My dog ​​just ate an oreo cookie! What should I do?

Has your dog just eaten oreo cookies from your pantry or table? Dogs are often caught eating things they shouldn’t, and food for human consumption is one of the most commonly reported stolen items. Some owners can unintentionally endanger their pets by feeding them human food. Oreo cookies are just one of those things. While they may not be As dangerous as grapes or onions, they can still pose a direct threat to your canine companion’s health.

Many owners may wonder why dogs are drawn to eating things they shouldn’t. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell and can often smell a treat from a distance. Others may come across human food from chewing packages or containers. Oreos smell greatand their high sugar content means dogs are likely to be attracted to them.

It is important to ensure that food not intended for your dog is kept in a safe place. This means refrigerators and trash cans are safe and tamper-proof to protect eating dogs. But at the chance of your puppy climbs into the Oreo containerwhat should you do? Read on to find out.

Are Oreos Bad for Dogs?

Oreos contain chocolate and are not good for dog consumption.

Oreos are unlikely to cause harm when eaten in small quantities. In large quantities they are bad for dogs. In any case, do not feed your dog for a snack. Feed your canine companion healthy treats like papaya or other fruits and vegetables to mix things up. Read on to learn more about why you shouldn’t feed your dog Oreos and the effects that eating can have. We also provided advice on what to do if you find that your pup has been eating Oreos.

Can Dogs Eat Oreo Cookies?

you shouldn’t feed Oreos to dogs intentionally. They consist of two chocolate chip cookies held together by a white creamy center. They’re commonly sold as a biscuit, but can also be found in cakes, ice cream, and candy. Food giant MacDonalds even makes an Oreo McFlurry! Oreos in any form should not be given to dogs.

Chocolate is toxic to dogs and so Oreos should not be fed, even though they contain small amounts. They are also high in sugar and fat and offer no nutritional value. Feeding your pup Oreos can make him sick, and he is also more likely to suffer from obesity and diabetes.

Chocolate contains two toxic compounds, theobromine and caffeine. The toxic effect of these biscuits on dogs depends on the number of biscuits consumed. This is related to the amount of chocolate consumed and the size of your dog. A small dog that has eaten a lot of Oreos (and therefore chocolate) could get a toxic dose much faster than a large dog.

Do Oreos contain real chocolate?

Stacked oreos on the table
Oreos contain chocolate, which is why they can be toxic if too many are consumed.

Oreos contain real chocolate, albeit in small amounts. It is unlikely that your dog will experience toxicity from eating a small amount of chocolate. However, feeding potentially toxic substances is not advisable if your puppy is more sensitive than the average dog.

What if my dog ​​ate golden oreo?

Golden Oreos are the “chocolate-free” version of the original vanilla-flavored oreo. While it may not contain chocolate, it is best not to give these human goodies to your best friend as they are high in sugar. If you want to pamper your pooch a little while keeping them safe, feed them healthy dog-specific snacks or even a slice of sweet potato instead!

My dog ​​ate Oreos: what can happen?

Black dog at veterinary office
If your dog shows signs of chocolate toxicity, contact your veterinarian right away.

Mostly There are no ill effects. If your furry friend is eating a single oreo, he or she is likely perfectly fine. A single Oreo contains such a small amount of chocolate that it is unlikely that you will develop signs of chocolate toxicity.

Chocolate toxicity is a risk when ingested in large quantities. If your dog eats a large amount of Oreos, especially if they are a small breed, chocolate toxicity may develop. The symptoms of chocolate toxicity are as follows:

  • Vomit
  • diarrhea
  • fatigue
  • Panting
  • Restlessness
  • High heart rate
  • Seizures

Upset stomach

The negative effects of consuming Oreo biscuits on your dog are more related to sugar and fat intake than chocolate. Oreos can cause gastrointestinal symptoms in your pet, especially if ingested in large quantities. An upset tummy may develop after consuming oreo biscuits, but this is often short-lived and will improve on its own after a few days. However, some dogs require medication and fluids when severely affected. So if your pup is not doing well, contact your veterinarian.


