Labrador Retrievers, Sporting Dogs and Jeremy Criscoe - Podcast EP 79
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Labrador Retrievers, Sporting Dogs and Jeremy Criscoe

Labrador Retrievers are among the most popular dogs in the world. Jeremy Criscoe of Whistling Wings Kennels trains competes and breeds some of the best-hunting dogs around. Blending the lines between British Gun Dogs and American Labrador Retrievers, we talk about the differences in training, working, and overall personalities.

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Jeremy and I have been friends for years and have trained together. Sitting down for a chat with him is always fun and we always come away loving dogs, training and each other’s style a little more.

If you’re interested in hunting dogs, sport competitions or anything related to the Labrador Retriever – whether English or American lines, you’ll gain a lot from this podcast.

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14 Thoughts to “Labrador Retrievers, Sporting Dogs and Jeremy Criscoe”

  1. Kev Williams

    Hi Robert 👋 I agree with everything Jeremy has had to say its hard over here to get into the trails unless you are a member of one of the very few clubs that you would have to travel to. also you mentioned about whether uk dogs are more biddable and I must say in my opinion uk labradors seam a lot more easy going and willing to learn I have a male lab from American working lines and he’s been hard work he can take or leave fetch doesn’t really have much play drive and had his fair share of behaviour problems but if you get that dummy launcher out with a rabbit skin dummy when he hears that shot he’s up for it fire 3 off send him for 2 of them an repeat I always leave one of the first 3 out there until we’re ready to finish then send him for it this is his favourite one the challenge he can be gone a while but he always comes back with it made up with himself like daddy daddy I got it look 😆. I must say its been a journey but where now where finally starting to enjoy each others company wich is what it’s all about really 😊

  2. Karina

    I was surprised at how much I took away from this, even though I have a “pet” Working Line GSD.

    Learning is not an instaneous process for humans OR dogs. I’m often amazed when I try something new with my dog, and he “kind of” gets it the first day, but not great. Then I do it again the next day or later in the week–and “boom”–he’s doing the task GREAT, when I expected him to perform like he did initially. It’s almost like he needs a little decompression time to process the activity. I like how this guy talks about setting up steps, so dog is not set up to fail or discouraged from finding joy in an activity, but then “proofs” the behavior, adds new challenges once the dogs has the gist of the learned activity or behavior.

    Last thought: my German Shepherd enjoys playing fetch routinely. But the other day, I threw balls for my neighbor’s Lab…Oh My Gosh. The ENTHUSIASM and EXCITEMENT, the “genetic” joy that dog has to retrieve a ball, the speed—it was so much fun, because that dog is SO INTO IT!!!😂😝😄

  3. Jeff K

    Yes, I wish all breeders would pay a lot of attention to the health of their lines.

  4. Bic narok

    Very interesting, I knew nothing about the subject before hand.

  5. Theodore Hyatt

    Great video great Breeder and Trainer because he cares about the dog

  6. Theodore Hyatt

    So the AKC talks from both sides of their mouth LOL

  7. oldgamerchick

    GREAT episode I really enjoyed the in depth discussion. A perfect show for a rainy afternoon.

  8. Donald Dj

    Mr. Robert, Thank u Sir For everything u do for the Dogs & People … please keep doing what you’re doing, Dogs Videos people and Knowledge

  9. Dogsense Foru

    Very interesting re retrieve competitions in UK and US… and how the ideal is to be able to do both nose training as well as standardised training.

  10. gmagee100

    Jeremy’s discription of the forcing program in feild trial retrievers and your lack of understanding of it is a misrepresentation of the program. You need to review Mike Lardy’s Total Retriever Training DVD or downloads so you have a better grasp of it. It is no different than reinforcing sit, here, retrieve and go. Both you guys displayed ignorance on a very inportant subject. Your podcast are very informative and I enjoy them very much. This one missed the mark.


    I love watching the natural genetic ability of a dog’s nose. No input and allow him to just work. It’s poetry in motion. Understanding the wind and odor is paramount for a handler.


    Yes! 🙌🙌🙌

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