My Dog’s First Time at a Dog Park Didn’t Go Well: This is Why I Don’t Go to Dog Parks

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My Dog’s First Time at a Dog Park Didn’t Go Well: This is Why I Don’t Go to Dog Parks

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169 Thoughts to “My Dog’s First Time at a Dog Park Didn’t Go Well: This is Why I Don’t Go to Dog Parks”

  1. Aaxel Jinx

    This video felt so reassuring to me because my dog is kind of the opposite of inertia but he still prefers people over dogs. My dog likes to play more rough but a lot of dogs are more submissive. He likes small ones too and I think its bc he wants to be dominant. I’m not sure if I should or can break that by now since he turned 3 years. He gets scared when a dog comes at him too fast too.

  2. zuzupost2010

    She seems to bark at poodle type dogs. My dog is similar and he barks to play not realising he is sending the opposite message to humans.

  3. Leslie Perez

    My dog is people reactive. He’s always been, and we were also working with a dog trainer but… he still is reactive and I fear that he might bite.
    Right now I am working on getting his focus on me whenever people pass by, even when we are at the dog park, I keep him leashed and walk around, cause he would otherwise lunge at the fence and bark at strangers.

    I don’t think he’ll ever like everyone, he is a Maremma Sheepdog mix I rescued from the shelter, but I hope that we will get to a place where he doesn’t like strangers, but he focuses on me instead of trying to attack them. Thank you for your encouraging videos.

  4. Campbells

    We’re you actually telling your dog to NOT bite at another dog? That is like punishing the growl.

  5. Leslie Perez

    Dog parks where I live (Milan) are so depressing. This dog park is so nice and seems so clean.
    Here people don’t bother to pick up the stools, because they use dog parks mainly to let dogs poop and pee, so they often never let anyone else in.
    It’s basically a dog toilet.

  6. RipRealit y

    So does everyone only comment positive stuff or do you delete negative ones? Also, I feel like you were rewarding her at the wrong time

  7. rebecsmoon

    I’ve watched this whole series and this video upset me some. Intertia should have never entered the dog park. If you want to do that with her you should have let her watch from outside for a couple of days then introduced her. Our GSD was fearful at first and this is what we did he has been the best playmate with every dog he has encountered or not he reads others behavior very well and backs off if the other dogs dont want to play with him, he is nearly 8 months now. Dog park was not the problem she was. She would be the dog I’d be protecting mine from. Her correction was exaggerated which tells me she hasn’t been well socialized, having indie at home is not a good example as they live together. And picking her up was the worst thing you could have done, you rewarded her negative behavior, for inertia you nurtured and approved of what she did. That would’ve been the moment for a redirection not picking her up. No fault to any of the other dogs at all because if it was the others, the dogs would’ve had more problems with others and not just inertia. She was too insecure and nervous and she possibly also fed off your energy as well, again she should have never entered the dog park to begin with

  8. Rae

    I think Inertias reaction to people vs dogs is really interesting because my 5 month border collie is the opposite! She loves other dogs but barks at strangers (we are training/working on it). If a stranger has a dog she wants to approach the human because the dog is a bigger reward than the stranger is scary!

  9. Melanie Ostiguy

    I love to bring my dog to the dog park during off peak hours when usually no one is there. I think it’s great for her to sniff around and be in a new space. And if there’s one or two dogs that’s a bonus. Peak hours are just too much and I find that that’s when people bring their dogs who have full batteries ready to go.

  10. Greener Grass

    One of your best videos zac. Thank you

  11. Rob Salvv

    Despite appearances, dog parks are uncontrolled environments. Inertia did amazingly well. My 4yo male whippet is not a fan of dogs coming on energetically and fast – so busy dog parks with clueless owners lost in their phones are absolute no go zones.

  12. loveanpeace4eva

    Inertia seemed fine to me and the black dog ran and charged and knocked into her. She defended herself. If someone was charging at you randomly wouldn’t you feel defensive? She was very stimulated with all the smells and other dogs so perhaps it was harder for her to be calm. She seems to have some anxiety.

  13. Chloe fallwalker

    Luckily my border collie loves
    other dogs and loves people. 🙂

  14. Roxas Rocks

    Thank you for posting these videos! Definitely going to put the advice and training to use with my new puppy!

  15. Tiffany Flores

    I have a border aussie, it’s genetics. They don’t care for pushy energetic dogs. She was simply correcting. She was super stressed out over this, it’s best to just pick dogs that match her play style and are respectful and schedule play dates. That way there’s no surprises! 🙂

  16. LookeStuff

    This is quite common Border Collie behaviour. They don’t tend to like dogs with no manners charging up into their space and tend to ward it off quickly which is fair.

  17. Sedona Rhodes

    I am a subscriber and for trick training this stuff is effective, but My standard poodle is five months old and using mostly Cesar Milan’s technique he is far better behaved and calm. That’s why I personally don’t believe in positive only “training”. I don’t hit him ever and he does have high energy. I still am giving him far more positive reinforcement than any mother dog would.

  18. Mydlas

    eug, poor you, she barely let go,a dog is a tiny bit impolite and she keeps on punishing, a chance there wasnt a big punk of a dog wanting to step in and teach her manners. It is like she never had more rough dog to dog experience, like telling, this is my space, this is mine, no this is mine, etc. Dog language has so much bickering and bitching, yet growling, snapping, mock charging, toy stealing, running and barking all is normal, poor shy dog.

