NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: Train Your Dog to “COME” No Matter What!
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NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: Train Your Dog to “COME” No Matter What!

How to train your dog to come when called, grooming basics, and how to train puppy tricks!


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112 Thoughts to “NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: Train Your Dog to “COME” No Matter What!”

  1. Denise maloney piren

    Hi Zak! What advice do you have for teaching come when called for those of us who do not have a fenced in area? I bought a 50′ lead so we can practice in the horse pastures behind and across from the house when the horses are “at work” and not in the pasture, at least until my puppy gets to meet horses one on one and only horses who are not aggressive toward dogs. Some horses have been terrorized by dogs when they were babies and get their revenge once they are bigger so even though they are prey animals, some will aggressively go after a dog. The horse pastures have one strand of electric wire about 3 feet above the ground, they would not keep a dog in. Any other suggestions? I should also mention I’m in the Adirondacks and my puppy will be coming at 9 weeks at the end of January approximately so it will be really cold and snowy out so I don’t see us spending long periods of time outside. Thanks.

  2. Larissa Au

    Loving this series! I got a new pup last week and our homework for puppy school is coming when called, so this is great timing for me! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  3. Omar Kafafy

    إِنَّ اللَّهَ وَمَلَائِكَتَهُ يُصَلُّونَ عَلَى النَّبِيِّ ۚ يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِينَ آمَنُوا صَلُّوا عَلَيْهِ وَسَلِّمُوا تَسْلِيمًا (56)❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. someone

    I’m getting a new dog soon, so these videos really help. Thank you.

  5. Alex

    I’ll hopefully get a puppy next year if this pandemic is under control so these videos are very helpful. Thanks so much for your hard work Zak!

  6. Sean Engler

    I have a Shibu Inu and having trouble with him chasing our cats. Is there a video out there that zak teaches that or does anyone have advise.

  7. Timothy Keenley

    the reason Kona doesn’t like the grass is that the leash drags her a lot on grass and pulls her back, ha!

  8. Amol Kaveeshwar

    I am going to get a dog when I am 13

  9. Samantha Hu

    I love the way kona sits, like she’s leaning back a little. So cute!

  10. Jazleny Regalado

    Is there a video where you teach your puppy to stay and come? I want to learn how to teach them that because my puppy ran out the door on the street but we managed to get her.

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  12. Katie R

    Can you do a video going over dog body language? Trainers always talk about how important it is to understand dog body language but never go over everything you need to know about it. Either way, your videos are super helpful!!!

  13. Nat T

    What is a good dog harness for a 50 lbs lab?

  14. Fluffy Itty Bitty Kitty


  15. MrSaral

    I was so eagerly waiting for this. Thank you so much Zak

  16. Mrs Geography

    I have a new puppy and I am struggling to get him to listen after play for some brief training no matter what “currency” I use (chicken/treats/play) – any advice?

  17. Brielle Bigmall

    Anybody don’t have a dog but just prepping

  18. Monty Montaño

    This is a great series. Training a puppy from the beginning, including failures is so helpful. One thing that I added to Zak’ s method was hand signals so whenever I said come I would beckon him too. For stay I would add an open palm aimed at his face. It really comes in handy when you’re distracted speaking to someone or you don’t want to yell.

  19. ray dayer

    Just watched Come When Called video and you said in the first year “provide an amazing reward 100% of the time”. What about making the dog treat dependent….?

  20. joymrm

    Wouldn’t it be awesome to get 3 mil by 2021???? These tips are also very helpful im getting a puppy soon and this is such a good reference!

  21. Maja-

    Can I teach this on a 1,5 year old dog? My dalmatian is full of energy and I want him to run free but he doesn’t come back to me at all. He goes after other dogs to play and that’s when I can grab him. Please help.. I got him at 3 months and it’s been a struggle ever since. It’s really hard to un-teach what he already learned. I tried so much and I won’t give up but it’s very frustrating sometimes. I want the best for him.. and for me too.

  22. Jalypeno

    Zak always has the freshest kicks on when he trains. 😂👍

  23. Corgi Love

    “Ha! I didn’t expect that!”

    “Well, of course I expected that, I’m a dog trainer”

  24. F1GHT3R TW1NS

    I love this channel

  25. Charlie Hutton

    How many treats can u reasonably give a young puppy in a day ?

  26. Charlie Hutton

    Why don’t you use a clicker for kona ?

  27. Veronika C

    My westie girl (6 months) wont come to me when called, when she is off leash on the backyard. She is a very stubborn puppy. Really dont know how to teach her the come command… 🤷‍♀️

  28. Corgi Love

    Yes! My favorite youTuber with a new video! You have been my idol for the last three years, and helped me convince my parents to get a little corgi puppy named Toby in a couple months, any advice?

