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Matching dog collar leash and harness

A good dog collar is perhaps the best purchase you can make for your pup. But a better option is a set that combines a collar, leash, and strap. That way, you’ll have more tools to deal with your “little beast”. For this reason, we are bringing a top with the 5 matching dog collar leashes and the harness today.

Matching dog collar leash and harness

Before viewing our list, you should consider that there are many dog ​​collar options in the market. Some are simple and some are more specialized. Before deciding on a dog collar style, it is a good idea to look at your pet’s behavior.

That way, you can more effectively determine which is the perfect collar for your pet. With that in mind, let’s see what are the best combos on the market today:

5.  Mile High Life Dog Collar Harness and Leash Leopard Design Blue

If you are looking for something bold and stylish, this set is for you. Your pet will get attention everywhere with this cute leopard dog collar. Your friends will love it and your dog will appreciate it.

This set is the perfect complement to this leopard print shirt or leggings. This set includes the collar, harness, and leash. The entire set is made of strong nylon material with a leopard print.

A special feature is that the buckles are transparent on both the collar and the belt. The buckles are made of sturdy plastic and are easy to open and close. The D-ring and the strap fastener are made of stainless steel. In addition, the strap fastener is easy to put on and take off so you can attach it to your collar or belt.

Customer ratings:: Heather Robinson thinks the product is just as pictured and very cute at a good price. Maggiemommashap says the harness is good quality and fits well when her pup grew up. The collar is also said to be decorative, super cute, and easy to slip into your pocket.

Available in blue and pink and in sizes XS, S and M. Go for a walk with that extra security. Enjoy the benefits of exercise and long walks with your dog while keeping your safety under control. You can find the price here.

4. EXPAWLORER No-Pull dog harness with leash and collar

Dog collar leash and harness

In fourth place, we have added this cute set of collar, leash, and harness from the Expawlorer brand. This set has a lovely light green color and a flamingo pattern that will grab attention. A beautiful and elegant design, ideal for both male and female dogs.

It is a set for small and medium-sized dogs. It is made of durable strap material for long-term use. The escape-proof harness protects your pet indoors and outdoors. Both the collar and strap have a durable clasp and quick-release buckle.

The strap is 4.7 feet long and also includes the flamingo pattern. It also has a small but firm clasp to attach to the collar or strap. The seams are tight and the finishes are well detailed.

Find it in flamingo and banana colors. Available in one size. Here are the measurements: neck circumference 13-20 inches, strap chest size 16-22 inches, strap 4.7 feet long. Remember to check that the size is right for your pet’s girth and adjust the collar and harness to an appropriate size.

Customer reviews: Julie says she bought it for her dog and it looks good on her. You get 3 items for one cheap price which is great. She also thinks the colors are great too. SW says the print is adorable and makes him smile. He really enjoys the collar as he has never seen dog collars and leashes that look so funny. You can find the price here.

3. Leather-trimmed dog collar, harness, and leash set with spikes

Matching dog collar leash and harness with spikes

In third place of our count is this cute set of collar, harness, and leash for dogs made of artificial leather with rivets. This cute collar is specially designed for medium and large breed dogs.

It’s an elegant setting and the faux leather isn’t rigid. This way it will make your puppy more comfortable and will not hurt their skin. Both the collar and the harness are studded with nails. A fashionable design that goes well with breeds such as pit bulls, boxers, and bull terriers.

Both the belt and the collar have adjustable straps. This way you can adjust them to suit your dog’s size and body. The seams are tight to prevent the synthetic leather material from tearing.

The leash is the ideal size 47 “and the handle is smooth to make your ride more practical and comfortable. It has a nice stainless steel clasp that is easy to open and close.

Available in 3 sizes (M, L, XL). Remember to measure your dog’s girth and order according to the size of the harness. It’s also available in 9 different colors so you can choose the one that best suits your pup’s personality. You can find the price here.

Customer reviews: Jeff thinks this collar is what he was looking for in his pet, he likes rock music and this set goes very well with his clothes.

2. Dog harness and leash set with collar without pull

Matching dog collar leash and harness black

In the second place of our count, we have included this cute set of harness, collar, and leash from the company Dmisochr. This set is designed in a classic and simple style. With this set, your walks with your dog in the park will be happier and more enjoyable.

It’s made of tough nylon material that won’t harm your dog’s skin. The light texture also doesn’t give pressure to the dog as the H-shaped design can evenly distribute the pressure. This allows your dog to accept the harness quickly.

This dog harness contains two adjustable straps. You can adjust your dog’s body accordingly for maximum comfort. As always, remember to leave two fingers between the harness and your pet.

Unlike other dog harnesses whose buckles are made of high-quality plastic, these buckles are made of strong and durable plastic. You can open and close them easily. In addition, the harness D-rings are made of stainless steel to prevent them from rusting and resisting your pet’s pull.

The leash is also made of nylon and is 4.9 feet long. The clasp is made of stainless steel and is easy to remove. The 4.9-foot length allows you to have better control of the pet and create a comfortable and safe distance between them without worrying about losing the pet. The leash is equipped with a 360-degree metal swivel hook so pets can search without tangling the leash.

Find it in black, blue, red, and red-rose colors. This dog harness contains 3 sizes that are suitable for small, medium, and large dogs. Remember to measure your dog’s chest and neck and choose the collar that best suits his or her size. You can find the price here.

Customer reviews: Rick Viray says the dishes are the main reason he bought them. He needed it because his puppy likes to pull on the leash and choke on the collar. Now that you have this harness, your dog will no longer drown. Mari says the collar is of very good quality.

1. Luxury Dog Collar & Harness & Lead Set

Dog collar harness and linen pink

At the beginning of our countdown, we added this cute luxury dog ​​collar, harness, and leash from the Newtensina brand. This cute 3-piece set of collar, harness, and leash contains rhinestones that will give your pet a luxurious, modern, and cool look. It is recommended to be used on small breed pets such as poodles, schnauzers, pugs, chihuahuas, and other breeds. You can also use it for walking or for important events like weddings and parties.

It is made of synthetic leather and the strap has a classic adjustable strap. The surfaces are well defined with no loose seams or poorly sewn.

Available in 4 sizes (XS, S, M, L) although use is recommended for small or medium breeds. Find it in shades of blue, pink, and red. The Newtensina company offers excellent service and is committed to customer satisfaction.

Customer reviews: Jessica says she looks beautiful on her furry baby. She has an 11-week old French Bulldog and bought a size S. The harness fits your puppy perfectly. Charissa thinks it is beautiful, it fits well, a very nice material for your pet. It is also said that the strap is quite short. If you’re short, the strap should be fine.

Remember to check the size chart before ordering. To see the price, click here.


There are different types of collars and straps on the market. You can purchase the collar and harness for your dog separately or purchase a 3 × 1 set. These were the best matching leash and harness outfits for dog collars. We hope you enjoyed them and that you choose the one that best suits your pet.

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