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Metal Dog Leashes and Collars

There are many types of dog collars that exist on the market today. Despite this, chain dog collars are still a very popular choice. These dog collars are used to prevent the dog from pulling and are also known as choke collars. When worn correctly, this collar functions as a pull and release mechanism: you pull on the chain to “strangle” the dog and release the chain (immediately) to bring it back to its normal loose position. On the other hand, you can find metal dog leashes on the market. This type of leash can be used with normal nylon collars or with metal collars. In this post, we want to show you the best options for metal dog leashes and collars that exist today.

Metal Dog Leashes

When owning a dog, it is important to know the importance of purchasing the correct type of leash. It should be comfortable for the dog and serve the correct purpose. Some people tend to buy dog leashes because they look nice, because they have metal studs, or because their friend has the same for their dog. This is not ideal.

Before choosing a good leash for your pet keep in mind that the leash is not only for walking the dog, it is also an essential training aid. Metal chains come in different weights and thicknesses, making them suitable for all sizes of dogs.

When buying a leash for dogs you have to be quite demanding, especially when it comes to a metal leash. Some manufacturers develop dog accessories for profit rather than good quality. For this reason, we have compiled the 3 best metal leashes for dogs so that you can choose the one you like the most:

1. CtopoGo Premium Chain Heavy Duty Dog Leash

This metal strap is made of stainless steel with chrome plating for strength and durability. This cute chain is specifically designed for dogs over 66.1 pounds oversized. The handle design is ergonomic with more comfortable and soft cotton.

It is a heavy-duty strap that will not stain, rust, or break. With this leash, you can walk your little beast through the park without worrying about the chain breaking when it sees another dog.

Customer reviews:Michael says it is quite robust and you feel like it will never break. Jan loves it, as her mastiff dog cannot chew on it like other leashes. Also, her dog is strong and pulling, she trusts the leash and prefers to wear gloves to having to worry about her coming loose. Martin considers the chain to be heavy, but that is not a problem.

Lastly, remember that the CtopoGo company offers a 12-month warranty and friendly customer service. A great option for large dogs.

2. Top Choice Heavy Chain Leash, 72 Inches (72″), 6 Feet (6′) Faux Leather for Small-Medium Size Dogs

Metal Dog Leash

If the above leash doesn’t suit your needs, the Top Choice Metal Dog Leash is another great option. This leash is made to withstand dogs of all sizes. You can use it with small, medium, and large dogs. However, it is specially designed for large dogs and heavy work.

The handle of the strap is made of quite resistant and comfortable synthetic leather. It is the ideal size, 72 inches long x 1/2 inch wide, not too long, not too short. Includes the easy open and close clasp.

Customer reviews: Lyn says that it more than meets her needs and even her dog is older and more educated. It is much heavier than she thought and it works very, very well. Brina recommends it for people who need something that the dog cannot chew and that does not break. Charmaine thinks that she only took it once in her mouth and she knew it wasn’t a chewy strap! A bit heavy, but it serves its purpose.

3. Chain Dog Leash Metal Chew Proof 12MM

Metal dog Leash durable

In our opinion, Pradog’s Chew Proof Metal Dog Leash is the best chain leash on the market. It’s a highly polished 316L stainless steel Cuban link chain with a genuine leather handle. This chain is of high resistance and hardness, heavy, durable, does not rust or tarnish, which guarantees many years of use.

This chain is solid and heavy because it is not hollow. It is practically unbreakable. It looks great on both male and female dogs. This leash is the perfect solution for dogs that like to tug and chew.

It is available in 3 sizes, so you can use it with dogs of all breeds. The 3.0 Ft is recommended for large dogs and the 5.0 Ft for small dogs. The 4.0 Ft is recommended for small and medium dogs. Chain width is 12mm.

The clasp is very strong so that it cannot be separated. Withstands up to 700 pounds of force. It is also easy to lock and unlock. With this chain, you will not have to worry about it being damaged or broken.

Customer reviews: Kim thinks it’s a beautiful chain, it works great for walking close, the puppy doesn’t grab the chain and pull.

It is a new product, and although customer opinions are few, it is a great option to consider.

Metal Dog Collars

These types of chains are used for professional training, although they must be used with care. Determining your pet’s weight and neck width is crucial when choosing a chain collar. These are some of the most important factors to consider.

It’s comfortable: The first thing to do is make sure it fits the dog comfortably. You should measure the dog’s neck at the widest part, and then add another two inches at least to that measurement. That will give you enough room to make sure the chain collar fits the dog without getting so tight that it is embedded in the dog’s neck.

It is strong and durable: Is it strong enough to resist when your dog pulls? The collar must be of a thickness appropriate to the size and weight of the dog.

No sharp edges: The ideal collar should not have sharp edges. You want the dog to obey, you don’t want him to get hurt.

4. SGODA Chain Dog Training Choke Collar

Metal Dog Collars

This chain represents what a dog choke collar is. This dog collar chain is made of 304 stainless steel to stop even the strongest dogs.

This collar is recommended for professional training. However, it is necessary to be very careful when handling this collar as it can cause injury to your pet’s skin or windpipe. You can find it in 6 different sizes, so remember to measure your dog’s neck well before ordering.

On the other hand, this chain does not tarnish, rust, or break. It is excellent for gentle control, ideal for large, strong dogs that like to pull like the Boxer or Pitbull.

Customer reviews:Doglover says: The Large 24 “3.5mm is perfect for walking a large 110-pound dog that constantly wants to pull. He also recommends not leaving the collar on your dog. It should only be used during training sessions and for walks. Deedee says: It’s a great training tool. It sits on your head easily and is not too heavy.