  29. Katie Smelt

    I’m so great full to have zac cos we got a dog a week ago and she still hasn’t learnt ree call but this vid has helped a lot

  30. Kathy Newman

    You have been a lifesaver Zak! Thanks for all the training tips. 😍

  31. Loviekinz

    I wish Zak could meet my 1 husky. She’s 3 now, but legit she isn’t motivated to come with ANYTHING. Not food, not toys, when she’s outdoors she’s a huge pain to get indoors which is why I use a leash even in my backyard. My other husky is VERY food motivated, so I keep special cookies near the door for her. But my other husky, I basically have to trick her and catch her to get her inside….

  32. Keisha Smith

    I’m getting my puppy in less than a month and your videos are really helpful!

  33. Olivia Morris

    My dog was a rescue and he came to me as SUCH an obedient dog! He’d come when I called, he’s come to his name, he wouldn’t bark or be territorial. I followed Zak’s training and it was great! He did so well that I started slacking and now he’s DEgressed 😫😭 He’s learned bad habits from my roommates’ dogs (and from me, too, honestly). I’m so happy for this video so that I can re-focus with my dog and keep up the training for a YEAR rather than a short amount of time. Thanks Zak!!

  34. EduTwork

    Ugh YouTube doesn’t notify me.. anyway thanks for the new video!

  35. lior13a

    My pitbull puppy never had a puppy biting phase and all her teeth are already replaced. Does this mean that there is something wrong with her or am I just really lucky ?

  36. Avash Timsina

    Went to see my Labradoodle pup yesterday. Picking him up next week.

  37. James Dean

    I want to make my pup a ‘support’ dog for nursing homes and the like, his very gentle, as in I can almost lift him by his ears and even when I start to get upset his still ok. I’ve pushed past and really challenged him and only got a basic wriggle or run away.
    His amazing, but he is a little too energetic for meeting people. How do we ‘chill him out, so he can get all those cuddles he wants?

  38. thoihen

    Hi zak! I’m a big fan of your videos and we are getting a beagle puppy. Kona is super cute!

  39. James Dean

    ZAC – What’s your opinion on the use of ‘clicker’ training?

  40. W Protasowicki

    My dog is horrible at come. I’ll reference this video when I’m training her. You have such useful content!

  41. James Dean

    Have to say my favourite thing about all your videos, is seeing your failures. Because it’s so easy to edit them out but a true teacher shows failure. Because that’s how we learn, I also love that you show many different ways in this and other videos. Myself I have found that (my pup is very good fyi) sometimes if he really does wrong a simple growl (throat grumble) has an amazing effect.
    Have only had to strike (smack) him once, that involved him going to chew a power cable and having already been told not to. For the net haters it worked ( i cried a bit) but he has never been near them since. And while I would like to remove them, its not possible.

  42. Sophie N

    i was literally trying to teach this to my dog today 🙂

  43. Fa Bl

    My dog has learned so many tricks because of Zak’s George’s videos!!
    I have tried with other videos but these are the best, for any dog!💗

  44. Jorge Araujo

    Hey George. Do you have any advice for a 2 year old who wont stop smeeling the ground when on walks? He didn’t use to do this.

  45. runningrock124

    buy Bitcoin.

  46. fcbt sdgy


  47. acepilot79

    What brand was your 50ft biothane lead u had in ur last episode?

  48. blah bleh

    I have a two-year-old lab who is super great, but this series has come at the right time- it’s reminded me to brush up on the things she learnt when she was a puppy, and come when called is one of them. Because of the virus, we haven’t been in public places as much, so recall in public is being retrained all over again. Also, I echo the suggestion of others- it would be super cool for you to do this with an older rescue dog.

  49. Irina Lisina


  50. Livie Bills

    are u still going to still do inertias series

  51. Livie Bills

    i’m so grateful that you do these videos

  52. sobre obey chnl

    Wow very good
    Mantap jos
    Saling dukung mendukung kopi itemnya

  53. Tiffany de Groot

    I miss inertia and the dog training experience 🙁

  54. Jiaan Beast

    Your vids have made my dog a very well behaved one

  55. Janni Shilpa Jørgensen

    Can you please try to talk Pupfird to sent their basket to Dk. I want It SOOO bad for my dog Yrsa. Of course I will pay for it. But I envy you so much for getting pupford basket! Hope you can pursvede them 🐾🥰

  56. Wafflestraw

    Zak’s voice when he call’s Kona is hilarious.
    just me?

