NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: How to EASILY STOP These 4 Puppy Problems NOW! (Ep 6)
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NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: How to EASILY STOP These 4 Puppy Problems NOW! (Ep 6)

Stop problem behaviors like jumping, resource guarding, separation anxiety, and chewing!

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92 Thoughts to “NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: How to EASILY STOP These 4 Puppy Problems NOW! (Ep 6)”

  1. Gabe Gutierrez

    Zak, I just adopted a rescue puppy a little over a week ago from the local Human Society. Watching your videos has been extremely informative (and you have some KILLER kicks as well haha!). Thank you for providing all of us the tools to raise healthy and well behaved dogs!

  2. Beccaunmodified

    How do you help a dog not be afraid of pooping? I got sick a few weeks ago and got behind in grooming and we had a cold weather snap, so poo ended up freezing to some of his long hair a couple of times. He will not poop all in one go now, as I’m pretty sure he’s afraid it will “bite” him again. He poops a little bit and jumps away, then poops a little more and jumps away again. It wouldn’t be too bad(other than not great for living life) but he is going to have to learn to eliminate on command and ideally he shouldn’t be pooping in several different places in one potty break.

  3. Brenda Schmidt

    Love the shoes. I have 27 pairs of runners.

  4. E Williams

    I love the puppy advice and shoe highlight!

  5. Chiannachan

    Thank you for continuing to update us on Kona. <3 I love this series.
    I'll be bringing home my puppy on Saturday next week. I am so nervous. Watching your videos helps me calm down and it makes me feel as if there is a solution to all potential problems - and that I'll probably find it here XD Still. *so nervous* >>.<<

  6. Heather Todd

    For my dog, putting a blanket or crate cover over the crate really helped.

  7. Charlie Gottschalk

    Do you have any dog crate recommendations? I’m getting things for a new puppy :))

  8. Charlie Gottschalk

    Dude your shoe game is fire tho!

  9. Todd Howard

    Going to get a Saint Bernard puppy sometime (soon) in the future… This makes me feel more prepared 🙂

  10. Sheryl Gim

    Thanks to Zak we’ve never had major problems with separation anxiety as we started doing these tips a week after we got our dog.

  11. Monika Panek

    Where is indy?

  12. Jocelyn Rivera

    I want my first job to be a pet sitter 😂😂😂

  13. THE Jazzy Jazz Channel

    ya good doogy my puppy is 9weeks old

  14. amouramarie

    I don’t know if Zak’s always had that tyrannosaur skull and I’m just unobservant, but that is rad. :O I love this series especially as I’m getting a female standard poodle pup myself next year if all goes well. 🙂

  15. Maya Diaz

    who else got super chewer or barkbox ads while watching this lol

  16. TheNew1994

    How do you balance letting them whine and eventually self soothe in the cage with knowing that they need to pee? I’m struggling with letting my boy out and watching him just run straight for the bed with letting him out cause he needs to pee.

  17. ed

    we all know zak’s a nike guy. He probably bought the adidas purely to be chewed on

  18. Monica Del Vecchio

    What breed is Kona?

  19. Kevin T.

    Are you from Atlanta

  20. Cnilsso

    This series is dragging on too long

  21. Zhana Cox

    So glad the potty training part is over 😭😭
    But I can’t get my dog to stop barking at my mom, I think it’s something about her 🤔

  22. PhantomKyC

    Can you please do a video of potty training but a more advanced one I have many problems with my puppy she does pee sometimes in her pee pee pad but she mostly doesn’t but im doing everything right I think i praise and treat her when she does and carry her to it when she doesnt plsss help meeee!

  23. viktor halaj

    Yesterday I got a puli puppy. My family won’t allow him to be in the house other than sleeping through the night. I wanted to at least make him something like a guard dog. But it’s snowing outside and I am not sure if puli puppies can be left outside throughout the night in cold weather. He is sleeping now in a room inside but when he gets older and gets accustomed to people and environment can he stay outside in the winter?

  24. Creative Diamond Dogs

    After a little while of crate training my collie (18 months a next Sunday), she accepted the crate at night pretty easily. I don’t think it was long before was was fine from bedtime until morning.