  19. Sebastian Davies-Sigmund

    Even though inertia was caught off guard by another dog, her defensiveness was not acceptable. You’re actually lucky that other dog just backed off and wasn’t overly dominate, because otherwise that would’ve totally been a fight. Inertia is very insecure, hence her resource guarding, reactivity, and nervousness I’ve seen from her in other videos. Maybe try balanced training to help curb her potentially dangerous behavior?

  20. Two Cynics

    Zak thanks so much for this video. Our golden retriever puppy has almost finished her vaccines so soon we will be able to take her out for walks. This helped me to develop some more realistic expectations of how her outings might be at the start. Awesome video!


    How old is she now??

  22. Jacqueline Arbuthnot

    I’m shocked at some of the ignorant comments here! Dog training is a process and Zak said they’ll try again another time, why isn’t it okay to respect your dog’s boundaries? To me this is a perfect example of how to help your dog feel safe with you – Inertia knows Zak will take care of her and that bond is so important.

  23. sherife Walford

    You know, for a dog trainer, you’re dog sure has some significant behavioral issues. I appreciate your openness to share you’re dogs journey through life. However, maybe you’re dog is out smarting you and you should try another approach to training.

  24. Oriana F.

    She is adorable. You have been super helpful in educating me to understand my dogs behaviour and mine too. Thank you.

  25. the smart mutts

    Why would he one take her leash off if she was being fear full if this is his way to socialise his puppy he needs to ask another trainer for some help

    Zak you should have had her on a long line if it was her first time and you shouldn’t have picked her up after she reacted you should never do that again this a high energy dog plus one of the smartest dogs you have to find something to get rid of this energy but also listen around other dogs try finding a dog club near you ( not puppy class) and try some obedience or rally

  26. Psychiatric service dog Diva

    The dog is simply giving warnings to very energetic dogs! She’s very nervous and a little skittish of the new environment but she’ll get used to it

  27. Dave

    Untrainable dog . Every video is always how little progress she makes

  28. Reece McNanara

    You are praising her behaviour, she needs to learn that she can’t go for a dog as it could lead into a bigger situation and if that dog was to retaliate then it wouldn’t off been a nice sight

  29. It'sAlexForShort

    This is realest dog guy I’ve seen on YouTube

  30. Anne Kaczorowski

    Not sure why this video was titled “ this is why I don’t go to dog parks” I don’t think it was a terrible experience for inertia”

  31. ThePaintballernick

    Awesome video. I have have a Border Collie who reacts almost exactkly the same way as this one when thrown into a situation with alot of dogs.

  32. Svegi53689312

    My dog is 1 now, hates humans but likes other dogs…..

  33. Caitlin Bauer

    Honestly, she was doing GREAT. I think the reason she went for the bigger dog was not because he was bigger. He knocked into her from behind (she was caught off guard) and she was on the defensive. For such a young female dog that got really caught off guard, I don’t think her reaction was uncalled for. It will just take getting use to 🙂

  34. Tiger

    I’ve been to dog parks a few times now, but after the last time I’m not so sure I’ll go again. It went okay on the beginning. Sadly there was a young Bernese Mountain Dog and for some reason my dog is very uncertain about that breed and growls/snaps at them.
    It was fine for the most part, though the owner was never really close to the dog and let it just do whatever it wanted.
    That wasn’t the biggest problem though. At some point my dog and another small dog got a bit in an argument, so to say. They started growling and snapping at each other wich drew the attention of the other 6-7 dogs in the park. Knowing that my dog gets a bit defensive when cornered (and seeing the Bernese coming closer) I decided to lift him up to not escalate the situation. But then some of the dogs – most of them larger breeds – started jumping up on me, snapping at my dog. I went into mama-bear mode and pushed them away, shielding my dog and we moved away. We left the park and on the way out i noticed that one of the dogs got me and one tooth broke skin on my hand. Though at least my dog was fine – I would fight any number of dogs to protect him.
    But yeah, that was an awful experience. And the worst part was that none of the other owners tried to call their dogs off or came to take them away… One of the dogs that snapped at us even followed us for a bit without the owner calling it.

  35. The Vertically Challenged

    You can see how stressed out she is the whole time.

  36. sweet service shepherd

    do not bring your dog to the park if they are not ready. its like throwing a little kid in a pool to teach them to swim. you should have removed her the moment she was showing nervous uncomfortable body language and worked on her confidence. this “training” is a joke. inertia is the dog people want to protect their dog from at the park

  37. The Vertically Challenged

    Your dog needs some serious behavior modification. And thats the truth.

  38. Tiger1 n

    That is exactly how my heeler reacted at four months in his first puppy play time and he hides under a table when I took him to the dog park. He snapped in the face of a puppy who wouldn’t leave him alone, the trainer didn’t even really care and said the puppy needed to learn that not all dogs react well to being jumped on. He’s doing better with other dogs now though.

  39. Kelly Sinclair

    My bc is the same she is more of a people dog she’ll go up to the owner and ignore the dog it’s so funny

  40. Naomi Bun

    Thanks for showing these struggles too! Not everyting will go smooth. Eventough you do all the steps

  41. Karen De Cosse

    My pup Ripley is 6 months, American staffy Kelpie cross, we live across from a leash free park and beach. We go twice a day. We have followed you from the start with Inertia. It’s been excellent. Ripley is neither cowed or aggressive when meeting other dogs and plays well, my problem is people! she goes totally nuts. She’ll knows she’s not supposed to run up to people, because she looks back at me when I’m calling her. So frustrating because though most people are great, we had one really nasty incident with a guy kicking her and pushing me to the ground when I intervened. We were both nervous for the next few times but I refuse to be driven out of what is essentially our back yard. We both love it when Ripley is off leash, I have started calling her back when she shows too much interest. and releasing her when she comply’s or loses interest, it’s going ok.
    One thing I’d like some feedback on, Treats only work with Ripley the first two times they are offered then she just looks at me or ignores me. No matter what type of treat, I’ve tried “em all. Toys, same. LOL what now?

