My Favorite Belgian Malinois Breeder Episode 61 Podcast
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My Favorite Belgian Malinois Breeder Episode 61 Podcast

Interview with my favorite Belgian Malinois Breeder, Tasha from Element Belgians.

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Tasha and I talk about my favorite breed the Belgian Malinois and what it takes to own one, live with one, and train one. From working line to show the line to just a pet… What do you need to know about this breed?

Tasha has bred multiple lines of malinois and knows the breed and its characteristics and pitfalls. She is the person who bred my personal dog, Goofy. Everyone knows how much I love Goofy…. so sit back and enjoy the conversation between me and Tasha talking about what we love, The Belgian Malinois.

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20 Thoughts to “My Favorite Belgian Malinois Breeder Episode 61 Podcast”

  1. Graham Rowland

    Great info and video

  2. terrierized

    Great talk, nice to meet Tasha.

  3. Bernie McNamara

    What a great lady,thank you for being honest and straight. Those qualities are hard to find now especially with breeders.

  4. News that matter

    A women owns a Belgian Milionis in my apartment complex. Very well trained and obedient. I’ve conversed with her a few times. I think she must spend her entire day caring for the dog. She works from home and it affords her the ability to care for her dog round clock. He’s so high strung and intense that he’s a headache to just watch. She takes him out 4-5 times a day including a a several mile run with bicycle. I see them in the morning as I’m driving out to work and at 7 am, this dog look like he’s on crack cocaine.

  5. Charity Blackwell

    And it’s a woman

    This is totally awesome 🙂

  6. S Kamm

    When it’s said to find a “reputable” breeder, this is what we mean.

  7. Magearon

    It’s amazing to me, as a casual pet owner, that there are people out there who really really care about the dogs they create and their well-being. It’s really comforting to me that if or when I get a puppy from a breeder that there are breeders out there that care as much about dogs as you two! I won’t be getting a malinois since they don’t fit my lifestyle, but hopefully I can find a breeder as good as her for another breed!

  8. Shayla Myers

    Tasha’s dogs are a true joy to be around. Very real, honest and reputable breeder!

  9. Ohio Malinois Mom ツ

    She’s such a real person. Great interview.

  10. Anti-Corruption Digest

    Another great podcast, thank you for sharing.

  11. Николас Керенский

    Spot on, really hope more people catch on to what your doing. Malinois are a great breed, really sad to see them in shelters when it could’ve been prevented.

  12. Stacey Strukel

    We have a malinois mix whom is 10 months old too. She looks like a fox and has tons of energy. We debate getting a pure Mali in a few years. We love this dog.

  13. LittleNinjai

    What a truly lovely podcast. Thank you.

  14. R E Malm

    … Hi Goofy’s Mom 😎 …

  15. Susan McSherry

    Well done you two ! I really enjoyed this video !

  16. Hebrews 5:12

    The Mals are the Pitbull of the Sheperds. So, in the absence of a Mal, my money is on the Pitbull.

  17. Tim Schaefer oasisleadshotmaker

    I have a Malinois and wanting to have her breed can you recommend someone that as a mail for breeding? I do live in southern Indiana. Thanks you

  18. Doug H. in VA

    so what is the point, exactly? Nearly no one ever takes a dog through even 1 basic obedience class. And you have a reputable Malinois breeder as a guest? Think this over and all those dogs you helped in shelters and all those animal handlers you helped. Do NOT talk about Malinois dogs as ‘pets’ because they are NOT that for most everyone. Police and Military handlers use Malinois, Dutch Shepherds, and similar breeds for specific reasons. Not pets!

  19. curry muncher lll

    Robert will you be doing another so you got a malinois in the future

  20. curry muncher lll


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