Malinois IPO World Champion Trainer and Competitor Peter and Connie Scherk - Episode 98

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Malinois IPO World Champion Trainer and Competitor Peter and Connie Scherk – Episode 98

Peter Scherk is an international renown IPO / IGP / Schutzhund competitor, trainer and WORLD CHAMPION 3 X, an unheard of feat. In this podcast I sit down with Peter & Connie Scherk and talk about their training, competitions, their outlook and training philosophy and how they have become so successful with the Belgian Malinois.

This is one of the best podcasts for anyone who is interested in learning about IGP, training malinois, competing and understanding what it takes to be a wold champion. From their small, humble yet incredibly successful Team Heuwinkl, we delve into his training philosophy which he teaches in his new Book Successful Together / Gemeinsam Erfolgreich, a book I highly recommend.

Check out this interview, then visit Peter and Connie at their site:




I think you will love this interview. The audio is a little spotty in places, but the value of the content is immense!

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12 Thoughts to “Malinois IPO World Champion Trainer and Competitor Peter and Connie Scherk – Episode 98”

  1. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    A Spotter is an excellent idea. Lovely couple with so much knowledge, who care for the pups they buy. Very enjoyable. Thank you all : )

  2. Ellie The Mali

    It looks like they don’t ship the book to the US. 😢

  3. Ellie The Mali

    I really love the thoughtfulness of your interviews. I’m a first time Mali owner and I’ve learned so much from your YouTube videos and interviews with your fellow trainers in different specialty fields. It makes me appreciate my dog more and want to build my relationship with her even better.

  4. Stewart Ashling

    My malinois lived only 5 years. Many illnesses. Sad. All my past breeds 12/15. Bloodlines.

  5. Chris Banke

    Outstanding Podcast! 2 of the best IGP people in the world. Just all around nice people. I highly recommended their book. Congratulations on this Robert💪

  6. Maligator Nala

    Every video you upload is a masterpiece!

  7. Jessica Lawyer

    My female GSD (1.5yr old) was a temperament test fail…she had an off day and displayed low/normal drive – what we had asked for. Day of pick up(week after test), her drive had increased tremendously (highest of whole litter, lol). Not first time GSD owners, however first time working line. Pup was to be in very active household with possible agility or dock diving. However, she continues to have high drive and was tested at 1yr for bite work with good results; so I’m considering IPO but struggling with trust in clubs. The breeder is 6 hours away or I would join club where we got her. I am a firm believer in “love the dog you got, not the one you “thought” you were getting” so I want to do what is best for her but I’m glad to see that my fear in finding a good club is not just me being a nervous nelly. This video very helpful and I just need to find the good people in the sport. 🙂

  8. The Truth

    if the sport is not for my dog the sport is not for me — best statement i’ve heard in years!

  9. Theodore Hyatt

    Great interview with wonderful people and handlers full of knowledge about the breed and sport

  10. Theodore Hyatt

    Why are they allowed to call X dogs MALINOIS they are not BM they are a mixed breed if you have GSD /pit Bull it’s not an X GSD IT’S A MUTT

  11. Rey the Explorer

    Hi sir.. i have a question is it ok if the owner will be the decoy when training the dog of being a attack dog?

  12. Sherry Delmen

    Thank You Robert!! 😄

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