My Dog FREAKS OUT Every Time Someone Comes Over! What I’m Doing About It!

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My Dog FREAKS OUT Every Time Someone Comes Over! What I’m Doing About It!

I’ll train my dog to pay better attention when people come over to the house! Thanks PupBox for sponsoring this episode! Go to and enter discount code “ZAK” to get 50% off of your first PupBox when you sign up for a multi-month subscription!

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74 Thoughts to “My Dog FREAKS OUT Every Time Someone Comes Over! What I’m Doing About It!”

  1. Sarah Martinez

    My 16 week border collie has been SO HARD to potty train. I realize now that the blame is on me for an oblivious lack of consistency on my part but oh my gosh this channel has been a game changer.

  2. 20XX

    “Today is Halloween” *uploaded 1/19/2020*

    You have quite the backlog of videos going there

  3. Apathy Guy

    Did you film this 3 months ago?

  4. EyeLUVMYPitbull Peaches

    Loved this episode 😊

  5. Tokage G

    This is way too hectic all..

  6. hifromkirsten

    THANK YOU FOR THIS SERIES! I’ve been watching it to prepare for my new Dalmatian pup Theo and it’s been so so helpful. Plus it’s fun to watch Inertia grow!! I just brought Theo home two days ago:

  7. Ana Maeve O'Donnell

    I LOVE Inertia’s triangle on her head! <3

  8. ReApEr

    12:46 haha I would love to be your neighbor and see Inertia once in a while

  9. Vaishnavi Deobhankar

    Hi, can anyone give me advice on my dog…. So my dog is a beagle and we have a dog park near our house, and he loves it. But I can’t get him to come to me so we can go home. He’ll just run away because he doesn’t wanna leave. He can do all the tricks at home but not outside.
    Pls help.

  10. L. D. Maxwell


  11. Heather

    My dog Luna has a few really bad behaviours that I need to figure out! 🤯 …She gets way too excited when people are at the door, walking past our property fence line, and when we’re on a walk and see another human/dog. 😩 The common reaction is overexcitement and I get that the behaviour I require from her is a sit, stay, or come but… she just doesn’t listen. If I have chicken or something amazing as a reward, and her focus is on the person walking by, my “come” will be ignored because the person walking by is far more appealing. It’s all hard work & patience so hopefully we’ll get there.

  12. YesterDayCrist

    just stupid people think richard heinz is a good dog trainer.

  13. Rianne OK

    If this was filmed on halloween are the videos like 3 months behind?

  14. Eileen Dumont

    Inertia doesn’t bark! How did you accomplish that?

  15. mel k

    I don‘t even have a dog…why am I watching this?

  16. Pride In Photos BEAUTY

    Inertia was incredible during Halloween 🎃

  17. Australian Dude

    I’ve been watching this again recently, and just witnessing her from such a small puppy to a big one is amazing. It’s cool how fast they grow! I’m using this to get ready for my new st Bernard, and its really helpful!

  18. MutzCutzAu

    You really need to get a handle on that dog before she’s a ticking time bomb! That last clip where she actively snapping at that other dog is horrific! She’s clearly very anxious around other dogs and that anxiety is going to turn into dog aggression and reactivity!
    Don’t get a border collie of you intend to confuse it with this type of wayward training🤦🏼‍♀️

  19. Nia Lin

    Your video titles are cracking me up. It’s like reliving every day of my border’s puppyhood 😆. You’re helping me refresh some commands w/her. Cuz even @ 5 yrs old, she needs constant reinforcement of everything she knows. Not cuz she doesn’t remember. Hell, she remembers the names of all her stuffed & hard toys along w/a huge English vocabulary. It’s that sometimes she wants to do what she wants she to do. PERIOD. So it’s helpful to see how you deal w/distractions or stubbornness. Training never really ends!

  20. 2boxdogs&amutt

    Over socialization: classic rookie mistake from the “professional” dog trainer. 😂

  21. fugthiz fugu

    I’m sending my 10 month old Golden Retriever Jess, good luck Zak

  22. meena knock

    Tell us cheap and simple things to train our puppies.

  23. Vodka Slam

    Being completely nice to a Stubburn dog like this is not the right way to train. You need to be tough and discipline the dog in order for the dogs with high Stubburnness to listen and follow orders.

    My dog is half husky and half poodle, she goes through intense discipline training and K9 Obedience Training. She does gets very happy when seeing people but when she goes too crazy I yell “Heel!” and she comes right to my side.

    I’m always nice and comforting to my dog, but you need to be tough when training.

  24. Ethan

    the sheer volume of physical/body language cues combined with inconsistency and incorrect timing has got to be maddening for that poor puppy that is clearly trying so hard to please her spastic trainer. It would be advisable for Mr. George to re-educate himself on the use, timing and pitfalls of all his posturing and hand movements.

  25. 2 dogs 1 ferret 1 cat

    Hi I got my puppy

  26. superstankydanky808

    Hahahaha I knew it won’t work. I love you but your technique is only for tricks Not obedience. And look how he corrects the problem of introducing. There is none. The only correction is from other dogs or cats that put him. In check and it shows. My puppy 3 month old on a e collar is way more advanced then inertia. I’m not trying to boast but I feel like this technique is holding people and their dogs back.

