my parents say i’m a wild but good behaved doggo 🥴which one am i?! 😜

  41. Paulina Macierzynska

    Kona is much more easy going than Inertia and more eager to work with you

  42. Petra Majernikova

    I have a new 10 week old puppy, I have her 1 week now and so far I have left her to sleep with me but i would really like her to sleep on her own. But she cries soooooo much I just give in. She also follows me everywhere. How can I make her more independent?

  43. Lightning Leopard

    For our puppy, it’s difficult to reward with play because she gets too hyper and starts play biting. : D


    Ah i am missing inertia watched every old inertia par twice please put some more ah i don’t know that you are reading or not

  45. Juanita

    Hey zack i need you to come to ohio. I’ve done everything for my dog i have him as a service dog He listens to me at home most time but being out he still gets distracted.He is 2

  46. Rory the Labrador

    Great episode!

  47. Sarah Martinez

    Can I sign up my 1 year old border collie?! I’ve owned borders all my life but my girl is too smart for her own good!!

  48. Bonnie C

    Zak & Bri, thank you for all of your videos. Your training of Inertia helped me a lot with Fergus, who is 13 months old now. He is very good most of the time, but still reverts to crazy puppy. This past week I had major surgery, and he has been very chill. Instinct, maybe?

  49. corgiflanclub

    5 mins per month x 2. So basically 10 minutes exercise per month of age?

  50. Daniil Lunyaka


  51. Chicken gamer Girl

    Thank you so much!
    I still dont have a dog, neither i will in about 2-4 years,
    But theses videos help me preapare and i kove how undersatning an dcalm you are with all of your dogs!

  52. Ace of Hogan

    Amazing series Zak!!!
    I love watching this and its so cute to see Inertia and Kona play together <3
    Great job Zak , you've come so far !
    Much love <3 🙂

    Ps. Bree your so good at filming !!! 😀

  53. Dinamathi R


  54. Philip Birch

    Oh my goodness your channel is wonderful I am getting a dog like the one in the video soon . So awesome!

  55. Grant Alba

    This is gonna help alot as im getting a 8 week old lab today

  56. Arjun Sethi

    U should show your shoes collection

  57. Cole Miller

    your the besstt

  58. Uthum Apoorwa

    The thing I like about your training is it works for adult dogs too

  59. IisKiwi

    After Kona goes off to her home you ought to continue this series with shelter dogs! It’d help get more dogs adopted and it’d help show how to teach an older, or more stubborn dog to behave well

  60. Pomsky Ace

    I just got a POMSKY PUPPY!! When we first put him on a leash he didn’t know what to do, I had to basically drag him 😂

  61. Yuvraj Manoj Sharma

    Because of zak my dp is a golden retriever

  62. Lisa Weidner

    Zac, I watch your videos. I’m on a slump. I have a black lab beagle mix. He is 11 months old. We got him at 5 months. He is so hyper! Lunging at rabbits and leaves. He has slipped out of his harness cause he hunkers down and got out. How do you calm a dog that is a jumper, puller, lunger,?

  63. Hope Yerkes

    I know this a new series but could you please make a video of Indie and or Inertia going out in public, outside?

  64. Yuki the Pomeranian

    Before having my puppy I watched almost every training video. Now I have a dog I watch even more. You are so helpful Zak!😇💖

  65. Tim Wilson

    Just got a puppy yesterday

  66. Abbie stoneclover



    Hey Zak. My Labrador retriever is not listening to me, he is 2 years old .please help …🙁

  68. Theo Turner

    My dog is coming soon so these videos r relly helpful!

  69. Sheetal Vali

    Literally thanks a lot

  70. Angelica Chavez

    I love your videos because my Coker spaniel is crazy


    My name jeff

  72. Lila Ross

    When my dog lays down on walks are usually whistle and take her the other way and then go back around that way

  73. squidball fire

    Dude i watched youre videos they are so awesome inertia

  74. Katari Surya

    Dog lover

  75. A Bulch

    golden doodles how to stop biting imediatly

  76. Christy Lyn

    I’ve watch all the training with Inertia in 1 week😍❤️

  77. seva joshi

    This series is great!! So helpful 🙂

  78. Kitty Paulmee

    Hello, would you say training a dog this smart is easy?

  79. Michael Lewis


  80. Abu Sharib

    Hey zak I’m in India and there aren’t any shelters around me do you have any suggestions on where to get a dog

  81. Kalliane Hong

    Ill wait until the comments aren’t robots or fake mr. Beast
    Kona is so cute! You’re doing a great job I’m getting a dog tomorrow

  82. Siege Ijolfc

    You’re helping me so much with my new puppy. 🙏😍🥰

  83. Hafez Elachkar

    plz me my puppy is a demon lol

  84. Joy Cranker

    Kona is so cute.

  85. Masqr4de

    Hi Zak! Thanks so much for this, I recently got a Beagle puppy, She’s 13 weeks and a hand full. We’re working on leach training!

  86. #Directionerforlife

    I am first

  87. Silverdazzle Melandria


  88. Sara and Roxy 130

    Thx for the vid love it so cute

  89. Nelya Anderton

    3rd lol

  90. Elena Briobo

    Love your channel so much pls can you do a video on learning her name I’m having trouble with that! Thank you your so helpful

  91. Fire Fox

    This series has really helped me train my pup

  92. EduTwork

    yay new video!

  93. Slappy Beaver

    Awesome! loving the series! keep up the great work!

  94. Andres Echeverria


  95. Haden Waldron

    First like

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