LIVE Talking About Working Dogs - Training and Living with High Drive Dogs

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LIVE Talking About Working Dogs – Training and Living with High Drive Dogs

In this live chat we talk about working dogs, be they protection line, sporting, hunting, or any other high drive dogs. Working line dog present a unique challenge in training and also just lviing with them. From puppies to adults, I answer questions from viewers on the best training options, corrections, training tools, philosophies for working line dogs. Some dogs we touch on are belgian malinois, german shepherd, rottweilers, retrievers, cane corso, spaniels, cattle dogs and so many more.

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22 Thoughts to “LIVE Talking About Working Dogs – Training and Living with High Drive Dogs”

  1. Raymond DeFlaviis

    I agree not to let a dog off leash, but Dobermans need to run free. They get neurotic if they don’t run.
    Your advice doesn’t seem consistent. I’ve run out of places to let my dog run. He always finds an opening. Is a larger than average backyard enough?
    PS, he’s intact, and yes, Robert, it’s a big deal. I’ve seen how calm neutered Dobermans are, compared to intact one’s.
    Please don’t minimize the difference and say I’m obsessed by the high octane of an intact working dog.

  2. Raymond DeFlaviis

    Your videos have improved, lately, since I accused you of being out of touch, and surrounding yourself with stooges! Someone close to you, must have agreed with me!
    The hunting dog video was especially good, even though I am not particularly interested in hunting. Your guest was well informed.
    Just to let you know, this past couple of months have been expensive for me. My Doberman caught a staff infection from a local dog park!
    Please keep informing your viewership of possible dangers found in Dog Park.
    Purebreds are especially at risk.

  3. Cindy oflanagan

    Janet. Do you know if sound sensitivity works.

  4. Cindy oflanagan

    Hi from Bert and Cindy

  5. Slavko Culibrk

    Is it normal that a gsd x mal female around 1 year old is acting bitchy, disobedient, running from home and losing focus and only interested in doing her destructive things all of a sudden. She has exercise and obedience daily. Thanks sensei !

  6. oldgamerchick

    Awesome chat. Great advise on when to spay your puppy. I took my beloved Australian Kelpie-Border Collie mix in on the advise of someone. The spay went wrong she bled out in my arms the next morning. I never had to work so hard to earn the love and respect of a dog. She was almost smarter than me.
    To spay too soon is as much as murder in my book. So it’s as much my fault as the Vet that bungled his work and killed my little girl. He knew how old she was just 4 months. I have PTSD so it hit me hard. I was devastated.
    It can’t be stressed enough not to spay to young. THANK YOU for bringing it up in your chat today. Thanks to you and Janet for everything you do for us. I did get a new pup part Jack Russell part Chihuahua. Lmao every small mixed breed dog in Texas is part Chihuahua. Go figure. Love yas from me and Cookie.

  7. magickman152

    I’m so sad I missed this live chat! Love the channel, it has helped me soo much to raise my Australian Shepherd. He just turned 7 months though, and he just flipped from loving everything that moves to being scared of everything that moves and barking/growling at everyone especially kids. I have exposed him to plenty of people, and he warms up to them after a while and after giving treats to associate those scary things with positive reinforcement.
    I do correct him with a prong collar when we go on walks if he growls or barks at people but I think it is training him to be more uncomfortable/ on edge around those distractions. That’s why I flipped to trying to pull his attention to me and giving him treats for paying attention to me instead of the distractions. But this really isn’t fixing the problem…
    I’m trying to find a balance, but don’t know if too many corrections will amplify his anxiety around people, or if rewards are going to teach him to bark anyway at people then look at me for food. Any advice?


    Sir I have a doberman 2 years old he is very friendly plz help me what to do how to make her bark to know plz sir

  9. Doug H. in VA

    NERF makes a ‘jai alai’ type plastic thrower for tennis ball sized balls that I have used daily for 5 years! A real deal ! I found that a tennis courts is an ideal place to learn retrieve: clean, fenced, secure, available in cold or damp or cloudy weather. And other dogs cannot get in!

  10. carol noskey

    Lost interest

  11. Mars Channel

    Ha was going to ask Doberman and there you go going to listen to the end 👍👍

  12. Mars Channel

    Oh I missed live

  13. matthew taylor

    I couldnt watch the video. at about the 9 minute mark it keeps freezing. Im going to check if its my connection 1st but just in case you might want to double check your video….

  14. tony cologna

    Most common sense to dog training i have heard in a long time. Always miss the live but cool to listen to it later

  15. oswaldo salinas sanchez

    Hi Robert, I would like to know if I can take a consultation with you online, I am from Mexico (sorry for my grammar).

    I recently rescued a dog from the street, it was tied and in a bag, it broke my heart, also, i am pretty sure it is a Mallinoi, it has all the cualities, fisical and mental, at first he was fearful and shy, but over time has become brave and bold, is also pretty smart.

    The dog has been with me for over two months and i have achieved the majority of the basic obidience, i have the time and resources to do it, i was about to hire a trainer but the quarantine didnt let me, so i been doing it myself (just for the moment).

    by the way, i estimate that it has 5 to 6 months of age.

    My uncertainty arises when i watch your videos about why having a mallinoi is a bad idea, wich I agree. The thing is that i did not plan it and i have become very fond with the dog, so i would do everything for him, i dont care if he eats my cauch.

    Whats concern me is that i have two small dogs, equally rescued, both weigh no more than 5 kilos, what worries me, is that the mallinoi will attack them one day, so far he respects and protect them and even these have disciplined him when the puppy gets crazy.

    Most of the time in the house he is quiet, maybe because i take him out for walks and plays for like two hours a day, plus one hour of training, yes i spend three hour with him everyday. But… i do not know if it is best to find a home with someone more suitable, or if hiring a professional coach will be enough, what worries me more, is that he could kill the other dogs (so far it doesnt look like it will happen).

    Thank you for reading.

  16. Mape Andrews

    Perhaps it would be a better set-up for those of us watching the session if you answered the questions at the end instead of as they come in. It is very hard to follow the topic when you are interrupting it to answer totally disconnected questions every few seconds.

  17. Karen North

    At 45:15 you answered my question but most of it went out and broke up. If you see this let me know what I can do. When he walks behind me he will bite my inner thighs. I go to put his leash on he bites, pet him he bites. I just don’t get it. He runs around looking for me and whimpers if I leave him for a minute to run upstairs and close the gate. Does he see me more as a pack playmate and not a leader? My son walked out after his shower and the pup went ballistic barking and lunging toward him. Just odd behavior. He came from a reputable breeder. However, he does well training with me. When he was barking at my son I told him to go to his place and he did. Laid down. As soon as son walked away he chased him. Was he “protecting” me?

  18. Canadian Overlanders

    Great stream!!!

  19. Nicolas de Ruiter

    Awesome info — so valuable for people working with intense dogs. Gems every minute!

  20. Laura's Life Dog Training & Dog Vlogs

    I listened to the hunting dog pod cast. Daily road work really helps with traffic issues. Collies and other herding dogs want to chase them or are noise sensitive. Couldn’t agree more about positive only methods. Dogs need to know right from wrong. Great chat . Thanks Robert and Janet : )

  21. Donald Dj

    No Rawhides!!!!! Raw Bones is the way too go, safer easy to digest cleans teeth gums keeps from boredom, Get from local butchers or farmers,

  22. Great Dogs

    Thanks for the stream! It’s good to hear consistent sensible coaching.

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