My Dog’s FIRST Agility Lesson!
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My Dog’s FIRST Agility Lesson!

Train your dog agility! Jumps and Weave poles! Train your dog how to do agility!

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102 Thoughts to “My Dog’s FIRST Agility Lesson!”

  1. watchmoivies123

    Just remember, they don’t go back when weaving, they go to the next  obstacle ….

  2. Gail Lurie

    What is your take on weight pulling?

  3. Patrick Walsh

    Inertia gets really motivated for a mug of beer. I can relate to that 🍺👍

  4. Olivia Xiao

    Hi zak! My brother and I love your videos so much!! We just got an Aussie and your videos are really helping us train her

  5. Pam's Dog Academy

    I love how you did the weaves. 😂 Not at all how I would train weaves or jumps if one wants to compete at a high level, but a fun way to teach pet dogs to just have fun with agility at home. 😊 She is super cute! How old is she now?

  6. L. Lewis

    Zak, Inertia is doing so good with her weave pole training. Very impressive. Weaving was probably the hardest obstacle for my dog to learn. Don’t know if you’re actually going to train her for agility competition but if so, be aware that the dog must ALWAYS enter with the first pole at her left shoulder. You have her entering correctly when you begin, but as she gets through the last pole she turns and enters with the pole at her right shoulder. Not a good habit for her to get into.

  7. New Forest Pony

    Loving the more advanced stuff. Bailey is nearly 3 and has been trained by your videos. He’s mastered the basics and very ready for more advanced stuff. We use trees, grave stones and flowerbeds to weave outside!

  8. Marieke Boone

    The book (I’ve already bought it), the 30 day perfect pup or the dog experience YouTube videos, what do I use best to train my puppy?

  9. Pixelbark

    Nice to see you getting into agility, have you looked at the 2×2 method for learning weaves? We have had great success with it and our little sheltie, you should give it a shot, could make for a good video!

  10. Maddie Milky

    “ When you put in motion, an approach based on love, and respect, your results will forever remain in motion. “

    My dog: farts, poops enormously outside, burps.

  11. isabella mcintyre

    did you spay inertia??

  12. Leongon draws stuff

    People will jump over your bar if you give them a beer too 😀

  13. GrandisSilva

    This is really interesting! I’ve seen other videos of people training their dog to weave, and they begin with the poles separated into two rows. The dog first gets comfortable running straight between the two rows (chasing a toy, treat, etc), and then gradually the poles are moved closer together, so the dog eventually needs to weave in order to get to the end. I wonder which method is more effective…?

  14. Chloe Pattie

    For teaching weave poles. Look into teaching channel weaves or the 2 by 2 method. They teach much faster and more independent weaves!

  15. Charity Blackwell

    I might be late but congrats on the YouTube award 🙂

  16. Josh Stephens

    Great weave Zak! Good Boy!

  17. Saumya Nigam

    i am about to get an australian shepherd puppy soon. but i guess Inertia has raised the bar way too high for me!!! I am conflicted over whether i love my puppy more or Inertia ❤️❤️

  18. Blaze Fairchild

    She is doing great for her first time ! Bravo 💐

  19. Creative Diamond Dogs

    First time I’ve seen agility training. Very good!

  20. me me

    Inertia playing with the toys is just super cute and she could go in major competition 😂

  21. shadab nawaz

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  22. Abigail B

    These videos are so cool😎 and I’m going to get a rough collie, and I want to teach it some of these cool tricks

  23. New Life Midwives

    I’ve done it jumping with my puppy from day one not really high just low low low stuff but he’s getting really good at it so when I saw this video I got really excited

  24. sudhanshu pathak

    After sooooo long❤️

  25. Kritika devadiga

    at what age you started inertia’s training?
    pls reply

  26. Mauralee Boersma

    Me and my lab puppy cuddle every night. She also watches your videos with me.

  27. ღ LpsCocoHearts ღ

    The thumbnail is killing me.

  28. Mauralee Boersma

    This series has helped me with my new lab puppy and my other GSP dog. Sending love from Oklahoma!❤️


    I once had a maltese that began saying “I love you” because I said it to him so much. I have noticed that dogs who are talkers are the best ones to teach phrases to. I now have 3 male maltese, 2 of them talkers when they want my attention. The five month old is already trying to say “I love you”. Do you agree with my theory that talkers will reveal themselves like mine did? I am not teaching my nontalker to say “I love you” but I am going to see if he will try to compete with the other 2 talkers and begin trying to mouth a phrase.