  42. Phillip Swanson

    Why didn’t you first give her some exercise to reduce her energy levels?

  43. Ann Dahlen

    Appreciate your honesty and struggles! and I love Inertia, even the sassy parts 🙂

  44. I G

    That dog wasn’t being aggressive, but he really scared Inertia. The human equivalent of her reaction would be you cussing them out. I wouldn’t be happy either. She misunderstood the situation. It happens. It couldn’t be prevented and she isn’t ruined. Everyone needs to chill out. Zak is doing an amazing job with her.

  45. KOSMOS

    I only go to our tiny dog park. At most, it’s 3 other dogs at a time. Much more manageable and the owners are all clearly there and responsive. Went to a big park twice and on the second time, two bull terriers attacked my poor boy within a minute of entering the place – no warnings. The owner came over and wheelbarrow the one latched onto my dog’s neck and I pried it off. The other one, my husband forcefully removed. Immediately tried to leave, but the owner just let the demons loose again and my husband had to guard us trying to leave. Never again. Small park only and doggie daycare. Luckily, my boy shook off the incident easily.

  46. swimmingmantis22

    Dog parks are a bad idea. And you never know who trains their dogs to be indifferent to other dogs or distractions. I’m glad nothing bad happened.

  47. Alexandra Stevens

    Inertia is young, but she needs to know that reactive behavior is not okay. Letting her continue it makes you the kind of owner I would avoid.

  48. tasha mason

    The bigger dog did bash into her… But rude to a dog. Lol

  49. I G

    I think you’re doing a great job. Thanks for sharing these hard moments. Inertia’s training really inspires me.

  50. tasha mason

    Glad you put that video out there…. Life ain’t perfect…. She can’t love all dogs just as we don’t with people….

  51. Maritza Marie

    Please upload more videos like this!! It’s very helpful !

  52. Jynxi-Maru The Pekingese

    I think inertia did pretty good in that situation. It was warning snaps to a dog that suddenly came on too strong. She did really well with the others. I think after some more time she will be great with other dogs. Dog training takes mucho patients.

  53. Sunshine & Leon

    Am I the only one who actually watched this video? I’m sorry Zak, I used to admire you so much, but the more I learned about training, the more I cannot admire you anymore. Your dog clearly has some genetic behavioral issues, and is poorly trained. She needs some clear boundaries, and you let her walk all over you. And no I’m not taking about being the “alpha” or any of the BS that old school trainers spew, but Inertia clearly need some modern balanced training. She initiated that scuffle, and instead of correcting her, you just pulled her away (teaching her that if she’s upset she can react aggressively and then the problem will be taken away) and then you blamed it on the DOG PARK of all things?? This is ridiculous.

  54. Foxy-Lu

    Yeah, I don’t like when people let their dogs just ram right into your young puppy, that was uncalled for by the German Sheph and it’s owner. I tried to take my puppy to a dog park for socializing and this huge husky just barrelled right into my little 3 month old rough collie, and he was going to do it over and over and over again while my puppy screamed and cried. NO one came to stop their damn dog from terrorizing my puppy. I had to face off alone with this dog to protect my pup…even when I picked my pup up to leave the park, that husky followed me, trying to lunge at my puppy…still no one came to stop their dog. Doesn’t mean I wont ever take him to the dog park though, it’s not my typical experience there. USUALLY people with well behaved dogs go there and actually keep an eye on their dog.

  55. Kayleigh

    Title: The dog park didn’t go well
    Video: overall she had a lot of really good experiences
    Love your videos Inertia is amazing!

  56. Natalie F

    Something that helped with my girl was taking her to the park a couple times when no one was there. That way she wasn’t meeting strangers in an unfamiliar place and that seems to help with her confidence 😊

  57. C BLG

    ugh… click bait. Love you Zac, but the title of the video doesn’t match what happened. I still learned from it. I’m hoping to introduce my dog to other dogs soon.

  58. Char Grist

    I appreciate zaks honesty and openness about his challenges even as a dog trainer! Its real and refreshing!

  59. The Canine Chef

    Loved it! I like so much how we all get to see her in the context of being a real dog rather than just an “angel dog” that is perfect in every video.

  60. Quinn Henson

    That newfie mix was so sweet and gentle. Thats how my girl is with younger dogs… but she gets a little corrective if a dog is picked up over her (not sure why). I got nervous when you picked her up that another dog wouldn;t like that. She listens to me, but she definitely would get upset immediately if another dog is picked up. I think that’s even a dog park etiquette “no no”

  61. Kory Zap

    Keep it up Zak! I used your training videos to train my border collie. Got him at 9 weeks old. Trained him from day 1ish or 2 using your instructions. Now Odin my border collie is excellently behaved, people ask if he’s been “professionally” trained. I’ve learned that the personality of Collies is very unique depending on the parents and the dna in the dog. Some puppies are more willing to cooperate naturally and others aren’t. One thing I don’t do is ‘jackpot’ reward him because Odin is not treat driven even though I used treats to train him. He’s toy driven, and that became everything as he aged. He’s 2 now.

  62. Elliot Pole

    My dog was the exact same when I first took him to the local field/park he was young and nervous and snapped at an older dog who came to close. He is the most gentle dog but was just overwhelmed with all the new smells/sounds and experiences.