  25. Corgi Love

    I am so happy to see you with ANOTHER video! I have been watching you for three years and have binge watched your entire inertia series, and now your one about Kona. You are by far my FAVORITE youTuber ever!

  26. Otis The Half-Obedient Husky臭臉哈士奇

    We’ve learned a lot of of our training tips from Zak since we got our puppy Otis when he was two months old. And now he’s been improving from 0% obedient to a half obedient husky 😆

  27. Siggi Matos

    Hi, Zak. Just got a puppy – going to be with me three weeks before taking her to my parents in Denmark. She’s 9 weeks old 9,8kg (21,7lbs), willful but completely uninterested in treats (be it food or chicken). Guess it’s just too early. Should I give her more time to settle out of her mother and siblings? How long till she would have a more intense appetite and ‘accept treats for educational purposes’?
    Thx in advance.

  28. Dinamathi R

    💕💕dog lover🔥🔥🎆your vdos are awesome

  29. Ella Kodicek

    Hi Zach I’m Ella and I get my new silver Weimaraner on Saturday December 5 and we are naming her Little Miss Heidi of Amber woods and your videos are helping so much!!!

  30. Arshraj Singh

    My 6 month old whenever he’s open just runs around wildly around the house and doesn’t come in control… he jumps on and off our sofas and on top of us and jumps on our chairs and eats the hand rests… please give suggestions

  31. Riaan Buys

    I love your show 🙂
    Go learn to ride a horse and directing the horse without rains.
    Your dear loving pet follow your direction, fears and energy.
    Settle down and your pet will.

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    Dog Name Patch with​ VELCRO® Brand Fastener on Etsy:

  33. It’s Enny

    Aww I’m late today great vid anyway

  34. Paolo Eboston

    I just got your book, I’m reading it while this video is on in the background and of course trying to get my new Cavapoo to stop biting my foot. Zak your videos are awesome and thank you for the content.

  35. v j

    Watching Inertia and Kona playing together makes my day immediately

  36. imisi adeparusi

    I’m getting a bichon fries cross jack Russel

  37. imisi adeparusi

    Good video

  38. Evangeline Mae


  39. Preserve Travel

    Hi Zak! What brand is your 10ft leash?

  40. Emily Romeril

    Hey Zak! Question. (In regards to resource guarding) After training like this for several months, should we ever get to the point where we CAN just take away the bone from their mouth without luring with reinforcement? Let’s say they grab a big piece of plastic during a walk… Should we always do the steps of throwing a treat out first, in every instance their whole life? I hope that makes sense.

    Thank you as always for posting amazing videos. I use them daily! 🙂

  41. Becky Ernst

    Love your videos!
    Okay, you broke me down to check out the BarkBox. It seems to be a great deal. Thank you for all you do to help us be better parents to our fur babies.

  42. Aurora

    Great video! Kona is so cute! Zak, will we get an update on Inertia’s agility training? I’m curious about how its going 🤗

  43. xanelle lacerda

    hi, zak George! I’ve just got a new puppy. I’m teaching him according to your videos, and it going great! thanks!

  44. Maggie

    Never leave a puppy unattended with a chew.

  45. CinnamonToastStx

    Great vid man

  46. Asmeret Kassa


  47. Toni Broad

    When do we get that shoe closet tour??

  48. iris

    My puppy has seperation anxiety during the day 🙁 i try to build it up, but when i leave for 2 minutes she already starts whining

  49. pancakesandsalt

    When the food spilled all over the rug…

  50. Sam or Sammy dont matter which Marie

    Hi zak my 2 year old deer head chihuahua play bites but he’s also agressive he barks at people and he tears things up and he barks at other dogs he can also bite people please please help me with him. He also has really bad anxiety when ever I leave he starts to whine and trying to bark. I don’t know what to do he needs to be a trained dog he needs to learn how to sit and he has a really big problem with jumping on people

  51. Subbing to everyone who subs to me

    Australian labradoodles or any labrodoodle or doodle grow fast my dog was 20 pounds now he’s 40-50 in only 3 months he grew fast!