  30. Fenrisulfr Wulf

    Honestly I think Zak uses far to many treats. Amir Wolf just did a good jumping video too lol.

  31. Fenrisulfr Wulf

    Zak: weaves through polls
    Me: lmfao

  32. Aardappelsoepje

    OMG my ultimate dream is to get a dog to do agility with! I don’t have a dog right now but every Sunday I get a cute, active, well-trained dog on my phone! I just love inertia…

  33. Jazz vanO

    You guys are amazing ❤

  34. Zach’s pixel animations And games

    Inertia is so pretty!

  35. Eve Hello :D

    My dog loves doing agility, at least jumping over stuff and the tunnels
    You gotta guide her step by step (weave by weave?) in the weaves though

  36. Sam Mooney

    I could always imagine inertia doing agility. Also how do you stop a dog barking

  37. Greyhawk Reborn

    Another great video. The best thing about this entire video series is the fact that it really is inspirational when training your own puppy from day 1. I was rewatching earlier videos in the series and realized I’m having the same issues that Zak showed in those earlier episodes of training for Inertia but I’m also having gradual successes as well. And seeing where Inertia is now excites me to know what I have to look forward to with my own pup as long as I keep up the work on my end.

  38. Brooks Equine

    I adopted my now 9 year old best friend and Star Border Collie , Gust’l when he was 7 years old . He was one step away from feral , never having a home and had very bad experiences with humans .

    Gust’l has changed so very much from being a neurotic, stinky , skinny , biting mess to a very solid , wonderful companion who gets along beautifully in society .

    I’m not into tricks but this is very interesting to me .
    Luckily for us , we are soon moving to a working Equestrian Center in the East Valley where he can learn to do working Border Collie things with me instead of being a ” City Dog ” .

    I am so excited for both Gust’l and I that we shall be fulfilling our potential !

    Love you videos !

  39. Adasha Amazing

    Early, love your channel!

  40. cz fam

    Hi guys this a video of my Australian shepherd puppy 🐶 he is so cute 😍

  41. Bagheera - The 'Pawsome' Golden Retriever

    Hiii… Zak. I m Bagheera. Please come to INDIA and train me too pawwssesee. I wanna be the most talented pooch trained by the best pup coach ever. N have the best treats too…yumm🥰🐕😍.

  42. NYA Cuddles

    Your videos have saved me years!!!!

  43. cookiegamer_lizUwUz

    who else have a rlly overprotecteve dog

  44. Henggao Cai

    How do you introduce Inertia to your baby?

  45. Michael Yee

    Anyone know where I can find this set

  46. Wallace Anderson

    I absolutely love Inertia and have loved watching her grow up from the pup from the first day you brought her home. I am getting a new cocker spaniel soon and your videos have been so helpful in informing me how to train her. I hope I get to meet you guys in one day in Piedmont Park when I’m doing training😉

  47. UltimatePSGaming

    I love Zak’s explanations

  48. Milo The Bordercollie

    love this video! where did you get the agility equipment from? 🐾💖

  49. Dave Bosanquet

    I have got a new dog. he is a cockapoo

  50. Icelandic Sheepdog Sara

    Very cool! Really like that you are showing that the training starts indoors to minimize distractions and get the dog focused. It’s a simple but very important advice for training anything new! And well done, Inertia!

  51. eshaal malik

    Your videos will help me a lot to train my dog thanks for your videos

  52. Neo_Agility K-9

    Good dog Inertia! I trained my dog for agility and have my first competition in a month!

