May 25, 2022

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May 25, 2022

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20 Thoughts to “May 25, 2022”

  1. Claire

    Can you do an episode on how to ride a bike with your dog? Please = D

  2. Alex Swistro

    I hope that barking dog behind the fence wasn’t abandoned.

  3. Here This

    Maybe it is an old cinemastic town , from something like an apocalyptic movie .

  4. Ellies Inspiration

    I love zaks videos. For both the training tips and the humor

    “I’m getting out of here”
    (Continues to walk around the spooky street 🤣)

  5. ♡CasuallyCrazyLuna♡

    Veronica is so cute! Can’t wait for the actual full video!

  6. jspur22

    Did you say, “coyotes and raptors”??

  7. Delawanna

    You were being watched!!!

  8. Justin Clemente


  9. Jan Hankins

    That looked spooky!

  10. Tiffany Q2U

    Thay is so sad to see

  11. Daisy Pepper

    What vidja game is this?

  12. Promise Paws

    Wow! Looks like a cool place.😊 The dogs are doing very well!💕

  13. Navjot Singh


  14. As You Wish Dog Training

    Veronica looks so excited!

  15. Karis Bumgardner

    4th hehe love you guys

  16. Sunny🌿

    It’s like Lost River in WolfQuest😳

  17. Daya Sansar

    Your new dog is so cute!!

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