LAPD - TOP K9 TRAINER discusses what it takes to be a POLICE DOG - EP.74
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LAPD – TOP K9 TRAINER discusses what it takes to be a POLICE DOG – EP.74

What is a police canine? What is it that makes these dogs so amazing at what they do? I sat down with Michael Goosby LAPD’s top k9 trainer and talked dogs. We talk about what goes into selecting dogs for the job, the training, their work, day to day routines as well as the human handlers that work with these amazing dogs.

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Are all police dogs Belgian Malinois or German Shepherds? You might be surprised. What is a dual-purpose dogs and why do some police departments use them and others don’t? Are police dogs converted from sport protection dogs such as Schutzhund, mondio ring and French Ring or are they specifically trained for the job? There are so many things to learn from this great conversation between two dog lovers, this might end up being your all-time favorite podcast talking about dogs.

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36 Thoughts to “LAPD – TOP K9 TRAINER discusses what it takes to be a POLICE DOG – EP.74”

  1. wowalinbie

    What great guests. Best dog podcast I’ve found.

  2. Keino Cowell

    Awesome content, was glued to screen for an hour just learning, thanks for all you do!

  3. Fin Again

    Can’t wait for the follow up, great interview.

  4. Bob Mardigian

    Great discussion! Best podcast yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Frank Fedde

    Interesting perspective. I had to laugh about the difference between GSDs and Malinois, particularly on their power. I am just glad I did not get overconfident. It is enough for me to reign in my 1 year old 90lbs GSD and cannot imagine what it would be like if the LAPD dog handler cannot imagine holding his 45 lbs Malinois :D…

  6. Robert Bovasso

    What a wonderful guest! It’s so nice to see a down to earth, yet passionate person talk about dogs and proper training. Thanks, Robert.

  7. Ian McKenzie

    I was wondering the dogs that LAPD purchase in Europe do any of the Breeders put their pups through US Military Bio Sensor Program (Super Dog Training)? My Breeder puts their Shepherd pups through it and gives them a huge advantage in Confidence Trainablility Intelligence and Health.
    This was an awsome video Robert really enjoyable. Thx to Michael too

  8. AJ Visaga Dhaththan

    Learnt a lot from you guys, here in India a lot of dog lovers think they can own a malinois as a pet, (in a home, with small children and other pets around) this podcast is an eye opener… Why and how these dogs are bred and raised and trained rigorously. And the tools used to correct and focus them on their jobs. Great to see similar podcasts related to police and military K9s. Thank you

  9. Jannell Meagher

    Yes! Come back!🙏👍♥️🏆

  10. Market Share

    Incredible interview. 👊👍😎

  11. Zino A

    Wow amazing, interesting, thanks ur the best

  12. EDog

    SOOOO GOOD !!!! What a great person.. aside from the dogs you can tell he knows and cares about people, children, life!!!!

  13. EDog

    Another amazing interview!!! Such great information and insight to an elite k9 program. Keep them coming !

  14. ElainesDomain

    That 1990 ”settlement” is a good example of what the city does. Settle and pay money. Your money. I it was their money, they would fight/defend their position.

  15. Clara Guzman

    The best podcast yet! Super interesting!!

  16. ElainesDomain

    77th Division. Where the streets have no names. A very rough area. My pal was a cop that worked that area until 1991. He retired because, as he said, “The badge isn’t big enough anymore”. He said cops were being shot at while driving down the street.

  17. Carletta Edwards

    Very interesting. Great interview Thank you both!

  18. Theodore Hyatt

    So can you please put out some of the best E collars in your opinion I use an Educator mini which is kind of pricey but still middle of the road

  19. Chikyu skin care

    Excellent, most informative and eye opening!

  20. sharman collins

    Absolutely Love this Program..THANK YOU

  21. Jan

    Genes are most decisive. Dog trainers should emphasize this fact to dog owners: most dogs were trained for centuries NOT to be malinous / police dogs.. So they can’t be malinous. They have different works to do. Respect this.

  22. Daniel Stover

    This was the best interview and podcast you have done and I have watched everyone of your videos. Please have him back. Thank you to both of you.

  23. Claudia H

    LOVED IT 👏

  24. Beth Foor

    I am really enjoying this! Is air scenting the same as trailing?

  25. Chuckee Butt

    I got my first Malinois in ’94, and my first experience was just like Michael’s, I thought it was just a skinny GSD, boy was I in for a surprise. Love those dogs, enough that I have two today, but they are a full time job for sure.

  26. DaBest Alpha

    Haters will dislike this vid.. all of your vids are great! Couldn’t be more excited to see a 10min or longer vid from u… keep up the good contents💯🔥

  27. Stan Libuda

    That was a great interview! Thanks to you both.

  28. mygiguser

    I think i have to get in shape. That’s going to be the most difficult task for me.

  29. Maryellen Gray

    I’ve learned so much from Robert and Larry Krohn.

  30. omid ghotbi

    great video, i really enjoyed it.

  31. Geoff Astill

    This was fascinating

  32. Theodore Hyatt

    What kind of E collar do they use

  33. Peace4MEarth

    Somehow it feels more difficult to be a K9 cop then becoming a president 🤷‍♂️

  34. Javier Guerrero


  35. Peace4MEarth

    As always very interesting 👍

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