  63. Graham Rowland

    great video warts and all, this is a great series that shows its not all plain sailing even for a professional

  64. Inside The Dog-World

    Yeah, if you want to socialize your dog. Your way better off just safely socialize your dog with Another dog that you know and Trust. Working on a video on that right now, I Believe many people got the wrong idea of how you can safely socialize your dog with 100% successrate. Don’t just throw your dog out to the wolfs, which is letting your dog in a random dog park. That’s why zac don’t let his dog lose with random other dogs. To much of a risk.

  65. Magic Larry

    Thankfully the German shepherd didn’t over react to her.

  66. T Renee

    My dog has all the same problems

  67. Leanne Irving

    Curious to know what picking her up does when she’s had an interaction with another dog like at 11:58 in the video. I’m currently having similar interactions with my 8 month old BC. It’s happening with/only younger puppies that haven’t approached my dog yet but are in the park with us. I have an appointment with a trainer on the matter, but curious to hear Zak’s 2 cents. 🙂

  68. lupita miranda

    This is sometimes the reality of pet owners. He just shows his progress with Inertia of how he keeps teaching her to listen and behave. Keep it up mister! she is a really good challenge, you guys can do it!👍👏

  69. Leah Collins

    If a pitbull did that what she did it will be everywhere it is wrong

  70. Elizabeth Harlan

    This is so helpful! My border collie behaves the same way at dog parks and when dogs come running up to him. I hope to train him more at parks when weather gets better!

  71. Bats

    I work at a doggy daycare and I like to compare dogs to people. Some people like parties and meeting everyone, while some just like to be with close friends and are more introverted. Lots of people seem to think their dog should like EVERY dog and don’t understand why they don’t get along with some. But people don’t always like every person they meet, so of course dogs would be the same way. I don’t blame Inertia for not liking those more rambunctious pups running right into her lol

    She’s growing up beautifully though! 😭 Good luck with her training in the future!

  72. cleanhit777

    Very dominant dog and a very passive dog don’t mix no surprise here, your dog did really well.


    What breed is the black dog? (Intro part) please help?

  74. mixtwomimo

    It’s so crazy how different dogs personalities can be. My Sammy’s first dog park experience was him running up to every dog like he owned the place and was so fun for him he left us in the dust chasing after him 😥

  75. GoToSleep

    Just call Cesar Millan he will help you

  76. Lizz DoubleZ

    My dog is TERRIBLE around other dogs! :/ he has been since day 1, but i got him accepting other dogs from a distance last summer. I hold to do it again once its not below freezing outside!!

  77. Facetious Times

    I don’t go to dog parks either. I have a service dog, I’m not taking a chance for a dog biting mine.

  78. Lena Rimac

    My dog has pretty similar reactions to other dogs. He bites other dogs that dont want to get away from him. But he cleary does it because he is afraid.

  79. Kim Van Den Hoek

    Seriously all your yt titels say you fail. Talk dog, not like a emotional person. 😂😂😂😂😂

  80. HSWG WL

    inertia on her period

  81. BBT Boston

    I am so unbelievably impressed by your either your natural or advanced level schooling that makes you literally a behavioral genius with the ability to run so many intentionally planned and controlled programs that are virtually impossible for the most experienced and talented professionals. I am a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) with 20 years of continued advanced education, training and constant practice primarily with those who are diagnosed with autism and related disorders.
    I am unbelievably impressed with your ability to do all this without taking formal data or I should say having a tech. Take the data, how do you determine when to move on with he next skill? I move on to the next skill when the data determines that mastery criteria has been met which is essentially written and analyzed by me and yet delivered by the tech.who also takes the specific data that i am looking to tell me when to advance…you even run ‘compliance checks, random rewards, and even a preference assessment’ which is virtually impossible to do all at once and without data lol…I dont think many realize how intentional and planed every single intricate move you make all determined only by your pup’s reaction a few seconds before your next move…from the things you explain, barely mention and even techniques you are incorporating and yet not even appearing to be intentional at all never mind used to tell you when to either continue on or to stop all together as you determined was appropriate in this session. Also do you mind if I ask what your background is? How you became so talented and even with the ability to teach and train others to do the work you are doing?
    I began watching your videos so that I could try and understand how to train a puppy which i am trying desperately to adopt…although inexperienced and stupid I was the victim of a pet scam in which I very much researched, fact checked and questioned the person selling the puppy but it was the “shipping service/company” that scammed me out of $ in whcih they even had a fake website that allowed me to track the puppy and yet was all fake…i have not had much luck since and am still trying to save $ again after the loss which was mortifying and costly lol…BCBA’s unfortunately do not make much $ however with what I do daily my reward is not monetary at all but it happens when one of my kiddos learns to tell their parent “I love you” which sadly some wait many years to hear from their kid which for me to witness is priceless and no amount of money would create a better feeeling then what comes from the reaction by the parent who finally hears those 3 words.
    Anyway well done and hopefully I will soon have a puppy to follow along to y your videos

  82. EyeLUVMYPitbull Peaches

    I hope you told the guy he has the sweetest gsd ever lol
    Sorry about the experience…what a kind shepherd that gentleman has 🙂

  83. Becky Garcia

    Oh my, our jack russel does that snappy bite at our cats.

  84. dexthebutcher

    Dog parks are so hit or miss. 9/10 my trips to the dog park are great. Every once in a while I’ll leave if there are too many dogs with no owners near by but generally you can find a group of owners hanging out and talking while their dogs play. You just have to be ready to get them out of there. Your dog picks up on your energy so if you’re nervous and scared about a fight so will your dog. Just be cool and calm and most of the time it’s fine but I’ve definitely had some baaaad experiences there. Sometimes it just doesn’t work.

