My Dog Resource Guarded and This is What I Did!
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My Dog Resource Guarded and This is What I Did!

Dog resource guarding is no joke! This is what I did!

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95 Thoughts to “My Dog Resource Guarded and This is What I Did!”

  1. Fairy Tale

    omg I’ve been waiting for a video like this tysm!

  2. sonnyandcobi

    When I got my poodle, I was actually told that he was aggressive but after getting him home & working with him I learned about resource guarding which I had never heard of before. My previous poodle never guarded anything but I had had him at 4 months old & we immediately started training. This video is gold to me & you were recommended to me by a local trainer. Now I know that Chance & I are in good hands but we have a lot of work to do. Thank you for Inertia & the ups & downs of training her. Now I don’t feel like I have failed Chance.

  3. Lauren T.

    Hi Zak George! I am bringing home my puppy on August 28th. I currently have a bird. How soon should I introduce them to each other?

  4. watchmoivies123

    Very nice.. if you feel good, start with other people..

  5. European Empire

    “It’s better to do this when you dog is not hungry”
    My dog is always hungry 🙁

  6. Katie Bear

    I am intrigued, curious question! I have watched your journey since the beginning! I had a puppy that resource guarded i nipped it in the bud and had it sorted within two meals with her, Resource guarding is something I have dealt with with 3 of our 5 dogs. I don’t believe in preventative measures for resource guarding as I feel it can cause resource guarding if done to often! some dogs can get frustrated when people are constantly interfering with there food toys etc. This can then Inforce that fact they should guard there food with more force to keep people out (as people naturally jump back move away from a dog attempting to bite) – if you have someone who isint confident with their dog they may not be able to nip that in the bud quick enough which could lead to further issues. Many people like yourself however can quickly correct the behaviour but I feel less confident owners may struggle to correct extremely aggressive behaviour and cause further damage. What do you think?

  7. dragon turner

    Good girl!!

  8. Dave H

    You feed these dogs so many treats during the training, but what about really small dogs? If I give him more than a few treats he is puking an hour later.

  9. Noah Casa

    What food do you feed your dog

  10. Freddie Da Frenchie

    the bone😂❤️

  11. Ayman Saeed

    Is the cooked bone not good ? The raw bone better ? Plz answer my question ? Thanks a lot 👌😊

  12. Jessica Laughlin

    My dog resource guards the couch from our cats if she and I are on it first. If she gets on the couch when they’re already settled, she leaves them be. So confusing.

  13. Alexander Caro

    Hey Zak I got a Boxer pup recently and found you’re the best dog trainer on youtube I also subbed 🙂

  14. Jazz vanO

    I love how zac isnt afraid to shair mistakes or issues with training…he is so open and shows how to lean from that. He also helps us realise that even the most perfect dog like inertia has her flaws. 🥺❤🐶

  15. Elsjelie Eksteen

    Hi Zak, thank you for all your videos they are so informative. I have a quick question. Could you perhaps make a video on how to teach a deaf puppy to heal? As we ourselves have a deaf French bulldog and we would like to know how to train her to heal? Please could you help us out? She is only 13 weeks old.

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  17. Shelties

    Great video and I love when we get to see Bree, it makes it so familiar. Thanks for your good work!

  18. 1000 subscribers with no videos Challenge

    (Plz respond) is ur dog border collie? if yes just HEART or RESPOND

  19. Creative Diamond Dogs

    My collie isn’t much of a resource guarder but it’s nice to see what to do if that should happen or with any future dog I might have.

  20. Sara Noel

    This is so helpful! My dog is going through this and now I can help to ease her out of it.

  21. Danly Omil-Lima

    I have followed your channel for years and love the way you approach training. We are getting a new puppy. Which of your two books is most applicable to training a new puppy? Heck, we’ll get both …

  22. Caitlin Bird

    Breeders who practice the puppy culture program actually do this before their puppies go home.

  23. Danly Omil-Lima

    Awesome very important lesson

  24. Carlos Sanchez

    Any tips for training an Australian shepherd who sometimes runs circles around people while barking and nipping until they stop moving?