Some pets can become painful Abdominal disease called pancreatitis. The pancreas is an organ that is located near the stomach. The pancreas is sensitive to fat and can become inflamed if the diet is high in fat. When the pancreas is inflamed it becomes very painful. The symptoms of pancreatitis are as follows:

  • fatigue
  • Prayer posture“Or” downward facing dog “
  • From food
  • Vomit
  • diarrhea
  • fever
  • stomach pain

What should i do next?

Very sick dog on the couch
If your dog has consumed Oreos, here’s what next you want to do.

If your dog stole some oreo cookies from the counter or got into a bag of them in the pantry, there are some Immediate steps you will want to take. As always, we do not recommend using online counseling in an emergency. You should always consult your own veterinarian as they will know your puppy firsthand. Immediately after consuming a potentially poisonous item, these are the three steps you want to take.

Step 1: prevent them from eating more

The more your dog eats, the more likely he or she will be uncomfortable. Don’t let them eat oreos anymore and clean up any mess they may have created. If it’s easier, remove Fido from the area while you clean up.

Step 2: Do not induce vomiting

This can often do more harm than good. Trying to make your pet sick can cause them to inhale their own vomit. Inhaling vomit can lead to a serious and sometimes life-threatening lung infection called aspiration pneumonia. In many cases it is not necessary to induce vomiting.

Step 3: contact your veterinarian

If your dog is eating something that may be toxic to them, it is best to contact your veterinarian who can advise you on what to do next. Even if you think it’s okay, give them a call – if nothing else – so that the appropriate notes can be made on your dog’s records. Make sure you have the following information on hand so your veterinarian can make the best decision about how to treat your pet.

Doggy details: Your dog’s age, gender, breed and weight. Also, let your veterinarian know about any possible medical conditions your pet may be taking or any medications they are taking.

Toxic Product Details: the product consumed, the gross amount consumed (check package weight) and the list of ingredients. The most important information can be found on the product packaging. Keep this information for forwarding to your veterinarian.

Changes in behavior: Let your veterinarian know any symptoms your pet may be showing. Your veterinarian will want to know if your pet is eating, drinking, behaving normally, and whether they may be coughing, sneezing, vomiting, or having diarrhea.

frequently asked Questions

Do you have anymore questions? Understandably, if your puppy eats something he shouldn’t be eating, it’s extremely worrying. We haven’t answered every one of your questions, so we’ve added a few more frequently asked questions we get about what can happen if your dog eats Oreos.

Will Oreo Cookies Kill My Dog?

If your pup has eaten a single oreo, it is very unlikely that he will die. However, because Oreos are high in chocolate, sugar, and fat, this can cause your pet to get sick if you eat them.

Will my dog ​​be okay after eating?

If your dog is eating a single or small amount of Oreos, it is very likely that your pet is having no effect at all. Sometimes your pet may have taken a dose that is causing an upset stomach. In most cases, that annoyed tummy will be short-lived and your pet will stay light and still eat and drink. If your pet doesn’t eat, drink, or feel uncomfortable, contact your veterinarian as symptomatic treatment of your pet may be required.

What if my dog ​​develops pancreatitis?

If your pet develops pancreatitis it is likely extremely bad and you will need to see your veterinarian as treatment will be needed. Pancreatitis is treatable, but it can be a serious condition and, in rare cases, cause death if left untreated. Dogs suffering from pancreatitis are in urgent need of veterinary care, which may include pain relief, disease medication, and intravenous fluids. Your veterinarian will assess your pet’s needs and discuss this with you.

What if my dog ​​develops chocolate toxicity?

Chocolate toxicity is an emergency situation in dogs. If your dog has eaten Oreos and is showing symptoms of chocolate toxicity, contact your veterinarian right away. If the chocolate toxicity is treated promptly, it is a very treatable condition. However, if large amounts have been ingested and treatment has been delayed, a life-threatening situation can result.

Final thoughts

Dogs often eat things they shouldn’t be eating. Oreos are not a suitable snack for your dog because it contains chocolate, a poisonous ingredient for dogs and high in fat and sugar which can lead to obesity and diabetes in your pet. Dogs that eat a single oreo are often unaffected. However, pets that have eaten large amounts of Oreos may experience chocolate toxicity or an upset tummy.

High dietary fat content has been linked to a painful and serious condition known as pancreatitis in dogs. While a single oreo is unlikely to cause harm when consumed, you shouldn’t intentionally feed it to your pup.

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