NATO VS Russia - Military Comparison 2022

NATO VS Russia – Military Comparison 2022

In this episode, We have compared the Military of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and Russia – Which is better equipped militarily?
All the information in this video has been researched online on various sites, so it is impossible to be 100 percent accurate. The purpose of the video is Entertaining only, so it is not allowed to be used for political purposes.

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16 Thoughts to “NATO VS Russia – Military Comparison 2022”

  1. Antonio Whigham

    It’s over before it starts but it won’t stop there after Russia then china next US fighter jets no joke must be area 51 technology

  2. Decent Gamer gamer

    Russia has the advantage called “home”.

  3. Voltron Universe

    NATO is over 30 countries while Russia is only 1. In this regards Russia is pretty formidable. Also, Russia should also build their own military alliance and totally eradicate any dependence on the West to insulate them and their allies from NATO sanctions.

  4. ThugLife

    Russia is 1 country…. think about it how strong they Are

  5. notsosilentmajority1

    The bottom line is that those numbers don’t mean much if some old fools start messing with nukes……………..

  6. ShidoX


  7. Martin Li

    Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Vs Belgian Malinois please

  8. Omar Opqhe

    👎👎👎👎👎👎👎bad bad bad bad video 👍🏿👎🏻


    toast with a slither of lemon curd

  10. chen hou

    7th comment

  11. Kebbe San

    Russia’s capacity have been well overestimated. Numbers are good but the reality is very different as we can see in ukraine. Corruption and Yes Man can do that sometimes

  12. Raghav Sharma

    Pls do Russia and China together

  13. Peter Olssen

    Allthough Russia has a lot of vehicles and other things, the majority is old crap and they dont stand a chance against NATO. And thats not even a debate, the only way Russia could have a chance is by using nuclear weapons, but at that point the whole worlds would burn

  14. Thuy Dao

    The lesson can be extracted from this scenario: never pick a chicken for decisions maker.

  15. Harshal

    Add inda and China with Russia

  16. immortal no commentary

    Russia with China can destroy america😂

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