  53. Thomas A Camel

    My dog literally just goes with the toy Lays down holds it to the ground with his paws and pulls it apart but just ropes

  54. Blossom rose

    Inertia is so cute

  55. Raistlin

    I love that little dog aw

  56. Alexander Caro


  57. Jerry Lloyd

    I’m Single 😍😥

  58. Semira Seid

    What kind of dog is she I want to get one so can you please tell in the next video please

  59. Sarah Akers

    You should train Inertia to eat all the bots

  60. Tiffany wairimu kariuki

    Hello zak how are you I hope you are doing well I have a problem and I would like you to help me my dog has a problem with snapping at people even If they were doing nothing this is outside the house (strangers)but when ppl come into her territory she won’t mind a lot she will just bark in the begging and then be cool with them.what can i do to to stop her from snapping plz reply when you see this

  61. Pig Craft

    Oh I am early wot

  62. Alexander Caro

    Like for Zak to take Inertia to compete in the Incredible Dog Competition!

  63. TheCarChronicle

    Inertia is like the smartest dog ever!!

  64. Akshay Sahu

    My pet is a Labrador, she is 3 months. But she does not bark at strangers or anyone.
    Will she ever??

    Btw big fan and Love from INDIA🇨🇮

  65. Harry Potter and more

    Thank you we have a choco lab and shes impressing all our friends and family Zak and she loves watching you!

  66. klxdy kay•.*

    Wow 10 minutes late and 500 views then 5 minute later 700 views good job Zak!!

  67. Uncle Krampus

    You are the best trainer I have ever seen! Thank you for all your help over the years Zak!!! Crazy how big your pup is now. Seems like just yesterday you posted the video of getting her. Keep up the great work!

  68. Landon Vaughan

    Good. I wait for love from you 💝💖

  69. D

    Where are your other dogs?

  70. Evelyn Swan

    Very nice 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

  71. Reina

    hey, my outside mal has a problem with plants, she wont stop chewing them can i get some help?

  72. Allison

    Awww! I just started watching your videos about a month ago and im addicted!! I’m getting a Bordercollie/ Great Pyrenees mix in about 3 to 4 weeks (im a first time dog owner). Your videos are so helpful! Thank you!!

  73. Louise GUILBAUD

    i’m so excited i’m gonna get an australian shepherd puppy soon !!
    btw i love your vids i’ve watched all your videos from day 1 🙂

  74. Puppy Love

    Your dog is sooo cute. And also your videos are super helpful, thanks ❤️

  75. Puppy Alisa

    These videos are helping me a lot because i told my parents about how i can train a puppy or dog and now there finally getting a puppy. Thank youuuu!!!!

  76. seva joshi

    Incredible!! Now how do you teach your dog to not be afraid of the toy? 🤦🏽‍♀️

  77. Jenish Pradhan

    Get a golden retreaver pls

  78. Macie Lenhart

    it’s so funny cause we have that exact same rug that sam has in the room with the paintings of indy and inertia

  79. Divyanka Singh

    I don’t have a dog but I watch ur videos so that when I have one, I will be ready…
    Lots of love from India

  80. Heather Li

    zak, just imagining Inertia competing in the world dog competition!

  81. Isshaan Goel

    Wow great Video Zak. I love it when you share your experiences with Inertia. I appreciate your work into helping us in training our dogs.

  82. leden sherpa

    I had subscribed to your channel because i wanted to teach my dog tricks and manners but he he’s no more. His name was Dale and i loved him so much. He was just 11 months old and he left me so soon.I MISS him so much. Your video reminder makes me miss him more .😖
    I miss Dale

  83. Marisetty Shyamaj

    I want a heart from zak ❤

  84. Boitshepo Fortune

    Thank for everything you do we all appreciate it man❤️❤️💥

  85. Ralf the Labrador Puppy

    Oh so cute

  86. Health and Fitness For all ages


  87. Vishavjeet Sandhu


  88. Puzzles and More

    Nice! Cool video!

  89. Ralf the Labrador Puppy

    Ooo so cute my dog is already trained

  90. Simonetta Fernandez


  91. Rebecca

    Inertia has come so far! Keep up the series, it’s so useful for many people 🙂

  92. Hello Hi

    Omg! I love you guys so so much! 4th! What breed is inertia?

  93. Bhanu Partap

    Nice 🙏

  94. nath201234

    Wow I’m early 31 seconds after upload

  95. YoDraco

    *To the Early Squad Reading This*

    *Sending Virtual hugs to everyone who needs it! stay safe, wonderful rest of your day!* 🍜 (:

    My dream is to hit 50k, Just Trying To Make My Mom Proud!

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