Most Important Things to Know about a Choke Collar - Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

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Most Important Things to Know about a Choke Collar – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

The most important things to know about a choke collar can save your dog’s life. This includes safety tips, how to size the collar and the proper use of the collar. A choke collar can be deadly to your dog if it isn’t used properly. In this short video I cover the important things to know when using a choke collar / choke chain on your dog.

Using the choke collar properly can be a lifesaver and can help your dog learn and may even save his life. It is critical to know the proper way to use and size a choke collar.

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17 Thoughts to “Most Important Things to Know about a Choke Collar – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video”

  1. D P

    Should have the “P” more obvious. Too many morons out there

  2. ScuuBdoo

    3:01 I don’t understand this. So the choke collar is purely a corrective tool and not to help train your dog not to pull while out walking?

  3. Emily Dueck

    Do slip leads work the same way too or are they a completely different beast?

  4. ali renfro

    It’s always great to see you making educational and informative videos on the proper use of training tools.

  5. marvona

    Thank God, those tools are outdated and against regulations for animal protection. This should only be accessible to experienced professionals. ✳️

  6. Mojo

    if you need a choke chain you have the wrong dog, simple

  7. Judy Carter

    Love the way Goofy leans into it as you slip on the collar. A testament to good training!

  8. matthew taylor

    can you link the how to walk with a martingail collar? All our dogs choke thru the collar when walking they pull so hard. Esp at certain times. The beagle will choke himself to the point of gagging. I take the collar off and use a flat one or just the loop and he’ll still choke himself pulling at an animnal or following a smell. We even tried a prong ONCE, he choked thru that so hard, he put holes in his neck. WHY would he do that?! Then someone said an e collar and the same thing. The noise he made when I zapped him was so dreadful I couldn’t bare to use it again. So ive put him back on a harness and just get yanked everywhere I go. at least its just my neck and back that gets hurt. The wife cant even walk him anymore, docs orders, he hurt her so bad. Its icy here and he pulled, she fell, and got dragged down the dtreet. Yes by our “little” 65 pound beagle/bassett mix. he’s even hurt a trainer while walking, we did one session and I never heard from her again…lol

  9. George Affonso

    Robert if you are walking two dogs and one is on your right, do you put the collar on in the shape of a q ?

  10. Fabiano Pina

    Goofy looks amazing! Thanks for the explanation

  11. G Me

    Thank-You for posting this and demystifying the collar for others. I’m a former PSD handler and am used to using a choker or pinch and believe if used properly are outstanding tools. In fact I use a fur saver to this day on our couch potato golden. Unfortunately, there are tons of I guess well meaning people that scorn the use of these collars, and on a number of occasions I have had to listen to the tongue clucking and derisive comments. I’ve even been screamed at because I have a choker on my dog. Thanks for your common sense and keep up the great work.

  12. Tottenham Bulldogs

    Great video, great background

  13. Mya Pesson

    Thanks Robert!

  14. N7Mith

    So, P for left side, q for right side. For the people like me who’ve got their dogs on the other side.

  15. Thunder29

    Very informative video!Can you please make a video(a series perhaps) on electric collars??That would be amazing!

  16. MultiKhaikhai

    Fantastic work, I’ve always loved your videos

  17. MisterTracks

    awesome video

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