My German Shepherd is Protective Over My Husband

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My German Shepherd is Protective Over My Husband

Anytime a dog is protective over a person and acts dominantly such as barking, lunging, or attacking when someone else comes close there is an issue of either confusion or dominance. This can often be fixed through training and establishing a well balanced relationship. I address it in this video.

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11 Thoughts to “My German Shepherd is Protective Over My Husband”

  1. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    Great advice. Have to say just how brilliant the E Collar video is on your website. If only everyone used that technique. Such a great way.

  2. LittleNinjai

    Great advice as always. Thank you, Robert! Please keep sharing this message with the dog world. It’s common sense yet not so common.

  3. Jennifer Forde

    You really are the most relaxed trainer.Thankyou for the most informed information..

  4. Saki Loki

    Always love to listen to this channel

  5. Claudia Challis

    You are the best! Love your advice! We do exactly this when someone comes over that our Callie doesn’t know. (Border collie) We tell her to get in her bed and stay and we ask guests to completely ignore her. Once she sees they are not a threat, however long that takes, she is leashed and released from her bed and I put her in a get in at my side sitting apart from the other person. They are still asked to ignore and definitely no eye contact. Once I see Callie is completely relaxed I give my guest treats to throw to Callie. When I’m comfortable releasing her from my side I drop the leash and she is free to sniff the person or not, her choice. All the while the person is still ignoring Callie. If at any point Callie starts to show signs of stress, back to her bed she goes!

  6. Frodo the Chihuahua

    we have the same issue with our dog. he is really over protective. and there are 2 trainers who wants to train him. one with prong collar and the other one wants to keep him in the kennel for a month training as he said that the dog is already dominant in our house. Do u think it will be a good idea if he will be trained outside? please enlighten me as it is really a 2 year stressful walking. That is why we always send him to day care. we are a first time fur parent…

  7. Jennifer Guisinger

    You’re just the best !!

  8. Lorry Hipwell

    Hi Robert,I recently adopted this small lab mix dog and trained her,she’s real smart and eager to please but she is barrior possessive of her yard! She’s good in house with other dogs and good on walks on leash around other dogs but is crazy red alert in her yard! I’d like her to learn to accept other dogs in yard plus in a few weeks I’m getting a mali puppy!

  9. Jennifer P.

    I loved your dog training site. I had a membership for a year. I really loved your integration of relationship with technique. Thank you.

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