Lion VS Jaguar
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Lion VS Jaguar

An apex predator in his habitat, the Jaguar with his silence, patience, and speed makes that his scary face is the last image his victims see. His name comes from the ancient word “yaguar” which means “he who kills with a jump” whether inland, a tree, or water, no one is safe from this predator. And on the other side, The king of all animals, the Lion, who dominates all of his habitat where he lives, his pride gives him an unrivaled power. In the savannas of Africa, he is placed at the top of the food chain. Brave, strong, and agile, he doesn’t hesitate to hunt animals 10 times larger than him, such as giraffes and elephants. So, in this episode: The Lion, King of Jungle versus Jaguar, the Reaper!

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21 Thoughts to “Lion VS Jaguar”

  1. Kilij Shark

    Knew the lion would come out on top

  2. Wolf Pack Pete

    About them swapping environments…
    Lions are all over Africa not just in the Savanna, and there’s loads of jungles in Africa for the jaguar to thrive in.
    Another thing about this comparison is that lions have about 7 or 8 varieties of their species. The largest of these varieties of lion will not be found in the dessert. There’s not enough large prey in the dessert – which lions have to work as a team to bring down. The dessert lions are smaller, lighter weight, and usually solitary. A male lion will not reach 420lbs by getting the odd little dessert animal. To reach their maximum potential size and weight they need to be in a large pride and have a territory with lots of greenery to support the buffalo, zebra, wildebeest, giraffes, hippos, rhinos, elephants.. necessary to support the nutritional requirements of a large pride.
    So if using the dessert as a reason the jaguar would struggle in Africa… at least use the smaller dessert lions as the comparison.

  3. Kayden Chan

    Seriously though, Leopards are better climbers than Jaguars, they can carry 3-4 times its own body weight.

  4. Emily den Hertog

    Actually the tiger is bigger than the lion😐

  5. pro boy Imran

    I will subscribe if u pin this comment

  6. Baba Zlata

    Lion and jaguar after watching this video:
    Lion:yup,that is why I am the king.
    Jaguar:seriously?Are you kidding me?

  7. Patricia Sandoval

    Siberian husky vs yakutian laika

  8. Animal Movie and show clips

    American badger vs Wolverine

  9. Arpit Mishra

    Great videos 👌🏻😍

  10. David Sherrill

    So a jaguar can only climb 16 ft and they are all tuckered out huh

  11. Gavin Knight

    Jaguar vs Leapord

  12. Akash A

    Please do like this for Lion vs Tiger
    I know you had done before but do this again like this please

  13. AcrabatX

    Lions wins quite easily

  14. Akash A

    King of all Animals is Lion
    Siberian Tiger : Hello Lion

  15. Akash A

    It’s obvious that Lion will win against a modern day Jaguars but Lions can’t defeat Pleistocene jaguar the Giant jaguar which shrunk it’s size to modern day Jaguars

  16. Patricia Sandoval

    btw largest jaguars can be up to 80 cm at the shoulder (mostly pantanal jaguars) so it’s way larger than a rott, it would enter the giant category of dogs. they can also weigh 136 to 160 kilograms.

  17. Patricia Sandoval


  18. danesh reid

    He said that the lion is the king of all animals elephant : hold my beer

  19. 122 no barsaderi 3 Bajali icds project

    🤩 mostly awaited video🤩…. thanks VIRALBE

  20. ajendra singh

    I love them both <3

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