  85. Affadoodle Tigress Joint Account

    Hey Zak, my golden retriever puppy is 5 months and absolutely loves people and attention but as soon as he meets a dog, may it be big or small, he is apprehensive and acts incredibly scared…he cries and barks high pitched so I would really like some help on how to gradually help him have fun with other dogs. 😊

  86. Joseph Kollhoff

    Hey Zak,
    I love the videos and I want to credit you for teaching me how to train my dog how to do tricks! We adopted our pup when she was 3 (now 5) and she didn’t have any basic training or socialization. I’m wondering what your suggestions are for how to desensitize her to other dogs so that she can run free at the dog park. We take her to doggy camp (an awesome local kennel) when we can’t travel with her and I’ve taken her to parks immediately after picking her up and she does amazing. Within 24 hours she goes back to barking and reacting to every dog in the neighborhood. Is it worth looking at a local trainer to help her out? I’d really appreciate your advice and I LOVE what you are doing for the dog-loving community! I wish you all the best!!!

  87. GodfreyTheTurtle

    Why are you people acting like this was a dog fight!? And Interia is sooo misbehaved and aggressive. This clearly isn’t the case She only snapped in WARNING. She was obviously scared and thrown off guard.

  88. Gavin Reddig

    Dog parks suck…I don’t trust other people’s dogs really

  89. Bruno Matarelli

    Well if you are not the leader and dont give limits that what’s happen.
    Just treats for everything it’s not good
    You need be the alpha.
    And also she try to bike your wife when she was eating
    She see you like a treats guys not as a alpha
    With a small or medium dog that is fine
    Do that with a rottweiler and see if you are going to have any power thru him.
    6 month and she still fighting against your command.
    Sorry but that is my opinion.
    Treat a dog like a dog
    Or your dog going treat you like a dog

  90. Droemar

    I think the value of dog parks is to learn how to deal with dogs that are assholes. The Dutch Shepard is a perfect example: he didn’t jump on Inertia just because she showed bad behavior. He tolerated it and didn’t escalate. (Of course, kudos to Zak for being responsible and stepping in.) It looks to me like he was trying to correct her.
    I have a Rottweiler puppy. He can’t go off on every dog that rubs him the wrong way. He has to learn that not every dog he meets is going to be perfectly balanced and agreeable, and that he’s not allowed to correct that, either.
    I see dog parks the same way I see schools: you send them there to socialize, and a very important part of that socialization is learning how to deal with assholes without becoming one yourself.

  91. Ellie Puff

    Do you have any tips gor training adult dogs? I got my husky mix at 1 year and she is almost 2 now. She listens, sits, is responsive to me (unless there is a squirrel), but I just want to know what anyome here would recommend. Listens well at home. Walks go well but she does lunge at small animals like birds and rabbits. She’s a pretty quiet dog, but howls when coming back inside for some reason, or when excited. What are the main things I should teach her.
    She already knows:
    Let’s go
    High five
    We are working on stay and wait

    I tried looking at videos that help with the essential commands but they all say the same stuff. I feel like I’m running out of helpful things to teach her ;_; help.

    Also my dog likes the “rude” energetic dogs because she can meet them at their energy level. She’s a copy cat and will learn play tricks from other dogs.

  92. Diego Ortega

    My dog is growing up with Inertia at the same time and these videos help us so much. They provide a great reference point of where he should be in his development. Keep them coming!

  93. Carlos Robins

    I like your approach of taking baby steps with your puppy’s new adventure at the dog park.

  94. samantha sveum

    Dogs don’t always pay attention to where they are going when playing/running with other dogs (it is well known at the dog park I go to to watch out cause dogs will crash into you). That Shepherd was very patient with her snapping at him, as she reacted a bit strongly and I didn’t like the confrontational stance she went in. She just might not be a dog park kind of dog.

  95. Rileigh

    Thank you for showing the video exactly as it is. I know some people are giving you a hard time about her nipping, but I appreciate that you’re showing us how to handle a shy dog. Too many videos only show perfect puppies and perfect interactions.

  96. Horses by Hulachowdown

    My little guy doesn’t do great at dog parks. He does fine with smaller dogs and big dogs that are calm, but anything that is energetic he gets defensive. He is a rescue that had a rough start in life, so I think he still has a really strong defensive response because he definitely has been in fights before( he has old scars). I think it will be a while (if ever) that he gets over that. I am planning on getting another dog that is a bit bigger to help on my farm, but I think I need to get my dog a bit more comfortable first so that there won’t be an issue with the new dog and him fighting.

  97. Jenny Feith

    Zak is always getting such a hard time in comments whenever he puts up a video with intertia .. 😅 it’s been an interesting video to watch! I also have a 6 months old puppy and he is not a fan of the dog park but he is still the most social and confident pup you could imagine in any other setting.. so I don’t think it is fair to say that if a dog isn’t enjoying the dog park it is because they haven’t been socialised.. that being said I think the Dutch shepherd was behaving just fine and also been really patient letting her snap multiple times. Anyway, love following inertia’s journey throughout the ups and downs!

  98. RealMeatyBalls

    don’t get me wrong i like this channel and i take the positives where i can, training with treats etc but inertia just drags zak around and ignores him in public completely. literally zero obedience and excuse after excuse from zak. i foresee some off camera prong collar work in the near future or intertia getting phased out from this channel.

