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Mammary Gland Tumor in Dogs

Female dogs have ten teats.

A mammary gland tumor is a growth in the area of any or several of the teats.

It could appear as a hard or soft lump in the mammary gland area.

At first, it will be covered with skin and hair.

If advanced it could burst and look like an abscess .

It is important for every owner of a female dog to check out the mammary area for lumps regularly since this is a frequently occurring cancer in canines.

Mammary gland tumors and cancer is a very common issue in female canine.

Early prevention commonly results in successful treatment efforts.

Global elimination is possible, should non-breeding dogs and cats receive spay before their first head.

If you find a growth or lump in the mammary tissue, schedule a veterinarian visit immediately, do not take a “wait and see” what happens stance.

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