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NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: How to Train ANY Dog to STOP Barking, Calm Down & Stay! (EP: 7)

Train ANY dog or puppy to stay and relax!


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86 Thoughts to “NEW PUPPY SURVIVAL GUIDE: How to Train ANY Dog to STOP Barking, Calm Down & Stay! (EP: 7)”

  1. Bethany Seegers

    I watched your videos before getting our GSD puppy. After applying your training our puppy is only 9 weeks old. He knows how to sit, stay, and lie down. We are working on leave it as of currently.People who have met him can’t believe how obedient and well trained he is. Definitely still a work in progress though as we slowly introduce him to new distractions. 😄

  2. YoJaxxy

    Yessir Zack 🐐🐐

  3. William Brito

    Great video, Zak! Kona is learning so fast. Btw, did you ever mention where u got Inertia? I’m looking to buy a border collie but I wanna get from responsible people.

  4. Beth Bretherton

    If I hadn’t have found your training videos with Inertia Zak, I’d still be struggling with a reactive anxious stressed 4 year old shih tzu. He was so afraid of the world but using your methods he can now face his fears (mums/dads with prams, young children in groups, big dogs and lots of other things) I am so grateful ❤️

  5. Andreas P.

    nice shoes. What are these?

  6. Sofia Bryan Compton

    Sir, you are so helpful. Thank you so much!

  7. Virtual Videos Channel

    You are so kind and patient! Great video!

  8. Chelsea

    Your videos are just amazing Zak! I have a puppy coming home in Feb and have been binge-watching your entire channel over the last few weeks to prepare (also binge-listening to both of your audiobooks). So so helpful, thank you so much for putting this content out there!

  9. Luvan Sheepdogs

    That Border Collie 😍

  10. Jarod 144

    How do I get my dog to bark? Lol

  11. Kierra Mathias

    Can you please make a video of how to socialize a puppy well during quarantine/lockdown protocols- this series is honestly so helpful, thank you so much!

  12. Kat Harrison-Peterson

    We are bringing home our first dog, an 8 week mini golden doodle on Tuesday. He looka a lot like Kona. The series started shortly after we decided to get the puppy, so while we’ve been waiting for the puppy to come home, we’ve been watching Kona, Zak, Bree, Inertia and Indiana Jones and getting beyond excited. Thanks so much for your detailed and entertaining information, Zak and Bree!

  13. Itzel Trujillo

    I dont even have a dog but I love your videos and am just getting prepared for when I do get a dog ☺☺💗 I’ll definitely come back though!!!

  14. Cherno

    I’m getting a Bernese border collie mix and I’m hyped because it will give me a purpose in this cruel world

  15. Vanilla Butternut

    I don’t think I have that many treats 😂 every vid it’s like at least 30 lil snacks down the drain

  16. Michael Amador

    I’m looking to get a Goldendoodle soon! How big will Kona get? In terms of weight.

  17. Derek McNutt

    I would love to see a future series about training hunting dogs, whether that be retrievers, pointers or hounds! Love the videos as always

  18. Tapu Naik

    Great video! My Whippet puppy constantly jumps on other dogs – I am afraid she will jump on the wrong dog in the dog park – help!

  19. akira sedtha

    Hi, what if my puppy stops eating her meal or doesn’t take it during a session anymore?

  20. Dana Afanasenko

    Can you pls do series on adolescents dogs too !! I feel like they get rebellious then 😪

  21. Julia Hartshorn

    It really helps that each step of training is so thoroughly broken down by Zak 👍

  22. Elina H

    Thank you for this
    I‘m probably overpreparing because I‘m not able to get a dog for at least another year but I just love your videos

  23. Mira Garuda

    Thank you so much for this video!! We are about to get a dog and this is so helpful!! Keep up the great work!🐶

  24. Philly Ricky

    Someone told me this dude is a joke and only got famous for being on discovery channel or something of that nature. Is it true ? Lol

  25. Hope Yerkes

    We got a new rescue puppy and she’s shy. We have had her for about a week and she’s afraid of my brother now, we don’t know why(he did get new glasses) and our other dogs Milo and Charlie and her are getting a bit protective of toys/food. I think we should take them out other then our backyard and around our house but my mom wants us to have her really have home soidfied but I think we should go elsewhere too, but she’s shy and idk. Help please…

  26. Animallover2053

    My dog barks when I play with him. This helped me very much, I hope it will improve his barking habits

  27. Philip Birch

    Thanks for the video . I have a 9 week old puppy with pretty long fur so how often should I bath her .I am your biggest fan keep up the good work ! 🐶

  28. Adoma Ampomah

    Is there a pre dog ownership part on your app?