  99. crosita1

    I am only tuning in to these occasionally but I think you are continuing to push her too fast. You want a minimum of 80% success rate for cues. Using sit as a test like you are without backing up to work it in a reliably successful level is giving you what looks to me like less than 50% rewardable sit cues. So you are extinguishing your sit through rehearsal of ignoring it.

    Inertia is really good for you as a trainer because you are going to have to up your game to be successful. There’s generally nothing wrong with your knowledge, but with her you tend to ignore or miss some of her body language and it’s hurting your progress. I think if it was someone else’s dog you would find it easier to respect her signals and be patient. I have the exact same problems with my personal dogs versus professional training work–for some reason it’s significantly harder to patiently and respectfully train my personal dogs as compared to someone else’s dog. I feel you. But if you are going to use it as a demo you need to make the effort to work at a more responsive level.

    I think it was a mistake to take her into an uncontrolled dog park after her every reaction to a dog approach was fearful and unconfident. It’s really important that you train her for where she is at, not where you think she ought to be. For socializing she is not okay with being approached by strange dogs yet. To make efficient and effective progress you are going to have to go at her speed and stop pushing her too fast.

  100. Good Wellesley Dogs Training

    A Dog park is one of the most dangerous places you can take your dog. Recipe: Tons of untrained dogs + owners on their devices + tons of 💩germs (who knows who’s had shots or not) can = illness, trauma or worse. Training OUTSIDE the park can be useful / ok (to use the distraction of being near other dogs and getting your dog to focus back on you.) Going INSIDE for socialization is a huge risk & mistake, especially for new pet owners. Perhaps a bit more warning about the dangers to help your viewers keep their dogs safe in the next video. Just saying…..

  101. Robin Bennett

    I’m feeling myself slooowly slowly losing faith in this channel… definitely encourage anyone taking loads of notes to do research into who you’re getting advice from.

  102. James Aust

    Playing off the cliche “dog parks are bad” trope. As a trainer, you should know this experience went about as well as it could. Inertia is the “bad dog at the park” in this video.

  103. TippyRoh

    i have been to dogparks very often with my 4 and a half month old puppy, she is really small (pomeranian and corgi mix) and does super well with other small dogs. one tme there were over 30 small dogs there because of a meetup and she did really well ^^ but in another mixed size park she had a really rough experience with some big dogs. she got scared and squiled and ran which kicked in the other dogs preydrive probably… it was so scary.. i thought i was gonna loose her, i had an anxiety attack right after. she got out of it with no wounds or anything, but she is scared of big dogs tho. I have met with alot of big dogs alone and in a more controlled enviorment afterwards, and she isn’t as scared as she was, just suspicious and carefull at first with them. to be honest i’m the one who is the most scared of letting her meet a big dog after all that.. (sorry if I have grammar or spelling mistakes)

  104. Rita Hodges

    The quiz doesn’t help me the aggression for my male is all of the above. He thinks he is alpha.

  105. DarkessVsLight Niana

    He is overprotective and he does not let the dog to meet other dogs even if it means a short fight. His dog is scared because he is overprotective and as for the black dog it wanted to play with her but she got scared.

  106. Emilia Chape

    People.. Puppy class isn’t the only method of socialization! Inertia needed to be introduced to more dogs (young, old) or at least been near them before this stage (she’s basically a teenager now). You gotta take your dog to various places, even spots where there are many dogs, so they know when they’re supposed to play and when they’re not.

    She’s almost 7 months old and still walking unreliable on leash, he is still using treats to have her comply to commands (treats make dogs unreliable), and on top of that Inertia appears to be unsociliazed for her age and her little “snipping” at the dog park was far too extreme. For a puppy?! She’s acting like she’s an old house dog that has never stepped foot outside her home.
    The way he corrected her for the snipping. Wow. How on earth is she ever going to learn? I’m not saying to use cruel tools or punishment. But your tone of voice says a lot to your dog. His “ah ah” wasn’t even neutral, it was almost happy. Oh my. Mixed signals.

  107. It's Just Bree

    I really don’t see the point of taking her to a dog park and flooding her. Why not set up a meeting with a dog you know won’t rush up to her and overwhelm her? Some of those dogs almost knocked her over and were extremely rude. That’s not a positive experience and may make her more fearful of other dogs.

  108. Gabriel Preciado

    Sometimes the best training is experience

  109. Luna Ley

    But u was bringing her to puppy classes!!!😳 I was sure that was supposed to socialize dog just enough!! I actually planned for my 4 month Jack Russell puppy class because she is growling to other BIG dogs on walks…:((

  110. Zachary Chapman

    Does anyone know the breed of the dog that she bit at?

  111. Blaze Fairchild

    I think she did well for her first time.

  112. Eve Hello :D

    Everyone is reacting negatively to Inertia’s nipping. But no one is comparing that to how she was pretty well behaved by the other dogs. I think it’s just that the other dog ran into her.