  27. Sonali Jadhav

    My labra is 9 month old now…can i give her training now also??
    She is hyper active girl….
    Pls help me…

  28. Midnight

    7:19 – 7:45 what a glorious sploot. 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤

  29. abhishek khanna

    A pupbox with the Halloween theme would have been just awesome!

  30. Jo e

    How are you 4 months behind?

  31. Bradley Wilke

    Where can I find the harness you use with Inertia?

  32. Dhairiya Sundar

    I have never missed an episode and never will. I love how she’s got a halloween collar😀❤

  33. Ashlee Romer

    Inertia is so cute and she is getting so big! I love your videos. Also, I thought I’d tell you that at 2:03 ish the reason she came was because you said “here”. She may have just messed up but if she comes to “come” and “here” then that might be why. I don’t know why I just wanted to tell you! Have a great day!! Also, no book plug? No Pet Flow? Are you alright Zak?


    Wow! Awesome ‘stays’ 😁😁

  35. saku1832

    If you use high value treats like meat indoors what do you use outdoors to top that?

  36. I. Lasmane

    my dog is excited all the time when we go out, when somebody come over, or even if i was gone for 10min in house…

  37. A. Mae

    Why did you let bad behaviour develop in the first place? Theres no need for that smh…

  38. Steven Edwards

    ZAC I have a cocker spaniel about the same age as your puppy the problem is she is over friendly with every dog and person she meets in a very submissive way I am afraid that she is going to encounter a aggressive dog and get hurt. But I don’t want to stop her from being friendly what can I do .

  39. StreetLore

    So this Video is 4 months old, How is the pup doing today!

  40. Julian Guerra

    My dog kept freaking out every time she heard the ring doorbell on the video 😂. Guess I have some work to do myself.

  41. Jaclyn

    Look up the reviews and ratings on every site that sells Fresh Breathe! It is HORRIBLE AND DANGEROUS… causes more than half the animals that use it either stomach issues and some even death! Dental chews and brushing your dogs teeth are the best route

  42. Amelia エフェクト UwU

    Early? I love this series! I’m really wanting a border collie and this series have really inspired me! 💖

    if I do get a dog I’m definitely buying PupBox!

  43. StreetLore

    I love that you show the ups and downs! Nothing is perfect this is great!

  44. Michelle Correa

    You have tik tok ? Why didnt I know lol

  45. Cheryl Reed Rinick

    There was a time that she “failed” a stay that you said “good” I think she heard that as a release

  46. C Hope

    She is getting to be so big! 🙂 She is just so cute.

  47. Amita Basu

    Training Inertia to generalise commands is a wonderful idea. It’s basic in behavioural therapy. Good to see it applied to dog training!

  48. Natalie Wainwright

    Inertia is probably confused because half the time he says wait and half the time he says stay. That’s confusing to a dog.

  49. Anna Pham

    Can you please make a video on how to teach dogs not to tear up their beds ? My dog destroys her bed all the time. I don’t know what to do 😭😭

  50. Skarlet

    I recently started to take my 4 months old Bull Terrier on walks and he runs up to every person on the street because he wants to play with them, and if they ignore him (almost everyone ignores him) he sits and starts crying

  51. Kat Z

    Love your videos so much! This has really helped. I am bout to get a new puppy soon and your videos are the best!

  52. Skarlet

    How old is Inertia in this video? She is so cute

  53. Rebecca

    Me: Prepares dog for doorbell on Halloween
    Halloween: Jokes on you no one is trick or treating today! HAHAA

  54. Gabriel Preciado

    Your videos are starting to creep me out on how relevant they are to my Pup….

  55. Manda L

    My dog is well behaved and listens so good but it’s so hard to take her for walks becuase she barks at strangers.. I have no idea what to do about it .. its always stressful to bring her outside becuase of it .. we live across the street from a amazing park so we are over there every day and she always barks at people ..shes also a border collie

  56. Lizard Whisperer

    This really helps I have a HUGE dog and ur training really works thank you Zak inertia is adorable I hope I spelled her name right

  57. Crypto Bunny

    My doggie is master of all commands. Until I run out of treats

  58. Iruma&Dory이루마앤 도리

    Dog lover’s dog training is way too advanced. You are one of the best dog trainers with hearts.

  59. KevinMooreFan33

    Excellence! 💕

  60. Idk Im wierd

    Inertia have gotten so big!

  61. Mr K-rim

    Any petbox in uk?

  62. Monster Girl

    Can u make a video how to get a dog not to be scared of a car because my dog got lost because she saw a car love your videos

  63. F_F_G

    Love your videos and I love your dogs, much love from Iceland🇮🇸

  64. Privat RAYAXER

    Im thinking about getting a dog, stretch watching your channel

  65. Herobrine Assassin


  66. Mr K-rim

    Im getting a black lab soon any tips?

  67. Soner

    First from greece.

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