  57. Asma

    I hope the dog training experience series is not over. I want to see more of Inertia 🥰

  58. Quakolo

    I like your channel

  59. Chandler james S Donaire

    Love your videos man following you since i was 9 years old

  60. Isaiah Hebard

    How old is she

  61. Shawna Roth

    I love DOOOOOGGGSSS!!!

  62. Tenuous Tuber

    Hi Zag…I have a question…Does the pulling of furniture and clothes,ta ke cloths,books,etc die out after the teething phase?

  63. Siri Borra

    Yay! Another video. Your videos helped me so much with my pup. Thank you 🙂

  64. Pratibha Nair

    I have a video suggestion… Will you please make a video about Inertia’s daily routine… I wanted a routine reference for my future puppy that I could follow… It will be really awesome if you will be able to make and post a video about the same… Thank you!!

    I love your new puppy survival guide!! It really teaches me a lot of tips. Your videos help me a lot.

    Thank you once again 😊

  65. Ayaan Shams

    You are so good with dogs

  66. Michael Brennan

    Why not use Sign Language for the basics? Sit/food/come/laydown/water… and so on?

  67. Lucy Cardwell

    00:01 Your welcome

  68. Krystal Martin

    I watched all the series of Inertia it was really helpful cant wait for more videos

  69. R3N On Keys

    Zak has been amazing my pup knows how to leave it sit not bark and is potty trained but we are still working on play biting and I also took the. 30 day pup plan it’s amazing I really recommend watching zak

  70. Izzy Crean

    Some dogs pick it up a lot easier than others. Never had to teach my border collie recall or to walk off leash she just did it herself from the day I got her but I had to work really hard with my lab to get them both reliable

  71. Ashley B

    Kona is so adorable! And these are good exercises.

  72. Enzo and Jenson: Life of 2 Labs

    I have taught my dogs to sit and touch my hand in command and I have had them for 3 days 😁😁😁 🐶🐶🐶 😎😎😎

  73. Sarah Akers

    Kona is sooo cute! I wish my puppy listened, she just does what she wants 😂

  74. Jenny Q

    His sneaker game tho. Always on point 🔥

  75. TOmyyy 8D

    THANK YOU ZAK!!!!!!!!

  76. Kevin Farah

    I feel like Kona has a show dog walk😂

  77. PonceyTheBear

    Coming when called is the most important thing ever! My golden got out and was staring down a deer and wanted to chase it. He was about to when I called him and he came right back. He got a bit of my hot dog for that because he was amazing.

  78. Nugetz

    I kinda forgot about how do do this 😂

  79. Slappy Beaver

    I love your tips. SUPER good

  80. David Walsh

    Always helpful videos apart from that pupbox ad🤦🏻‍♂️

  81. Joshua Yoo

    Thanks zak this is helping me already even I tried it right now

  82. 305. nique

    She is so beautiful 🤧🤧🤧😍😍😍

  83. Jenny Q

    So excited for my new puppy this december. This has been extremely helpful. Thank you, Zak

  84. Asmeret Kassa

    I really love Kona’s Series, it is really helpful, my puppy is getting better and better.
    Also, Kona really cute! (I can’t stop saying that she is just too cute.)

  85. Yuvraj Manoj Sharma

    Watching zak’s news video in the first five minutes for 10 videos

  86. K9 Santha

    Best traninig

  87. MSC

    *Who else is so grateful to have Zak teach us valuable tips?*

  88. Milkshake Master

    24th comment!

  89. Joy Cranker

    zak you are awesome thank you for the videos.

  90. Ishan P Vimal

    50th like👍

  91. Sara and Roxy 130

    Thx for the vid

  92. Ria Ittan

    Eeeeeek I have never been this early 😅
    Also I love ur vids they have taughte a lot!

  93. Hana Equine

    Yay i need this! We are getting a puppy in a few months and this series came just in time

  94. Villager god 256

    nice video. keep doing cool videos like all of your videos
    : – )

  95. MDM Productions

    Sixth 😁👍🏼

  96. Humberto Guardado

    Ive never been so early

  97. Nelsorian

    Zak always got the drip tho

  98. Hyperte games

    I’m getting a dog soon so this was extremely helpful. thanks a billion!👍

  99. Humberto Guardado


  100. Chandler james S Donaire

    Aahhhhh im early

  101. Marisetty Shyamaj

    I am early

  102. Marshy

    I love how much they try to train it! That’s so much work 💞

  103. franka franka


  104. It’s Enny

    Omg this bell really comes in handy I’m always first ( great video by the way )

  105. Jugatbir Singh

    Love ur vids

  106. Elena Briobo

    Kona and your channel is the best!! I also have a problem with separation anxiety and learning her name! Can you go over this in a video! Send lots of support!!

  107. Hello Hi

    First! I love your vids! 💖

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