  113. Isbeth Damas

    It just ran into her!! Haha no wonder she got scared 😅

  114. Special Z

    Inertia isnt aggressive, she is insecure and reactive. Its a common issue in young working-line herding breeds. Ive seen it a million times. These types are slow to mature and are hypersensitive/reactive to nearly everything. Rough handling will exasperate any problem they are already having. Genetics play a strong part in your dogs behavior. Inertia’s temperament is great for a farm dog but not so great for a city dog. She’ll get it eventually lol. Anyone with any experience with these kinds of dogs knows that for 6 months, inertia is extremely responsive given all the activity. My more drivey cattle dogs were a terror at 6 months in comparison. Zak’s just got one with some extra zest lol

  115. deeestelle

    I really wanted to laugh at this whole video, because I prayed for ‘Inertia’ to come into your life (you tend to make it look so easy when you started posting videos). I rather enjoy watching you fail and then figure it out with her. She brings me joy! 😊 Anyway, she reacted correctly with that dog. She was run over, bulldozed by that dog! 😡😒 She stood up for herself and tried to correct him. Good job Inertia! If someone ran up and pushed you to the ground 😳, would you not say “Hey!Stop!” “Nope I ain’t the one!”🤬🤬 Like she did? I’d have been really salty with you for not telling the other dog, “No!!” And than me, “I got this!” As you pulled me away, if I was her. Isn’t she supposed to look to you to protect her? 🤔And yes, I knows she’s just a dog… but enough videos are out there that show dog are capable of higher learning. Mine watches tv and has preferred human shows that she watches and responds to. Your a good trainer that’s why I subscribed. And its “no shame” in being wrong sometimes. Inertia makes sure of that for you! Keep trying… she’ll teach you!🤣😂. Keep trying and learning👍🏾👍🏻👍🏽👍

  116. Rachal Nelson

    Honestly that was a good reason for a dog to dog correction from her. She will eventually mature enough to know once is enough. He was rude and knocked into her enough to move her. What’s her “leave it” like? Can it get her to break focus when her attention goes from curious to more anxious? “Leave it” ‘s from me are always a gold treat command. It can stop so many things before they even start.

  117. VeganPancakes

    My dog is definitely a people person too, she’d rather go meet the people instead of actually playing with other dogs at the dog park!

  118. Jackysutarrodetierra

    Honestly, I think you should have let her out the moment she was uncomfortable. I usually build confidence first and then expose them to this kind of settings afterwards. That’s my opinion anyway.

  119. shanaynayb

    My very lovable but dominant tri-red aussie has been socialized since birth – from her litter to weekly puppy school for a year. I think it’s the herding breed – bubba is 2.5yrs old & she’s super defence/fear aggressive with other bigger dogs – rushes, lunges, snaps, barks maniacally, the whole shebang – we have to go back to school before a big one eats her after calling her bluff. ugh.

  120. Smartassdroid

    This is what happens when you never discipline your dog and treat it like a purse puppy, never act the alpha and do not make your dog understand im a dog way, that that behaviour is unacceptable. You need to be an alpha, not a beta. Dog trainer… Mate, that is embarrassing.

  121. VON VON

    I get so frustrated when my siberian husky puppy shows impolite personality, but now I realized that there are other puppy who are worst than him in terms of stubborness. I feel sorry for my puppy whenever I scold him 🙁

  122. Tuff

    Inertia did amazing, was very well within her right to react the way she did (yes she reacted a bit too strong but Zak corrected her nicely). Dogs running into eachother is never nice etiquette. She greeted the other dogs very calmly and gentle. I do think it wouldve been better to do these intros to dog parks a bit earlier, because after 6months they enter puberty and it can all become too much for them if its all so new.

    Really love the journey of Inertia so far! Can’t wait to see how she evolves. Also your dog parks over there are huuuge haha! I come from a small country and we unfortunately don’t have such amazing parks. It’s really awesome to see all of this!

  123. Revolting Kittah

    The shepherd was trying to protect.and responded instantly to the owners voice and backed off. It was wearing a OneTigris harness. It is probably very well trained in defensive measures.

  124. N7Mith

    12:40 You still pick her up with one arm. I’ve heard once dogs are over 10kg or 21lbs you should always pick them up with two hands, and support their butts so that their backs don’t get hurt. Is that a myth, or have you never heard that, or does the fitness help with that?
    And I really don’t think it went that bad. Yes, she had a little episode with one dog, but that’s a learning experience. It’s alright to be a little more firm with her if she acts disproportionately. In this instance, don’t pick her up but guide her back and put the leash on. Then when she’s comfortable around other dogs again (and the other one is gone or out of reach) you take the leash off.

  125. Mycel

    the one she snapped at kinda looks like a wolf dog.

  126. Amy Ruben

    This is the exact video I needed today. It’s important for me to remember not all dogs love the dog park, even if they like other dogs. I rescued a dog who is around 2-3 years and she did the same thing Inertia did at the dog park. I will work with her more one desensitization and socialize her in one-on-one settings (which she does very well with) as I think she just gets very overwhelmed by the dog park. There are lots of personalities, smells, sounds, and even people so it’s a lot to take in and process for dogs who are unsure.

  127. Steven Edwards

    My seven month old cocker spaniel is the complete opposite she is over friendly and submissive with every dog and person she ever meets.Unless I now other dogs are non aggressive I will keep her on her leash.

  128. Jorge Sarabia

    i love your videos and im doing the same step that you do for my dog im still trying to keep her attention to me

  129. Viking Dogmanship

    parks often too many cooks in the kitchen.There are controlled dog parks with trainers that are considered a safer experince especially for younger dogs.

  130. trailer guy

    Looks like she was just scared.

  131. ThatCrazyTonkGuy

    TESLA! 😅

  132. Alana Peters

    Man oh man he has no control Over his dog. Why is she always in that harness? All she does is pull in it and does as she pleases. She doesn’t listen to him what so ever unless there is a treat waving directly in her face. She was on very high alert that whole time and anxious. Most likely from lack of socialization with dogs other than puppies 🤦🏻‍♀️

  133. ragtimegals

    I don’t understand why inertia seems so nervous with her tail between her legs like that 🙁

  134. Adamari Villegas

    What treats do you recommend for training?