  25. Alex Witkin

    Hey Zak, Love the videos. I have been religiously watching your videos and using your training techniques with our 4.5 month old male golden retriever puppy. He is extremely intelligent and obedient and has taken to all of the training we have done. Within the past month he has been showing increasingly extreme signs of resource guarding. It started with just high value bones and treats but now it has escalated to anything he chooses to protect. If you approach him outside of a training setting he freezes up, starts growling, and if you dont back up he starts snapping and biting you. When I use commands he reacts fine and will release the protected item. But if other people or dogs come up to him he reacts very aggressively. It has gotten so bad that the other dogs he plays with dont like playing with him anymore because he will take the toy and start guarding it. He even picks up random sticks and starts guarding them and will growl and snap when a dog comes near. Your videos have really inspired me to train my dog to be the best he can be with love and respect but I am at a loss. I am scared he will bite someone if he is approached the wrong way while he is guarding an item. I have been doing training very similar to the training in this video and will continue to do so. Let me know if you have any other suggestions, specifically with guarding with other dogs. Thanks!

  26. Thomas A Camel

    I thought my dog did this with toys but he was trying to do tug of war

  27. Ell a

    my puppy (4 months) picks up birds’ feathers from the ground on walks and i’ve got a few bites when i try to take them from him, even if i have his favorite treats with me… sometimes he drops the feather when i bring the treat close to his mouth but other times he just doesn’t and when i bring my hand closer he snaps.

  28. Eruel Santos

    Is that a Border Collie?

  29. brittany ouldcott

    My dog doesn’t resource guard things EXCEPT balls. Food, treats, tug toys are all fine. Balls of all shapes and sizes are the only thing she really guards but tennis balls are the one things she is really bad with. I can take them from her without any danger to myself but she does run away and hide with them in her kennel if she gets the chance. She’s a rescue so this may be inherited from a previous home.

  30. Rxxster Gxcha

    My dog has no resource guarding because I take her valued toy away often, Inertia is very smart

  31. Syed Nawshad

    How do you train resource guarding between two dogs?

  32. Gail Alford

    Best needed video yet! Our “pound puppy” is quite passive about everything. He may growl at us but it is always play growing-usually! We can take a toy, his food, water, snacks, whatever and he is fine. BUT!!!!!!! If he has been given a REAL bone or chewy stick/bone/rawhide…..Look out! That growl means business!!! We have had to lasso him before when it was something he found that he should not have or would be harmful to him. Thank you for these tips!

  33. Y0 Paudel

    Can you teach how to train pugs

  34. Hunter Feuerstein

    My dog resource guards with my other dog, but never with people. She tried to do what looks like an aggressive fight, but has never drawn blood or injured our other dog. What should we do to prevent this type of resource guarding?

  35. Sophia Ha

    Lol. I was first. heh. Just couldn’t wait till before I watched the video to comment.

  36. Emily Deering

    Just got to the bone… oh my that’s huge lol

  37. Emily Deering

    Omg come help me with my dogggggg I’m at a standstill. You’re awesome, love inertia❤️

  38. Alex Bos

    I love this series because it shows that even a professional isn’t perfect and as a dog owner when got my pups when I just turned 18 and got my own freedom I made a lot of mistakes. Now that I’m older I feel bad for the ignorant mistakes I made but this series has taught me so much and made me feel like I didn’t mess up as bad as I originally thought

  39. Greyhawk Reborn

    I just binged the entire Inertia videos. Great and knowledge stuff here. I’m bringing my new pup home this Friday and I’m definitely going to be using your videos and books as my guides. Definitely learned a lot here! I’m also from Louisiana so might see you in the streets of N.O. one day hopefully I’ve trained my pup to be well behaved by then.

  40. tiny fish o-0

    My dog doesn’t have this problem but I just really like watching this I don’t know why

  41. Saumya Nigam

    Hi Zak. I have been a regular at your channel for past 3-4 years. I really love you and the way your videos are made, self-explanatory and short!!! But now i have realized with the current series that I love Inertia more!! She’s a sweetheart 🥰🥰

  42. Asri Rajbhandari

    Ur videos r soo great. Everytime I see dogs and puppies they just make me
    Happy 😁❤

  43. nicole Zimmerman

    My dog will let me take anything from him, and he’s very good with other dogs UNLESS we are at the park and he has a ball. If he has a ball he will growl and snap at any dog that is near him! How can I apply this when it’s other dogs that bother him, not me?

  44. Tarlochan Singh Shergill


  45. Ezra Elliott


  46. cat_planted_ lemon_mint

    _Where on earth did he get that bone from??_

  47. MammaGlowsUP Burns

    What did you do to correct her when she snapped at you?

  48. Mountainous Roar

    My dog resource guards when other dogs are around but she doesn’t try to bite any human hands that go for her toys and treats.

  49. Breanah #zealotgang

    My dog had a cup yesterday and I tried to take it and she snapped at me this is the first time she’s ever done that

  50. Xo Droxxzy

    Your videos really help i have a 13 week old Rottweiler and she is doing great

  51. Shayla Behringer

    My dog doesn’t resource guard with humans at all, but has shown a bit of aggression when other dogs get too close to his food. Any tips or exercises to help with that?

