Malinois Jumps and Bites on Butt - Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

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Malinois Jumps and Bites on Butt – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video

My Malinois jumps up and bites on my butt. This is not uncommon especially in a breed like a Malinois or other working dogs.

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12 Thoughts to “Malinois Jumps and Bites on Butt – Robert Cabral Dog Training Video”

  1. Mister B’s -fish and things

    New here. My shepherd of 17 passed. We did agility when she was young. Decided I’m ready again and got a Malinois. I’m busy checking out your videos seeing what may have changed over the years. Seems to me your approach is just same as I followed all along. Hear to learn.

  2. R E Malm

    … “My dog bites me in my ass” … 😓 … 😂 … HahhHahaaahh ahhaahahahaa! … (I’m sorry, I couldn’t help myself. I gotta get me one of those 😉) …

  3. Margaret Meaker

    Yes.. congrats on your 100k subscribers.. awesome milestone!@

  4. Nimrodel16

    Great question ❤️😅

  5. صباح القيسي

    اني معجب بيك بس ماعرف شدكول نزل مترجم رجاء رجاء

  6. dlw sport

    Thank you again for your consistent and appropriate content.

  7. Eugen Kramaric

    Secure your ass 😁😁😀

  8. Bobandjeri Shaffer

    This is an example of why I watch your channel, providing in depth insight distinguishing handling more difficult dogs from the normal pet dog. Thanks.

  9. Fabiano Pina

    Congratulations on 100k subscribers.
    My golden is 7 years old and after a game of tug he jumps and sticks the toy on my behind. I wrote it off to “he still wants to play” . Am I wrong?

  10. Francis Xyooj

    What does over correcting do to a puppy? Any suggestions for what to do after a correction?

  11. tarik hammou

    theman says: she even dropes stick on command🤓
    Cabral :😌but she still biting your ass!

  12. TPinesGold

    I want a thumbnail of an ass strike, not an elbow strike! 😁😉

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