3. Beirui Martingale Chain Collar Stainless Steel

Martingale Chain Collar

The Berry Pet brand dog chain collar is another great option to stop your dog from pulling. Like the previous dog collar, it is made of high-quality stainless steel for durability and resistance to rust. However, unlike the previous model, this collar does not cause strangulation of your dog. It is a martingale-type collar, this way you do not run the risk of your dog injuring his neck.

It has a double chain design. In this way, the collar covers a greater surface on the animal’s neck, avoiding marks or injuries on the skin. It also has no sharp points or rough edges.

Although it is perfect for pet training, you can also use it for walking or running. It is quite resistant and you can use it even with the largest dogs.

Customer reviews: Hexwench says: This dog collar is absolutely badass. The double strand of chain is spot welded so it won’t kink, pull hair, or tangle … This collar won’t choke your dog even when fully snug, but it responds better than any webbed nylon martingale because there’s no sagging nor stretch. Audrie thinks: This dog collar does not retain moisture, it is loose and comfortable for everyday wear, easy on and off, but still fits tight enough for training. She is quite happy with her purchase.

Available in 5 sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL). Take advantage and acquire a high-quality collar that makes your dog look cool.

2. Engco Choke Cuban Dog Chain Stainless Steel/18K Gold 

cuban chain dog collar

If your style is rough and you are looking for a more robust dog collar, this chain dog collar is ideal for you. It’s a dog collar for lovers of Hip Hop Style. The chain is made of hypoallergenic stainless steel that does not harm skin or hair. Stylish 18-karat gold Cuban chain. This luxurious collar will make your dog look cool and more different.

It is a safe and comfortable dog collar. With this chain, you will not have to worry about buying a new chain for your dog ever again. The ultra-strong links are laboratory tested to support up to 220.5 lbs. This makes it the perfect collar for bigger and stronger dogs.

Available in one size. Remember to measure the length of your dog’s neck before ordering. Measure the widest point around your dog’s head and add 2 ” to the initial length of the collar for adjustment. Find it in two colors: gold and silver.

Customer reviews: Jacob says the chain looks exactly like the photos show. His dog Georgie loves it. I would recommend it to anyone interested in buying one. Siby Mathew John says: Quality chain is good for medium dogs.

Finally, Fengco company offers After-sales Service, so you can contact them if you have any questions or problems.

1. Supet Dog Prong Collar for Training Adjustable Links

Dog Prong Collar for Training

And to the first place comes this cute chain collar for training dogs from the brand Supet. The Supet Dog Pinch Collar provides the necessary training pressure while protecting the sensitive area of ​​the airways and neck of dogs.

With this collar you no longer have to scold or yell at your dog, you just have to pull the training collar and the dog will stop immediately.

Despite its appearance, this dog collar is quite safe and harmless. Its edges are smooth and rounded to ensure that it does not harm your pet. It works with a skin pinch system, similar to how a mother dog corrects her puppies using her teeth. This way you ensure that your dog will pull less while you walk.

This dog collar has a modern quick-release clasp that you can release quickly. The closure is made of a strong and durable plastic material. This elegant and modern dog collar is unique on the market. Suitable for all sizes: (S, M, L, XL). You can check the size table to see which one works for you.

Customer reviews: Cymahu-FL says this dog collar is magical. It works so well that he bought a second for his other dog. You didn’t have to apply any tension to the leash, the collar gently guides your pups to keep them calm. Vivian was very grateful and she says that for the first time she can walk her dog ANYWHERE and it’s like she dreamed she would walk a dog.

Finally, she remembers that it is necessary to use pliers when you need to add some links, you cannot easily disassemble it, nor your dog. In addition, the Supet company offers a lifetime guarantee for its products.

Myths About Chain Collars

There are quite a few myths about chain collars that have been circulating among dog owners. Today we want to share with you some of the myths associated with chain collars and the truth about them.

Myth # 1 Chain dog collars are cruel

Chain collars for dogs don’t have to be cruel as long as you wear them correctly. You need to make sure that you choose the right chain collar for your dog and measure it to make sure it fits comfortably. That will help make sure you are not being mean to your dog.

Myth # 2 Chain dog collars can be worn constantly

This is something that makes people believe in myth number 1 because this is how many accidents happen. You should only wear a chain collar when training your dog and when taking him for a walk. Removing the collar when you are not walking or training will help you avoid accidents.

Myth No. 3 The chain dog collar can be used by dogs of any age

You should not wear a collar on a puppy, because they are not developed enough and do not have much strength. You should wait until your dog is older and full size for her before putting one on her. This will ensure that they are ready for this and that they are fully grown.

Now that you know the truth about the above myths, you can feel more comfortable wearing a chain dog collar on your dog to help you train your dog faster. Chain canine collars are something that can be worn by conscious dog owners who know how to use them.

Final recommendations

There are several recommendations when you buy and use metal dog leashes and collars that you must keep in mind:

  • Never wear a chain collar on a puppy; they are not made for younger dogs and can really injure themselves.
  • Do not leave the chain collar on the dog, you could find your dog strangled by the collar.
  • Do not allow the collar to become too tight, the chain can become embedded in your dog’s flesh.

Remember that chain collars take a while for both owner and dog to get used to. If you pull on the chain and don’t release it fast enough, the chain will stay in a pinched position around your dog’s neck, causing him to gag and/or cough.

Also, keep in mind that these collars are very effective for the purpose for which it was designed, but suffocating your dog for an extended period of time is not recommended.


Chain collars are a good option for large dogs that like to pull. You just have to know how to use them, since using them in the wrong way can cause problems and injuries to your pet.

There are several options of metal dog leashes and collars that exist in the market, here we have shown you the best. You just have to choose the one that best suits your needs. Do not forget to visit our big dog collars section to find more products. See you soon!

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