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In this episode, we’re presenting… Winner of TWO battles The Belgian Malinois… Battling a different opponent… A real challenge awaits our beloved Mal today… This time, against a fellow herding breed
One of the most popular dogs out there The Broder Collie!!! Both intelligent, agile, and hardworking… But which of these two makes for a better family dog? In this episode: The Belgian Malinois VS Border Collie.

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  1. Komalan Vellasamy

    Malinios vs boxer

  2. Alexa Sigala

    please do border collie vs Australian cattle dog and miniature pinscher vs German pinscher looking forward to it 🙂

  3. Isaac Hostynek

    rough collie vs border collie

  4. Sharklover1243

    German Shepherd Vs Labrador retriever
    poodle Vs Irish water spaniel
    Golden retriever Vs nova scotia duck tolling retriever

  5. Xavier King’s Toy World

    Pitbull vs malions next because I have a pitbull but she mean and feisty

  6. Sharklover1243

    Border Collie Vs Australian shepherd

  7. Rossella

    Border collie vs Australian shepherd. PLS 🙏🙏🙏

  8. Justin Navarro

    These two are way too much work

  9. Rossella

    I have a border collie and I will get another one that was born a few days ago😍😍😍. but i also really like the belgian malinois

  10. Nic Draw

    Nu he didn’t fu…k you

  11. Margaret Blankenship

    Yay border collie !!!!🐕🐩🐕🐩🐕🐶🐶

  12. ownerof 2germanshepherds

    Golden retriever vs Labrador retriever

  13. ownerof 2germanshepherds

    Poodle vs golden doodle

  14. ownerof 2germanshepherds

    Great Dane vs Saint Bernard to determine who the better bigger dog is?

  15. Jaylin Turner

    Yo Australian shepherd vs border collie

  16. M-Pact Kennels

    Then why the F**k is I’m training Belgian malinois for? I totally disagree with that outcome.

  17. Elif Rasihhan

    Border collie vs australian shepherd pls

  18. Bassing Basics

    Border Collie vs Blue Heeler! The heeler is a very overlooked breed

  19. Akash A

    Border collie Vs Australian cattle dog
    German shepherd Vs Belgian Tervuren
    Please !!

  20. Legolas Greenleaf

    Labrador vs Golden Retriever

  21. Hayden Seymour


  22. Aris Simion

    Finally the a other winner.

  23. Linkin Tilley

    I still prefer malanois

  24. Kaleb Green

    Request: border collie vs Australian Shepherd!

  25. NaldoYT

    Malinois is better.

  26. Jose Angel

    Bro stop making fake videos

  27. Izhaan Mairaj

    Belgian malinois is the best dog and it will beat horror collie

  28. Patricia Sandoval

    eh you got wrong in appearence, mals are conisidered to be medium size dog breeds, but they are more inclined to the large part of medium size, all thought there is some malinois that grow to large size with 34 kg, its actually pretty rare they usually weight 23 or 30 kg, they are tall dogs but still they are not large enought to be called “large dogs” but other dogs like the german sheperd and the siberian huskies do grow medium to large size and its actually pretty common for those 2 breeds to grow being large dogs, so in short words mals can grow to large size, but they are usually medium dogs.

  29. Karen Shen

    Next video Rottweiler Vs. Pitbull

  30. Sarika Sankpal

    Rottweiler vs pitbull

  31. Ojasvita Patil

    Bro please can you make a video on Dalmatian vs beagle

  32. Bertie Neethling

    Please do rottweiler vs pit bull

  33. Stealth

    Firsttt please reply

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