Loss of Teeth in Dogs
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Loss of Teeth in Dogs

Your dog may be missing one or more teeth for multiple reasons.

The tooth may never have formed, or while it is present below the gum line, it never came in.

A tooth could also have been malformed.

Should your dog experience periodontal disease, it can result in a tooth or teeth being extracted; he can also lose a tooth or teeth due to trauma.

Dental care is necessary for your dog; in the case of periodontal disease for example, not only can it impact your dog’s teeth, but bacteria from the condition can work its way to other parts of his body, causing problems elsewhere.

Your dog may be missing one or more teeth as a result of the tooth or teeth not being formed, having formed improperly or having never come in; a tooth or teeth may also be missing due to periodontal disease or as a result of trauma.

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