My Dog is Lunging at Other Dogs and more Q&A
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My Dog is Lunging at Other Dogs and more Q&A

This episode of #askmeanything answers the following questions:

My Doberman puppy is having problems with other dogs.
My Pitbull x Spaniel is lunging at dogs.
My Malinois is howling at some people.

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13 Thoughts to “My Dog is Lunging at Other Dogs and more Q&A”

  1. Hector's Kmetija

    Thank you for answering my question, really wasn’t expecting it. Little note I’m Susan my little farm is called Hector’s kmetija 🙂 Doby pup is now 6 and a half months and I’m still intervening, but at least I know this is what I should do. Rather than people saying they will sort it out themselves. Thank you again 👍

  2. Michael MJL

    I love the affection I get from my 1 yr old Pit female. 
    She was a terror in the house as a pup, I protected my older dog from her too, and as you said, I did give her structure and it wasn’t easy or fun but it worked; to an extent. My question; she will use her body to lay on me, especially try to get on my head if I’m lying down. It seems like affection… but it also feels like domination?

  3. Johnny Sang

    Nothing like waking up to a Robert Cabral video 😄

  4. Jackie Holdorf

    I have a 13 week old Shepherd ( my 3rd).He has done great with potty training during the night but during the day he needs taking out seems like every 20 mins.I can take him out and he comes back inside after hes done to finish playing and within 15 mins I catch him mid stream peeing inside.He gives no warning just goes.Hes also into nipping the legs of my other 2 shepherds one is a 5 yr old male and the other a 4 yr old female.Whats the best way to remedy both problems? Thank u

  5. Ca K


  6. jmenta77

    Your videos are great and that t-shirt is awsome.

  7. Jan

    Great answers. Seems most of the folks lack to have a feeling what is right and wrong and are not self-sure. So they don’t correct high for small when the time comes. Instead of a few seconds they both suffer for years. Unimaginable.

  8. Who Knew 22

    Problem in the UK is you come across quite a few dogs unleashed with the owner too far away I just retreat my dog best solution

  9. VI d Bhavya Raj

    Can Pitbull dog be freindly soon after buying

  10. Francis Rodgers

    You mention correction so many times, could you explain exactly what that entails please

  11. News that matter

    I dont know why Americans have so many behavioral problems with their dogs.

  12. Manish Singh

    I feel your channel is quite underrated in terms of subscribers. I have been following your channel for so long and have benefited so much from your clear explanations.

    I have been able to train my GSD (1 yr now) to a certain extent all by following ur videos.

    Thanks a lot! Please keep sharing these valuable tips. 🙂

  13. Snehith K

    U make nice content bro!
    Keep it up!.

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