My Rottweiler Puppy Doesn’t Listen to Me

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My Rottweiler Puppy Doesn’t Listen to Me

Today’s #askmeanything :

“My #rottweiler puppy doesn’t see me as his alpha. He growls at people when I walk him, but he doesn’t do this with my #husband !”

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11 Thoughts to “My Rottweiler Puppy Doesn’t Listen to Me”

  1. Robert Cabral

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  2. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    My ex was 6.4ft and I am only 5.1ft. My dogs always obeyed me , not him. It is always the energy/attitude of the person that is the important thing. How a person walks, stands etc is all read by the dog. Be strong in all things and dogs respect that. Great advice Robert.

  3. Static Resurrection

    Great advice. I would also add that dogs tend to gravitate towards people who share similar personality traits and in turn will be more responsive/obedient to them.

  4. Rebecca Suraci

    An old trainer i had definitely mentioned the energy and my and large female spit out a more chaotic energy also we have higher r pitched voices typically and they just don’t respond well to that. They like a calm dominant energy and a deep voice not frantic and chaotic and high pitched . Sorry to be a traitor to my gender lol . My male gsd never took me seriously and listened to my ex perfectly

  5. Sylke Bambilke

    how in the world people believe, females would always be subdominant? that’s an old slave masters stupid rule…

  6. Rahmaan realisation

    This theory and that theory is very nice, but the real evidence is seeing the handler work the dog, and the Trainer healing the dog on the battlefield. Let our theories be proven in real time!

  7. Macedonian GangsteR

    I have an 12 month old male rottweiler, very social and obedient dog, never got this type of problem with him.


  8. Kaitlyn G.

    Can we acknowledge that alpha theory has been disapproved and IS NOT based in any scientific evidence? It should not be utilized in approaches to dog training.

  9. Ivan

    Robert, if a dog is truly dominant alpha does that mean he will always be defiant and won’t refer to you? Also, does being dominant difference from alpha?

  10. Holy Nightwing fan

    I’m a female dog trainer and I can confirm this. It’s incredible how dogs can sense the energy and attitude of its owner. I’ve seen homes where a wife was more confident than her husband and thus the dog trusted her more and took her more seriously. That happens a lot with me as well when I’m faced with female owners that think that a dog won’t obey them for being female and well, here I come and they just obey me immediately, for their shock.

    I usually say that for a dog, though it has a comfy life besides you in the city, he or she still thinks is in survival mode, so following a meek and shy person could be potentially dangerous for any animal to follow directions if they are meant to stay alive. For example: if you were lost with a group of ppl in the middle of the amazon forest who would you follow: someone who is confident, who you feel that can be relied on, or someone who is insecure and shy?

  11. Cosette Witchell

    This is a fact in our household, our Mal notices me as the Alpha and I am female and 5’0 – my significant other is 6’2

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