  135. Ash

    I’d still love you to tell us your opinion on picking dogs up and how you feel it does or doesn’t affect them. I’ve always been a firm believer that dogs aren’t for picking up and that it can be detrimental and even dangerous, but I am curious what you think about it! I’ve never seen anyone picking up a dog as big as Inertia!

  136. Bunnknees

    Hey Zak, I would love to see a video about understanding when a dog is in pain. You mentioned a few videos back that Indi had surgery. Were there signs that indicated to you she was unwell? Dogs and cats often don’t show they are in pain until it’s very severe.
    Otherwise this was another great video, thanks!

  137. Lucius Maximus

    My lab loves other dogs and is great at knowing when one doesn’t want to play with him. If one snaps at him he generally keeps his distance from that particular dog and goes to play with one that likes to play 😍 he’s very good at judging what a dogs personality is even before I do lol

  138. Taylor Hermann

    I love these videos 🙂 very helpful. everyone that tries to act like they have a perfect puppy is a liar, it’s just not possible for them to be perfect overnight. These videos show us how to deal with real-life situations we face when training our dogs. Thanks Zak!!!!

  139. A.C. Rodriguez

    My dog would never start another dog fight. She just has problems with new people. She is quite fearful of men in particular. What should I do so she’s not? How can I introduce them well, especially if I’m caught off guard and don’t have any treats??

  140. tama yeager gibson

    Who spotted the trained dog?

  141. Summer J

    I laughed when the other dog just ram its self into Zaks dog. Why are some dogs like this? Lol x

  142. dumolebob

    I go to the dog park almost every day and I’ve done so for years. I think that your first visit went very well for both your dog and for you. I don’t begin to understand why your title says “why I don’t go to dog parks“? That is very unfair especially to your dog! My experience is that just like people dogs find their soulmates probably easier than we do. Every once in a while there may be a little growl or a snarl but that’s all part of the process. No harm no foul!

    Please Change that title so you’re not misleading people into not enjoying the dog park!

  143. Jason what?

    This is not how you go about socializing your dog. No no.

  144. Kate Wallace

    What do you do when your puppy 3 months Won’t do on walks

  145. MaddieandJango

    My dog has been going to doggy daycare since he was 5 months old and he’s has no aggression what so ever. A lot has to do with personality. His dog is extremely nippy and aggressive

  146. Julliana Hopkins

    I feel like the Dutch Shepherd she was snapping to didn’t do anything wrong. That being said he didn’t show the dogs energy before the snapping happened so we can really say anything but the posture looked fine he only stiffened up when his pup tried snapping
    Socialize your dogs as soon as possible. Do not wait until their like 6-8 months old. The earlier the better

  147. NickieB

    Zack: *trains dogs
    Inertia: I’m gonna ruin this guy’s whole career!
    Hahaha! Just kidding! She’s truly lovely

  148. Karl K

    I’m using your techniques to help train my girlfriend. Much like that British show years ago where a female trainer was showing women how to train their man and got rave support, I’m doing the same and seeing great results with her! Of course feminists and society hates me because it works, IDGAF.

  149. Kristal Rivera

    That dog look so wolf like. Her reaction to the small dogs is so sweet !

  150. Battie Moon Beans

    I’m kinda surprised at inertia! She gets socialized in puppy class so I did not expect that. Edit. I know it’s not all the socialization needed guys ok geez I just ment she normally is not like in puppy class from what I’ve seen on here.

  151. Ashlee Romer

    Great video Zak!! Inertia is so cute and she is getting so big! You help me so much and thanks for all the tips!

  152. Veran Edits

    you realise thats completely your fault, cant blame the dog for your mistake of taking her to a dog park.

  153. Idk Im wierd

    I aprreciate that ur honest about that even if your a dog trainer u too have problems

  154. Parker Dixon

    Maybe because it’s her first time and she’s what 7-8 months old? Need to be around multiple dogs at the park way earlier

  155. Coldumguy YT

    im early yay


    I’m thinking bout getting a dog, which breed the most obedient ya feel me?

  157. Sammy M

    I don’t ever take my dogs to dog parks ! That’s a fight waiting to happen! I take mine to open fields

  158. red phones

    I’m adopting a catahoula pitbull mix on Wednesday. He is so beautiful and unique looking. He has the stripes of a tiger. I’m binge watching all of your videos because I visited him the other day and he would not pay any attention to me and he was very attached to his current owner. Thanks for uploading!

  159. Lunatrix

    The german shepherd ran over her very disrespectfully and she did well to correct him but it was good from you to stop her before the GDS replys and it turns into a fight.

  160. Dustyfun

    This dog is a problem dog that’s why he keeps making videos and progress with her . My 4 month old Newfoundland has excelled using his methods he can sit, lay, stay, come all on first command still working on rolling over. Keeep making these videos they’re extremely helpful

  161. Josh Jamison

    This video shows exactly why I dont like these dogs. For you being a dog super trainer I would expect much better.


    im getting a pup February 29 cant wait! -Bernedoodle

  163. SimplyServiceDog

    if a dog snapped at my service dog like that i’d go ballistic. be more firm in your training.

  164. Evie Buckland

    Ur vids r so helpful and entertaining thanks so much they have all helped me with my dog x

  165. Rashid Al-Muthanna

    I need help I’m trying to socialize my 2 German shepherds how ever they dont like other dogs any tips (they are 5 months)

  166. galaxy wolf

    That dog was very *ruff*

  167. Vodka Slam

    Your too soft on training… Thats the problem

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