  29. v j

    I actually find the sound of barking nice…

  30. scarlet renteria2

    I saw you video for speak and I saw your way of training and train my dog how to sitball by me self thank you

  31. IrishDuchess75

    I have both books, watch all your videos, and have learned so much! This benefits my almost 3 year old Chiweenie (who came to me at 7months old thinking all training was a trap) and now 8 month old Sheltie. Having a chronic medical condition with constant pain, and just having had major surgery I have to say fetch has been a life saver! Blu Andre Fleury (yes, we are hard core Golden Knights fans in Las Vegas lol) is a high energy dog and I don’t have the same options to exercise him I would if healthy. I made sure his fetch was solid before my spinal/neck surgery three weeks ago, so he always at least has tons of attention, love, training, and fetch for exercise until I can do tugging and some light chasing again.
    I’d love to see a video on working with dogs who have had bad experiences with things like baths and nail trimmings. My Chiweenie Leilana (queue Star Wars “It’s a trap!!”) is extremely resistant to even the slow steps toward nail trimming, and Blu has the same reaction towards baths. I hate for them to be stressed at all, and these are obviously must haves for them.

    Thank you for your training approach towards animals-they deserve unconditional love and respect, period. You and Bree (can’t forget her and all she does!) are a great team and I always look forward to the next video!

  32. Kwanele Sithebe

    Gonna miss this dog when it leaves

  33. Suryanshu More

    New subscriber!

    I just got a dog last week🐶

  34. XxDemonwolf xX

    I’ll be Getting a German Shepered Puppy in the Summer on my birthday i arealdy have experience in basic training But Want to Learn More so i can Train my Puppy to be a Lovable Family Dog✨💖

  35. Monica Del Vecchio

    What breed is Kona?

  36. Not a Troll

    I just got a maltipoo and this series has really helped me. Thank you!

  37. Sara and Roxy 130

    Thx for the vid

  38. Vanessa

    How did you know I needed this? 😂 Thank you!!🙏🏻

  39. ker rie

    I don’t even have a dog ( allergies) but always look forward to this series every week!! Tried some of the training with the cat, but you can guess how that went lol will be sad when the series ends

  40. Jawahar Sundarsingh

    Hi zak
    is pedigiri good or bad?
    What would you prefer to dogs
    For training treats?
    Pls bro you start a question and answer session bro
    And if you can answer my ques bro pls😭😭

  41. sue zaple

    you have patients of a saint Zak , wish i could do this with my 9 month old

  42. Karl Berry

    Zac your service should be a much watch for all new pet owners before that make a purchase. I really enjoy your insight.

  43. Draw with Me

    Kona doesn’t know that there are so many people watching her learn 🙂

  44. Dinamathi R

    Best trainer ever🔥🔥

  45. Makeupbycindy 8

    My dog barks on everyone and everything when i go for a walk I don’t know what to do

  46. Devesh Patil

    Thank u I needed this , just got a new lab and wanted tips for reduce barking 🙏🙏

  47. nycas 21

    What dog breed is kona?

  48. Clovers Life

    i dont even have a dog yet but im getting one and i want the best for my baby so i watch his videos and like wow hes good

  49. Chaylin Romero

    Hi Zak, I have found all of your puppy videos extremely helpful. But I could use some advice on teaching my puppy to leave it, because she gets angry when I don’t give her the treat. What should I do?

  50. RN TV

    Hey Zak
    I was wondering if I could buy some of your sponsored products, but does it deliver in any other country?(Pakistan)

  51. shaheen_91

    Love watching your videos.😍

  52. FacxsCxre

    Ohy thanks perfect timing. 😁👍👍

  53. fdgsfs jhgfd


  54. Bunny The Bunny

    I just got A Golden doodle. Thanks For Your videos!!!!!!!!!

  55. It’s Enny

    I’m not first today but I’m early anyway great vid as always

  56. Killin Winnin

    I just got a golden doodle puppy yesterday and I love him. Your a great help as well

  57. Roblox N’ Random Stuff

    who else is here before 500 views

  58. Sushmita Tambe

    I don’t even have a dog lol .

    Btw his training techniques work on cats too .I have a cat

  59. Scout

    I can’t wait to see how Kona turns out!

  60. Dalia Baldor

    Thanks so much for this 🙏

  61. Jugatbir Singh

    Great video Zak 😍

  62. Slappy Beaver


  63. Essa Barbar

    Exactly what i want to learn for my new labrador, really thankful for your content.

  64. Aiden Harrison

    I am about to get a new dog and I have watched many videos from you and I decided to write it down in a whole notebook lol

  65. Dr. Creeper Dude

    This has taught me a lot thanks 🙂

  66. kaya :3

    To Zak: you are the best dog trainer on YouTube and the only videos I watch are probably from you I’m getting a charcoal lab in February so, you gave me a lot of ideas on how to train. 😁😁😁

  67. Scout

    I love this series

  68. Cody & Taurus

    Who else just got a dog and is thankful for these series? 😅

  69. Itz BliSSS

    I remmeber i followed you when i had my own dog but he died

  70. Marisetty Shyamaj

    I am early

  71. Cannon


  72. Humberto Guardado

    This is real helpfull thank you zak

  73. Serena Williams

    Yaaasss!!! just what we need right now!

  74. Tawanda Mugore

    you’re the best trainer

  75. Tawanda Mugore

    hey zak

  76. squidball fire

    Hi zak big fann thx for all the tutorials

  77. Veera Vattikuti

    No views, and 11 likes.

  78. Andrew Preval

    Who just loves these dog training videos;

  79. The Nerd

    This series is helpful! Thank you!

  80. Lord Craigin

    First ✨ and I needed this lol

  81. Timon Hakuna matata


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