  52. AR7

    in scenarios like this you need to correct and discipline in a non painful way of course but a touch or light pop on a collar because always doing positive reinforcement just isnt good how do you think mother dogs teach their young

  53. Hikari Snow

    But what if you want to train them without another reward like food?

  54. Gaming Legends FreeFire

    I wish I had Inertia. She is superrrr cute

  55. Grace RidesHorses

    My 7 month old corgi had a resource guarding problem at 4 ish months. I practiced putting my hands in his food bowl and dropping in yummy treats so he didn’t have an issue with his bowl but on our walks he would try to eat trash and things. for his safety there was a couple times where I had to take dangerous objects out of his mouth and I didn’t have any treats, so that’s likely what caused him to guard chews and new bones. After he snarled and bit me when he was chewing a bully stick I realized it was a big problem so I started reaching “trade” anytime he had ANYTHING. Now at 7 months the most hell do is show his teeth if I try to pet him while he’s chewing (if I am holding the chew) but he gives up chews for treats and I give them back sometimes too. He even guarded with strangers outside away from home, over sticks and weeds. Now he lets people pet him outside when he’s chewing a stick and he even chewed a bone on top of my uncles shoes who he just met !!

  56. Pseudonymous Anonymous

    Wha- Dude that bone is HUGE! :OO

  57. Vaishnavi Thakur


  58. Emma Bartlett

    I own a border collie and she resource guards!

  59. Ronit Wankhede

    and ho to make any dog who is not a guard dog to a guard dog

  60. Jenish Pradhan

    Get a golden retreaver

  61. geeky me

    750 th viewww….

    inertia is now grown up 💪💪

  62. Ronit Wankhede

    zak if u can pls a vid in how to make a dog treats and food cuz i liv in India and 1 $ is 74 rs in india

  63. Durga Dharshini

    How to stop bitting for beagle puppy

  64. babygirlpink73


  65. Laasya Nandini

    You are the beeeaaassst

  66. Alice Githuka

    Inertia is so cute.

  67. Macie Lenhart

    I taught my Australian Shepherd a trick called “report” I make her stay then walk away facing away from her with my legs spread apart and say “report!” then she runs and sits in between my legs. It would be so cool if you could teach this to Inertia!

  68. vaiju Jadhav

    Please note my comment

  69. ofkuplayz pixel

    My dog is very more protective she once bit a piece of my hand when she had a bone i dont no what to do

  70. Harsh Ranavat

    Im thinking of getting
    (husky + border collie)

  71. vaiju Jadhav

    I have been watching your videos for six months now

  72. RaikeTV

    Wow I’m early ,

    Thanks for the video, my dog was very aggressive with guarding her chew toys, hope this helps 🙂

  73. Kaustubh Kashyap

    How old is she?

  74. Ravindra nath

    Make video on stopping barking near gate be friendly with us of others

  75. vaiju Jadhav

    Hi zack i brought a stray dog. I named her sophie. This is her Instagram
    By the way love you videos they help me a lot😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  76. Cat Eeles

    So wonderful to have watched all this progress 🥰🥰 really helped me and my new puppy. He’s 4 months old now and doing wonderfully!

  77. UltimatePSGaming

    WHo true fan??

  78. Shashank Kamble

    Inertia is very cute and smart!!!

  79. Marisetty Shyamaj

    I am early

  80. Subscribe to me And I will subscribe to you

    I watch his videos with me dog right next to me

  81. Hello Hi

    Early! Can you make a video showing how you taught inertia sit pretty? Love you 🥰

  82. Conner Emery

    My dog keeps nipping at my hands and heels. Should I be scolding him? What should I do?

  83. Jerry Martinez

    8th comment your videos are the best

  84. Baxter the Golden

    She’s so adorable!

  85. Myst FNM

    People comment:
    Whos been a fan of whatever before 2020?
    Self promo statement
    I’m not a bot or a self promoter I’m just saying what they say don’t sub to me

  86. Yeva DIY

    Are border collies hard to take care of

  87. Celia Roche Pérez

    Yes I’m early!!! 😋😋
    Thanks to you my dog is doing great in training😊😊

  88. Lola The Rescued Beagle

    Love your videos Zak come subscribe to me ❤️❤️

  89. Ted M Mutie

    i love your videos

  90. Andrea Jr

    Shes so cute

  91. Yeva DIY

    Inertia is so talanted

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