My Malinois is Aggressive to My Sister and more Dog Training Questions
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My Malinois is Aggressive to My Sister and more Dog Training Questions

Viewer questions answered including:
My Malinois is AGGRESSIVE to my Sister
Is It Normal that I Talk to My Dog
My German Shepherd has Excitement Barking Issues

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15 Thoughts to “My Malinois is Aggressive to My Sister and more Dog Training Questions”

  1. Alberto Alvarez

    Hi Robert, you always do great videos. I ave a question if you can help me: my australian shepherd responds inmediately if I have the treats in my hand but without treats she don’t respond at all. Please give me an advise. What can I do?

  2. Adrian Richards

    Heard the Police Sirens Robert ….hope your on tomorrow

  3. Adrian Richards

    As always Robert ..Spot on what is it with the people that go for the guard breeds ?.. and haven’t the experience …or Basic Common Sense

  4. AleWhit

    Omg I absolutely died laughing 😂 at your initial response to the second question about talking with the dog. Your face said it all!

  5. D Rob's Dog Pack

    Great video!

  6. Rebecca Smith

    I talk to my dogs all the time. They pick up on key words that they know for communication. Like do you want to go for a WALK. Do you want to go for a Ride.

  7. Mike Stevens

    I wonder if (having no insight into the actual particulars) the dog had been neglected/abused/abandoned, now has formed a tight bond with its new owner, and perceives the sister as a threat to this bond? We once had a rescue dog who was very sweet to our family but could become extremely aggressive to strangers in certain instances including biting. You always wonder when the dog is adopted at a relatively late age.

  8. D F

    Nice gentle answers from you

  9. Doris Asante

    My 4 month bullmastiff dog doesn’t know stop please how can I teach my dog to know how to stop thank you

  10. Michael

    Hi Robert,

    My 9 month old bichon is an angel on the leash, and his long line – he will recall and do commands no problem. Take him off the leash and that’s when the selective hearing starts – no treat or toy will make him come as he values the freedom above all. This is at its worst when he sees another dog (especially a female) as he starts bothering them enticing play. He will come back when he’s either tired of running around or is getting chased by another dog and is coming back for protection. Do I just keep him on the longline for life now? He loves being chased by other dogs and it’s hard on the long line.

  11. JonyxSD

    My 9 month old German Shepherd is very friendly with people at stores (pet friendly stores) and also when I take him to other people’s houses he let’s strangers pet him, but whenever we go for walks he doesn’t let anyone get near us, he barks and growls at people who ask to pet him. And at home he does the same thing, he barks at visitors he doesn’t see often. Would u consider this being an issue that needs to be corrected before it leads to something bad, or is this a normal defensive behavior?

    PS: first time owning a dog

  12. McKinley Vlogs

    I don’t think anyone should have a Malinois that isn’t an experienced dog owner or can afford professional training from a trainer specifically familiar with the Malinois breed. My Malinois spent the first year and a half of her life being trained by a professional. She’s 4 now and we still train and work everyday.

  13. William Torres

    The best dog training lessons anywhere…huh? That’s a bold statement! If I hadn’t seen your work with rescues I wouldn’t believe you. As a trainer, the hardest thing for me is combating the new age theory of pleading with you dog or just letting it do what it wants to do. Corrections are bad you know…😂🤣😂🤣

  14. Shannon Davidson

    You shouldn’t have a Malinois if you need to ask that question.

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