  52. Rautu Alexandru

    Is it just me or this guy looks like Tobey Maguire

  53. Mr. Beats

    That shoe game tho🔥🔥

  54. dnie WuckeGabr

    Awesome 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  55. Sarikonda Meghana

    Hi. My dog is 7 months old now. He is a cross breed( mother- jungly dog and father-doberman). He becomes ferocious at night and always eat the stuff like paper wires etc when we try to make him roam for sometimes and always bites. He is not eating properly these days. We’re giving medicines to him and also training him. We don’t understand what to do next. Please suggest!

  56. Memow Da kitty

    My 6 month old has the worst separation anxiety and chewing issues. This was very helpful!

  57. Tuna Fisch

    Do you have any tips on training a samoyed? My new puppy (about 4 months right now). She currently knows sit, up, down, come, shake and her name. Were having trouble on stay and jumping on people. I dont think she understands “no” though so not sure what to do.

  58. Snowwy

    Zak can you please comment on my new video I’m a big fan

  59. Brandon t.v and life with princess

    All of this is based on my dog

  60. Bunny The Bunny

    What breed Is Kona?

  61. Gemma Mcloughlin

    Hey zak younbhelped menout A LOT with my new dog prince he has seperation anxiety a chewing problemo and he always barks at literally AIR he also nips just for fun and it scares people it does hurt sometimes but not usually it never makes us cry but it DOES scare people like I said plz do a vid on that

  62. Roblenni Original


  63. kirinfire

    oh wow never been to your videos this early

  64. ysaha

    My dog almost two she still chew n bite, don’t like stranger or other dogs.

  65. DK Sista life

    Hi Zak can you make a video on how to stop dogs from eating everything

  66. Snowwy

    Can you pleeeeasseee comment on my new video I’m a huge fan of your vids


    love your vids
    I am new sub
    I was gonna get Pup but my said that she’ll not stay with if we’ll(me and my younger brother) get a pup she’ll leave the house
    by the way love from india

  68. Lizmayra Garcia

    I have 2 10.5 month old golden retrievers and when they start barking I can’t get them to stop

  69. Sophia S.

    I’m currently looking for a papillon, but I have a dust mite allergy, and knowing papillons have long fur, I’m not sure if papillons are the ones for me. Any advice anyone?

  70. Billy Jones

    I love your videos so much. I’ve been watching them for a while now and I finally got a puppy yesterday! I just wanted to say thank you so much for all of this help! Best dog trainer ever!

  71. Ayona Bagui

    We just got a puppy and your videos are so helpful! He is doing soooo good! Thank you!

  72. Arjun Sethi

    U should show your show s collection

  73. dogs rule

    Happy Birthday Zac, on December 3.🐶

  74. Snowwy

    Zac can you please comment on my new video I’m a big fan and want my fav youtuber to comment on my new video


    Hi iam back again I have record to comment under 5 minutes after it upload in only your video thanks you’re helping me a lot

  76. Shenu Rajiv

    For the first time, my puppy is better trained than Zak’s. I don’t mean hate. I’m just proud of my Jenny and myself.!❤️😎😃

  77. Shawna Roth

    Claim your before 1,000 views ticket here

  78. Aarav Sharma

    Hey Zak! My 8 month old super hyper Labrador has a couple issues that I would like you to touch on. He bites and nips at us when he’s either upset, tired or just bored, he doesn’t hurt us but it’s scaring away some of our friends. Any way to stop him in the act of biting?

  79. Andrew Preval

    “Guess it say let’s chew it! So you can!” 😃

  80. Andrew Preval

    Kona is a great trained dog! Remember to buy the sponsor guys!

  81. squidball fire

    Ima a big fan i got a puppy today

  82. Sara and Roxy 130

    Yay love your vids

  83. Robin UvU

    oooooh im excited for this! 6th comment 😀

  84. Roblox N’ Random Stuff

    70th view

  85. Marisetty Shyamaj

    I am early

  86. Blak Banana

    I have a beagle and as soon as he doesn’t see me, he starts screaming. And he Lee’s where he sleeps. And sometimes he poops and then eats it, but I’ve been reducing that

  87. Slappy Beaver

    Great! Loving the series

  88. Abdul Klhaliq

    Frist comment

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