My German Shepherd is Trying to KILL my German Shepherd Puppy - Dog Training Advice

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My German Shepherd is Trying to KILL my German Shepherd Puppy – Dog Training Advice

In this video I address a viewer whose older German Shepherd is trying to kill his new German Shepherd puppy. This is either the older dog just being dominantly playful -which is totally ok and somewhat normal… OR… it’s a ticking timeBOMB…

Check my answer in the video.

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11 Thoughts to “My German Shepherd is Trying to KILL my German Shepherd Puppy – Dog Training Advice”

  1. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Brilliantly insightful video on your website with Max. Interesting and very valid points made with a tricky dog.

  2. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Tricky situation if the person hasn’t the knowledge to handle it, but at least they are seeking advice.


    Just rescued a Dutch Shepard who is about a year old who was abandoned by his owners and ran wild in our county for over a week. I already have a female Rottweiler who is far enough along in her obedience that she can hold a place command and has a release to do her own thing in the backyard but not engage with the new dog (having many different release markers is really helpful, the dog knows exact what they are allowed to do).Work on engaging the new dog with the trained dog being under control. A high prey drive dog might not be able to handle the other dog moving so having it on place will help. After the new dog can handle old dog being on place, let new dog sniff around the yard. Then work your way up to someone else playing w the trained dog and you engage the new dog. The dogs should choose to do their own thing before seeking out entertainment from the other dog. It is your pack and you set the rules. Train them on separate markers and eventually things can be better than where they are. We don’t search for perfection, we look for progress 🧡

  4. marvona


  5. Mystic Meadow

    Our situation is the one not discussed. Do you have training tips for reintroduction after a 2 dog fight in a pack of 4? All went well with the introduction of a 4 mo. old Mal. to a obedient pack of 3 (rescued female GSD 7+, now a service dog, male 4 yo. lab, male 4 yo. great pyrenees x, all altered) until Mal was neutered at 8 mo. GSD attacked GP after GP corrected Mal. (corrections were allowed at that point to curb Mals playful dominance) Dogs were separated for 2 weeks and reintroduction was begun (with muzzling for safety) but GSD continues aggressive behavior towards GP. The lab, GSD & Mal are okay now as are the lab, GP & Mal. Rotation of dogs is now the norm but I feel bad one or the other has to be put up and there is always the possibility of someone not shutting a door or gate and other fight occurs. I’m 61 and stopping a savage attack between 2 80 lb dogs is exhausting. I don’t know what would happen if it ever happened with my hubby. Any tips would help. Thank you.

  6. Marcus Hernandez

    I have a 7 year old German shepherd older male and a 10 week German shepherd female I don’t think my male is aggressive just a little dominant I do correct bad behavior but is this something that could wear off?

  7. Jeannie patterson

    I would think the time limit would also depend on the amount of control you achieve on the older dog. Great advice from Robert!

  8. Inish

    Also the age difference between the “older” dog (15 mo) and the new puppy (6 mo) is very little. You basically introduce two teenagers (in puberty) – that sure makes it not easier. I hope they will both be ok.

  9. Silvia Gutierrez

    I have this same issue with my Current dog Rottie/braco mix 7yo male and puppy Bully female 15 weeks old, but my old dog has issues on his own (was raised by me not the dog mother the mother was violent and wouldnt feed the puppies and would hurt them), one moment he is playfully biting the puppy and the next he gets triggered out of nowhere and i have to drag a wild beast away from the puppy, this happend a month ago i have kept them apart from playing since that, now just allow them play for short periods of time keep them apart on resting time, feed them apart and have them in the yard while im always there, he has started to lick her pee so i guess he has figured the puppy is a female, he would do this with my old female Schanuzer that pasted a few months ago, they worked great (The Old SchNauzer and my big Male), so I thought a new female would work again

  10. craig ellis

    Great info
    Im introducing a female Aksaray Malakli with my 2 year old male Alabai
    My alabai is not dog aggressive but the proper introduction is vital, so we all can live in harmony
    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, Mr Cabral

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